Post 6 – Answering Reddit Questions about Cannabis

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i found this trees sub-reddit and i kinda like it. the main thing i like about the trees sub-reddit or any plant community, because internet connects so many people around the world, you can see the seasons change. we now at the stage where seeds get planted and when trees get chopped down. going through the sub-reddit i noticed lots of questions. answer them.

i wrote a bit about cannabis in previous posts. looking into cannabis and going through the research and the anecdotal re-counts from communities, i can say, everything that you have heard about cannabis being bad is wrong. every good thing you have heard about cannabis is true. that’s the truth. that’s how it is right now.
let me answer some questions found on the sub-reddit/trees/new

If weed is medicinal, is a dealer a doctor or pharmacist?

in africa they are called Sangoma, traditional healers. in asia and south america, i don’t know what they are called. north america, the native american idian. i believe the native americans has traditional healing is part of the culture. cannabis does play a part in traditional healing.
NO… dealers would be more like a traditional healer than a doctor or pharmacist.

Why is homegrown weed so much than the stuff in rec shops?
the question is about how cannabis from rec shops causing paranoia and home grown being at just the right level of sane.

cannabis from rec shops are grown by growers who are out to prove themselves in the crowded cannabis rec shop business. grown for max strength, highest %thc.
for the average cannabis smoker, they want just a nice smoking experience where they can do other shit in life at the same time. home-grown growers tend to grow genetics that has a little of everything. white widow comes to mind for being a nice mix.

so think of rec shops suppling the best of the best, the strongest shit ever, while home-growers tend to pick their favorite strains.

Help! I can’t get high?

the answer to this question was answered with medication that was taken is preventing the getting high part.

but let me take about this. i’ve heard this before. and it comes down the question, what is getting high?
what is getting high? is a hard question to answer because there are so many different answers.
how i see it, people associate getting high as in being totally relaxed and feeling like the universe is hugging you. it’s called a body high, associated with indica strains of cannabis. indica strains grow and flower twice faster than sativa strains and more dense flowers. when mass producing cannabis, indica strains are used. that means if you were getting cannabis illegally it would most likely have been indica, which people associate with getting high.

sativa strains of cannabis is associated with like waking up, active, the mind can wonder a bit. when sativa is smoked you don’t get that deep relaxation mode and sleepy feel. sativa is like your morning coffee. indica is your night cap and hybrids are your lunch.
looking at north america, one side of the country is more into sativa strains and the other side is more into indicas.

i can see how some people might feel like they not high, then we back at the question, what is getting high? when you smoke you feel more relaxed and nothing changes. you still you just a bit more relaxed. typically a shock of understanding that cannabis is not what you have been told it is, it’s just you being you and a bit more relaxed. and then you wonder why it’s illegal. if you expect anything else then i can see you not getting high.

Does weed effect endorphins, dopamine or serotonin?

Yes it does. all three if i’m not mistaken. when you smoke cannabis you feel relaxed, happy, feeling how you connect to the universe. sounds like dopamine and serotonin to me.
from the cannabis perspective, serotonin being released in the brain is the only dangerous effect of cannabis. cannabis opens the tap and cannabis also closes the serotonin tap. cannabis stops the release of serononin in the brain long, long, so long before serotonin can cause damage in the brain. what do they say, having to smoke more to get high. that’s the balance caused by cannabis to not over flow the brain with serotonin. the argument is something like having to smoke 50 thousand cannabis joints in 15 minutes before you in danger of dieing. but that’s assuming the cannabis doesn’t stop the release of serotonin. if you smoke cannabis non stop, at some point serotonin stops. so you can smoke 1 million cannabis joints in 15 minutes, the serotonin released what have stopped around the 2nd joint.

that cannabis releases serotonin in the brain, is used to promote brain damage from cannabis. but as you can see that aargument doesn’t hold up. you can not get brain damage from cannabis. it’s just the truth. it cannot be any other way.

that’s enough answers for now.

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