Post 1 – Hello to the world!!! is it me or you We are looking for…


Hello. Greetings to you other persons. You can’t say, You People any more. I think it’s a black thing now…a…days. One should always start with a hello. not like it’s my human right to care. But. A greeting non the less.

the first post. What does one say to other persons who has the rights to not care? Why not a question to the persons who have the human rights to care for questions? and if you are a person who doesn’t care for question, well say something or don’t say something. I don’t think there are other persons who care. its just a saying meaning meaning when most of the persons agree. there are those who care there is just not enough of you persons who care.

How’s the first Post going?

Tell Me what you, as a person, think?
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I just wanted to say hello. Hope my hello meant a lot to you. If or if it didn’t. finger flick, finger flick, tell me about it by flicking above. As a person i have this one question. A deep question. What would you give up? to find out the answer to… What would you do to answer it… It’s a question that most persons contemplate at some point in their lief while alive on this rock.

It’s a question, i can not ask of you this question. The question who shall not be named.
I can show you this answer. But. Only if you let me.
Click above and let’s find out how many persons can get the question?

I know i am pointing your attention to the click to email me button up there. But how else am i suppose to do a First Post saying hello to the whole world of matter that this alive on the rock. Is the rock alive? No that is not the question. Well those alive who speak engish. You can come up with a better question than that can’t you?
click click. 點擊 點擊. I tried to say click click in another language. was that racist? No. the chinese are smart. good with numbers on a calculator. That is what you call a shout out on the internet. a, shout out, is called retweet? You know where to click if you want a shout out.

I just figure that this being the internet, people like clicking things. Question – do we even read with understanding, the understanding to understand what we read, before we click the next button? Back up? what did he just ask? No that was not the question. you know where the click button is.

Pretty shitty First POST – I’ve seen better.
No that is not a question. nice try

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