Post 11 – Winnie Mandela Dies. Death of Human Rights.

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Winnie Madikizela-Mandela Is Dead at 81; Fought Apartheid

i’m not in the right mood to do a post about winnie mandela but that’s the thing about death, you never in the right mood to deal with it.

i don’t know much about this one but i will try. good time to inform you that you may email, to have your say in the comment section.

netherlands and britain turned south africa into a mining state. in the last 50 years, south african’s by that time made up of many race of people.
the khoi and san people, original people of the area, has trace genes in a lot of people around the world, origin to the human race? it just might be the case…
african tribes, indian communities, chinese communities, new age white people, colored communities, there were a lot of race groups. black doesn’t equal black in this case. in africa, black means a collection of tribes and communities. there is 11 official languages in south africa.
all i’m trying to say is that south africa is made up of a lot of different communities from different regimes on the planet.

south africa made into a mining state. 95% of the county’s people working that mining system. Black people in south africa was all races that was not european white blood. chinese people were conceded black in that apartheid system. on a side note, i know chinese people can be racist towards blacks, now just think of those chinese communities now concided black in south africa.

south africa the mining state, the people of south africa, all those races and tribes together said, human rights. Right now south africa has one of the best human rights constitution.

to understand south african human rights. the south african human rights constitution is one of the best in the world. but some people just haven’t court up to it yet. it’s only been 24 years and people are still trying to understand he human rights they got. not born with… got 24 years ago. i am older than that. but what you seeing in south africa now is young people who were born with human rights and they fighting for their version on human rights. south african human rights liberation part 2. the world should help and support south afica. watching human rights libation, i would love to see what south africa can turn into with human rights. you must understand that south africa become one of the best human rights constitution in the world, it was given to them 20 years ago. i can’t even imagine what south africa can turn into 500 years from now, just from a human rights point of view. that’s just 5 generations. it’s only been 24 years of human rights. from a human rights point of view, i say, i would love to see where it ends up. the world should support and help south africa. 24 years, generation 1. just think what human rights can be in generation 10.

Winnie Mandela marks the death of part one of human rights liberation. winnie mandela answers that question, what would you do to lead a human rights resistance against the apartheid government? winnie mandela went to the dark side to get this human rights for the people. winnie mandela was one of those who had to fight the dirty fight to human rights. they got it now, the best human rights constitution in the world. winnie mandela was one of those who would have killed for the best human rights constitutions in the world. her death shall be remembered, it’s hard to fight for the people’s human rights against a apartheid government. the struggle. the fight was won. what you had to do to lead… human rights were won for the people. there are children born with human rights now.
Winnie Mandela. your death shall be remembered. the people thank you for what you did to get the struggle over with. Now that we have human rights? where do we go from here?

i have started mentioning basic human rights. free food system. free water system. free housing system. free health care and free medicine system. free edutation system. five simple ideas to try and build towards.
human rights tends to learn towards basic human rights, free food and water and so on. i believe south africa would be the best place to build towards 5 basic human rights systems. with the possibility of growth in the world, basic human rights for all.

in south africa the young people are fighting for free education. basic human rights.
Venezuela is fighting for food. basic human rights.
around the world you will this fight for basic human rights. i think south africa is the key to world basic human rights. it will just take years. but we as the world has to build towards basic human rights. the human rights direction tends to call for a rebuild. south africa needs a rebuild and the world has a chance here to fight for basic human rights. africa would be easier to rebuild in the basic human rights system. create support to rebuild europe going east. up south america. a basic human rights system, starts in south africa.

south africa is fighting for land reform. basic human rights reform build? the world, time is now.

there is more to say but i will end it here. i got to mention basic human rights and the tie-in with winnie mandela and the human rights cival wars in south africa. was not in the mood to write but i was glad i did. Amandla. Awethu. if you are reading this, awethu, that’s you.

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