Post 9 – Why is Kim Jong Un Going to China?

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New footage shows Kim Jong Un holding court inside armored train

why is Kim Jong Un going to china?

it all started when Dennis Rodman went to North Korea.
i wonder why dennis rodman? on this planet, who doesn’t know dennis rodman. any black, person of color, will know who is dennis rodman. americans and black people know him from basetball. the white people of the world knows him from Double Team. I kinda like that movie.

if there was one person on this planet what everybody knows and everybody asking, why the fuck is rodman going to north korea? if there is one person who represents the world, would dennis rodamn by that person.

dennis rodamn played basketball. athlete. gym, play, money, drugs, alcohol, party… repeat, year after year. after basketball, understanding people in the world. he believes in, let’s help is each be better understanding people, and , as a person, just leave me alone, way of thinking. the way the people thinks about it.

dennis rodman presents blacks, white, men, women, man/woman, relates to the common man’s struggles, idolized by the rich white man. asians wanting to be taller? did i go too far.

i think dennis rodman would be that guy who the world sends to meet Kim Jong Un to show him the world and how the world thinks. who ever got that idea through, good job.
or dennis’s speech translator fucked it up…

dennis rodman visited north korea many times.

so why is kim jong un visiting china.

in the world of things. look at the world map. brazil and south africa, mines. india, communication. china, manufacturing. russia, i’m sorry, i don’t know much about the people, always open to learn, need more information, email me. and north korea, the world’s miliratry state, no fly zone.

north america is preparing for war against the world. we have seen it before.
when north korea goes to have a word with china, in private. need to know information. strategical talk. the world needs to be on alert.

Japan and russia will want meetings to. is kim jong un visits the black countries then we have to be worried. i know how the asians don’t like the blacks. “nigger color boots”

just will to see what happens next. looks like the world is preparing for war. i just get why north america is going to war? england closing their borders. and i just don’t know why right before the north america elections, why was america sitting between the catholic church.
i want to know the reason behind why north america is starting war. is capitalism really the answer?

brazil, south africa, india, china, russia, social cultures. is capitalism the answer for the world? the answer is no. the world will always choose social cultures over capitalism. is the 1% really going after the world to capitalize? i think the world can defend itself. but let’s not go to war. let’s not kill people. let’s fight for basic human rights. that’s worth dying for? that’s worth defending?

basic human rights. free food, free water, free shelter, free health care and medicine, free education. for everybody.
don’t let the war stop until we get basic human rights.
i can see a world with basic human rights. i can see how to get there. it just needs you. all of you.

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