Post 16 – Far Cry 5 is a Bad Video Game Product

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is far cry 5 a good video game? is far cry 5 a great video game purchase? the answer is no.
Jim sterling is right about everything. lol. thank god for jim sterling. he fights the good fight against drm and all that worthless purchasing that goes along with a drm system.
why is far cry 5 the best far cry game, but far cry 5 is also just another boring far cry game.

far cry 2 was the last far cry game that was good. visuals, animations, just burn up the whole map.
ok, let me explain what far cry is. a game like far cry needs to have visuals, lots of weapons, and to make it fun while using those weapons, which includes stuff like body/physics/impact effects, animations.
far cry 2 was a good video game. but ubisoft went into a different direction with far cry 3 and the rest of them.

far cry 3 took what was fun about far cry 2 and just repeated it. when it comes to shooting games, the ak 47, shotgun, sniper, has to be good. in far cry 3 those weapons were really fun to play with. tower, base, shoot, that just repeated and repeated but those weapons were fun to play with, we didn’t mind the repeat.

far cry 4, repeat and repeat but on a bigger map. just the same thing over and over and over and over again but now just longer. far cry 3 had such a good bad guy character. what did he say, “…the definition of insanity is? Insanity is doing the exact same fucking thing over and over again…” that is what far cry has become as a video game product.

far cry 5, is just the same fucking thing over and over again. but it’s fun shooting those far cry video game weapons, isn’t it.
far cry 5 as a video game product, simple repeat gameplay, fun for about an hour and then no need to finish. low resale value, second-hand bins. how much will the far cry 5 video game product cost, 1 year after release, second-hand? i’m guessing not a lot.

the last great video game product we got was cd projekts red’s the witcher 3. the best open world console game. the pc version was also the best open world console game. but the pc version had no form of drm, the release version did have required internet access to install the video game. which cut off like 50% off the pc retail version. the game of the year version had no drm and no on line access needed to install and play. they at least had that one right version for the pc that added valve to the product. the witcher 3 is still selling well 3 years after release.

far cry 5 is not good. far cry 5 as a video game product has no low value. it’s fun for like a day and then worthless. don’t buy and sell fast. Plus it has DRM. it’s hard to get rid of that shit.
don’t sell your witcher stock. buy all sealed release copies and hold on to the witcher 3 game of the year edition for the pc.

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