Post 4 – New-Middle-Dead


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i like Roseanne Barr. always speaking her mind and always wating gat just for the sake of it. when she sang the north american anthem song, it was so funny and vating gat at the same time. funny not for the disrespect of the song or flag or people or whatever. funny just for the sake of comedies sake.


post trump’s america, family, comedy sitcom. new vs old. why did you vote for trump, portrayed coming from the old. old in the sense of people who are still doing the dirty manly jobs such as coil mining. old as in people who have lived a long time and the debts are max out, losing the jobs, losing the houses, help me now before talk of new happenings.

the show portrayed new with… gay… non gender, he, she, who cares… surrogate using own eggs to pay off debts and new start… woman rights. women rights are human rights. and nobody fucks with our human rights. the women need their human rights too, men. if you fuck with women rights that mean you are fucking with your own rights. and that’s stupid. the women are speaking out on this rock. stop fucking with our human rights.

this new movement, the millennium movement, college adults. what does our future behold? “email your answer”
young people wanting to rebuild the system in a new and better way, understands human rights and proposing a new way of life. a new system that benefits everyones human rights.
young people are speaking out on this rock. they want change. they want human rights for all. the news just show the dumb ones who are trying to figure it out.
this new system they speak of will not come easy. the question, what would you give up? so that the poor doesn’t have to live like that. so that the low-income isn’t kept low-income by oppression. so that the middle class isn’t kept in debt. to stop taking from the old. that is the question, what would you give up? email your answer. i know the right answer. but only if i get a million likes and views.

middle people. mid aged people just want their cannabis legal to smoke. cannabis rights are human rights. don’t fuck with our human rights. fucking with someone else’s human rights and fucking with your own damn human rights.

Did You Know: this is true. the racist south african government, back then not now, who is still running a racist apartheid system, back then the racist aparteid government made cannabis illegal because black and indians liked cannabis and making cannabis illegal it meant the racist apartheid government had reason to fuck with human rights. this lead to other countries making cannabis illegal whereby killing the hemp industry and the queens pollen took over.

from a world view, mid-aged people, i can’t think of anything else. here and there but as a whole, i just see a cannabis movement. human rights, war of drugs, …
the working class, the gaming generation, they just want their weed to cope with the debt and shit wage. if the young wants a go at rebuilding a new system, the middle class can go either way.

the old class. i can’t let go. life has to mean something. they taking my house. my pension. i can’t give up anything. just a little bit longer… if only it could be like the old days… i know i can do this… all is last.
the young is going to take everything. but there is a place for you in the new system. it will not happen now but in a few generation the place for the old is going to be a good place.

the young millennium movement, around the world, free education, free health, free food, free water, free shelter, added some myself. the young people are speaking about all over the planet. basic human rights.
basic human rights, human rights that should be apply to all, free shelter, free food, free water, free education + free higher education, free health and medicine. i view this as basic human rights. there is a system, a way of life, where everyone can have basic human rights.

you know what to do. email if you want to say something.

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