Post 15 – Can Cyberpunk 2077 defeat Half Life?

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a video game, just imagine, a video game for the PC, all the bells and whistles, the newest gaming engines. a pc video game in all it’s digital glory. imagine that video game product not having any form of DRM nor that pesky online activation crap. a marvel of pc tech in a video game that just installs and plays. i imagine a product like that will have some serious value. i believe a video game product like that can take on that big drm company, Steam

Valve used a video game product that was so perfect and everybody wanted to played it, valve used Half Life 2 to take over the whole pc market by becoming an online activation of your drm, company. in doing so, valve cut off 50% of the pc video game market. people who doesn’t have access to the internet coudn’t play pc video games anymore. 50% of the market. half? life? why do you think it was called half life part 2.

that 50% pc video game market that was lost due to valve becoming a drm/online activation company, why they went over to the console market. the console market still shows strong growth to this day. the pc video game market only now passed where they were back in half life 2’s time. 100% becomes 50%, only now got back to 100%. that is why the pc video game market hasn’t advanced. it has only now court up to the gamers lost.

the xbox one needs the internet to be connected before it can do anything. the ps4 sells about double the amount the xbox one sold. we are just over 50% of the planet connected to the internet.

now imagine a video game perfect like half life 2 was. no internet. a video game product that basically anyone in the world can play it. now imagine that video game was Cyberpunk 2077 by CD Projekt Red. cdpr also has an online store that sells video games. it’s that the newest video games make it to Steam first. but we seeing a shift towards steam and released on the same day. seems to be selling well.

if cd projekt red comes to the table with a next best video game code and all the video game tech, added with that story telling they do so well and the sound and voice acting. i am telling you, if cdpr releases a video game that is so advance in tech that no computer can play the video game at max setting for the next 5 years, if cdpr releases a video game that sets my computer on fire every time i try the max settings. a video game like that, cdpr, i believe you can sell more than steam. the only question, is Cyberpunk 2077 going to be perfect?

the witcher 2 act 1. it was so nice to play through. the first time playing the witcher 2, wow, now that is a pc video game.

the witcher 3 lost it’s witcher 2 magic. the soul was still there but the magic was gone. yes the character was well detailed but everything else was so god damn flat. the witcher 3 was the best console open world type video game. on pc where it really needs to shine, it was still the best console game on pc.
cdpr you have to treat the pc version as your tech exhibition. the pc gamers are happy to wait for it. make cyberpunk 2077 for pc perfect. the next three video games have to be near perfect and then you got the chance to take steams crown.

the witcher 3 showed, if year 1 in sales equal 100%, second year was 50% and year 3 just over 50%. sales doubled over 2 years and little sales on xbox one year 2 and 3. year 3 saw a nice increase in pc sales. pc vs ps4, it’s showing that’s where the sales are. pc is now on the console level of sales. no drm and no online activation and fucking good game, is the key to that whole pie. CDPR.

it’s also that time where console are getting too old and you see the shift to pc. if cyberpunk 2077 is perfect on all fronts with visuals and tech for the pc market, cdpr can match steam sales. the next three games by cdpr can shift the tides over to new video games released with no drm/online activation, value returning to pc video game products.

i hope CD Projekt Red can shift the tides to return value to the pc video games market.
cdpr is the closest company that can take on steam. i think they just may. there is no other way…

i know the way. follow.
i see a different path for the pc gaming market. if i get support. i will show you sometime.

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