Post 14 – The Young People being Stupid again, CYPSA getting it Wrong about Cannabis

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what do i want to talk about today? CYPSA. “caring for our future”. (the Concerned Young People of South Africa). @CYP_SA, “children of SA are currently being destroyed by dagga, to say that groups such as yours are empowering them is false, you spread harmful information in the form of claims that dagga is safe and harmless”

but cannabis is safe and harmless. the research has been there for years…

@CYP_SA, “our organization works with people who have been harmed by this drug on a daily basis, South Africa’s parents, teachers and others know the harms that dagga is causing to the youth of our country, mental illness, school drop-outs, violence ect”

god. where do i start with this one…

CYPSA is a non-profit organization for speaking about the concerns of young people.
the young people are looking at their community and seeing mental illness, school drop-outs, violence ect.
i find young people can be right stupid at times. let me explain. you a young person and want to help your community, so what can you blame on the problems where you don’t do anything for the community. you want cannabis to be your problem but when you remove the cannabis, the problems remain. stupid.

i’ve been around people who smoke cannabis, all races, poor class, middle class, higher class, and mental illness, school drop-outs, violence ect, doesn’t apply. what the CYPSA is experiencing in their comminuty has nothing to do with cannabis. The problem always lays in social economics.

CYPSA is concerned about mental illness, school drop-outs, violence ect. I’m going to guess a black community in south africa. Umphakathi Okhathazekile. social economices in south africa. fuck.

south africa is a mining state. the town model/city model, you will find this all over the planet, bussiness in the center, white communities around the work, and then in a V shape going out of town where you fill that size with the 99% of the country. a V shape going out of the town, taking more than an hour to reach one point. and you conjest that space with as much people that can fit.
my guess, that’s the problem the cypsa face. social economics.

the reason why the model doesn’t work in south africa is because 99% of the population can’t be used as slave labor. south africa is built in such a way where 99% of the population is slave labor.
the towns grow but it grows from the white communities. 7% white people in south africa now.
the black communities can’t break out of social economics.
nothing has really changed in south africa since apartheid fell. still the same apartheid system in play. south africa does have a social economic party gaining ground for social change. i believe this movement should have happened in 1994.

but as i said, cypsa has a social economics, community problem. if school level is effect then there is a serious problem in the community.

when you conjest large ammounts of people in little space and then keep the low jobs far away. you find high unemployment, excessive drinking, illegal alcohol “shops”, high drug use, drug dealers, violence, school-drop outs, ect.
you see this all over the world where cheap labor is used. when the community’s social issues start effect the school level. it’s a sign that someone needs to step in.

if cypsa really cared about the community then they would go all out to get big business to their community. that is what you need to do as a young people’s origination for the community, go out in the world and get businesses back to the community.

when you bring work into a poor or troubled community, bring money into the community, the social problems become less. when you introduce high paying jobs into communities, then you see how the community changes into something better.

CYPSA. cannabis is not your problem to your social economic problems. south africa has relations with many countries. community meetings, mayor, government, and go on meetings.

CYPSA. stop blaming cannabis. unless you telling me that cypsa doesn’t give a shit about the communities they speak of. this whole thing is about using the communities suffering just to be an anti-cannabis origination?
i watched the dagga trial that happened in south africa, the dagga couple going to court for the legalization of cannabis. as the trial started there were anti-cannabis protesters. it became clear that a drug rehab was paid to be there and protest. they even got meals. the protesters for cannabis were banned from protesting.
CYPSA reminds me a lot about those protesters at the dagga trial.

if cypsa is out to blame cannabis for social community problems then cypsa is not serious about helping the community. what can i scream the loudest at and not do anything really to help the community.

the cannabis industry really wants at south africa. i don’t know if it’s the legendary Durban Poison, or cheap labor. south africa does have nice growing weather but all you need is a warehouse and some lights.
let the cannabis industry into the community. a warehouse is all that’s needed. it’s low paying jobs and high paying jobs. watch the community change for the better.
that’s just one example. seeing as cypsa is so against cannabis and they can’t see how the legal cannabis system is helping communities they in.

the South African law that seeks to imprison, torment, ect, it’s people who use cannabis. that law is unconstitutional. and must be changed now.

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