Post 3 – Video Game Industry Turning into a Casino

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cat home two days after owners bury its ‘remains’

*i hate foxnews. what promotes… or the world is really just fucked up.

what else is really fucked up… PC Video Game products.

PC Video Game products.

Far Cry 5, can’t buy it at stores, can’t afford 100gb of internet data, i have a 1mb/s internet line, takes over a week to downlod, oh gog, then all the updates, another week before you can play this pc video game product.

say i can go and buy the pc video game at the retail shop. no internet installed in the neighborhood, no wireless internet, if there was good cell reception, it would cost more than the game does to download the updates and day 1 DLC.

out of all the video game products, there was just one pc video game product that got it right. a small company from the lands of Poland. who has history in the second hand market of video games and the piracy of video games. The Witcher 3 PC Video Game product. let’s not talk about the witcher 2 launch product that had DRM and went after the people who pirated the game.

“mista mista.mp3″”hell no motherfucker”

The Witcher 3 PC Video Game product, if you had wireless internet there was a small download of files to finish up the installation, 250mb download cost next to nothing, to keep the pirates off till lunch day and not like days or weeks before launch and pirates re already playing. That is fair, i would say.


what if i had no internet access at all. The Walking Dead? Fallout New Vegas? Gaming laptop in the backpack. power brick and solar panels…

… The Witcher 3 Game of the Year PC Video Game product has you covered. install and play.That is what i call a good fucking video game product. When you killing zombies in the Walking Dead, do you really want to carry around an Xbox One console looking for wifi for internet activation.

except for the Witcher 3 game of the year edition, which i believe has value, it’s a good video game, 50 years from now does it’s rise? how about 150 years? How much are the ET games they dug up worth?

I buy plastic for $100. after i have played with it, how much can i sell the second-hand plastic for?

when you buy a car. $1 million for steal and carbon. after i have played with it, how much can i sell the second-hand steel and carbon?

the second hand market.

the video game industry uses arguments such as no money from second-hand sales and uses DRM as gatekeeper to access of the product. Both of course is wrong and not true.

let me explain the, no money from the sale of second-hand product. you buy a $1 million car for producer for create art out of steel, carbon and plastic. you drive you around a bit and realize that the car makes your penis seem smaller. Now you want to sell your steel, carbon and plastic and now the producer of the car wants a large pie of the pie. Now the money from the sale of your steel and such, goes to the producer of the car and your steel goes to the person who bought it. You left with no money and no car and how much did the car cost? Worthless.

that is what the video game industry has done to the PC Video Game Market. turned all the products worthless with online activation, DRM, DRM on top of DRM, in the name of pirates and second-hand market.

you put your money in and they show you stars… star cards… micro-transaction. the video game industry has turned video games into online casinos. you put money in and get nothing out. just flashing lights. sad

the second-hand market is an important part of our culture as human beings. when the young discover the past and make anew again.

DRM keeps areas, farms, villages, cities, states, countries, without internet access, poor reception, expense data costs, from buying the video game product.

The Witcher 3 product with no DRM is still selling well years after the release. anyone in the universe can buy, install and play anywhere in the galaxy. A good product can sell for generations.

My advice. Don’t support DRM.

i see a plan how to save gaming from the casino direction it’s going in. but i will need your help. all of you.

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