Post 17 – My 420 post about Saving The Planet

let me celebrate four-twenty day by talking about how to change the world for the good of all the people on the planet. the world is just going to shit. we are going to shit. there is still war in the world and world war 3 is coming soon. the only way to change the world system is when the world changes it. all the people in the world. or the very least 51% of the world’s people. let me tell you how the world is going to change for the good of all, not just the people, the planet.

websites and apps like facebook, twitter, ect. these are not tools to connect the world. facebook and twitter are just apps people use to play with. they just finding out now how many people are really connected in the world. we just over 50% of the world is connected to the internet.

a time will come when the world starts connecting for the purpose to change the world. fight the system. when it comes to fighting the system, jesus comes to mind. there are cultures that use cannabis to worship god. 420 article link. i don’t want to preach. but we can use examples from religious cultures.

basic human rights:
free food
free water
free shelter
free education
free health and medicine
free higher education

if we work on world systems based on basic human rights, i believe the change we will see will work out for the better. this capitalistic system where they kill 95% of the world and rebuild, oh the direction we are heading in. but we can change that.

where does it start? the fight for humanity. parts of basic human rights will be cried out all over the world. which you are now seeing all over the planet. we can start basic human rights system. we will need everyone on the planet to support and be active to change. but the way of life will change. the way we live our lives. the way we value our lives. how we value the planet life. i believe a basic human rights system will lead to a better and happier way of life. but change doesn’t happen over night. it will take generations to implement all the systems for basic human rights. big change now might not effect your life now but change that will be seen by your children’s children’s children. the question is, what will you give up for change in this world? that’s the cost of your support?

it starts with jesus. or whatever replacement the jesus character is in your religion. i don’t want to start a religious war. i just grew up from a christrian point of view. when i say jesus just replace that with muhammad for example. i grew up from the jesus perspective but i’ve looked at the other religions, it’s all the same. the world understands about giving over your life to a curse that will bestow basic human rights for everybody.

jesus is the character that listens to all sides and then everybody follows and supports the journey to basic human rights. no matter what. you give up everything for basic human rights. jesus will take your everything and use it to bring about basic human rights.

i could be your jesus character. i only want a house and a nice car. my dream house, like a tiny house connected to fibre, on a plot of land that i can farm. my fantasy house, basement with small theater room, pc/tv and couch, small bedroom with a nice piece of wood to sleep on, bath/toilet, and then a server room or a 420 grow room, ground level just chill spots and open views of the mini farm as a backyard, 1st floor just fill with tiny rooms filled with coders and hackers or just rent out the rooms. after that everything goes to the people and job creation. that’s what you call a 420 break. it’s all day.

i’ve also been seeing the “jesus character” pop up a lot with people taking some kind of drug. the feeling of being god or jesus. feeling powerful. you got to ask why is that experienced? i think it has to do with a need in society. that working together as people in communities for the betterment of everyone.
looking at the world and seeing… the world is in need for basic human rights and a figure to defend on, who gets it, for the people’s rights. i see it in the world.

end of part 1 – saving the world – basic human rights

part 2 – saving the world – jesus

saving the world. i would start with getting out the message of basic human rights. like i’m doing in this post. keep spreading the message until there are people who wants to support. money will be needed. keep spreading the basic human rights movement. wait until money support. use money to buy a house with amazing internet. start posting videos and streaming. spread the message. oh yes the car. a nice car. don’t think i would buy one. sponsored car or gift.
i would use the money towards getting coders,programmers, hackers, to get systems built and running. spread the message through different mediums, creating jobs. don’t stop till the world is on board and then start changing the world. i see starting from south africa and moving up africa and across asia and then south america. north america is going to be tricky.

this in the most simplest terms, i see how it will happen. i can go into detail in everything and i will if you follow me. this is how i see change in the world happening. it can happen at anytime from here on out. when will the world wake up to basic human rights? it might not happen in my life time but i do see it happening this way. the jesus figure.

i like religion and you will see me use religious talk a lot. i am a fan of religion. not the church side of religion. but the soul, body and mind of religion. the view of religion that is needed today is not found in the church. more to come.

the jesus figure. the jesus figure doesn’t have to be religious. the jesus figure doesn’t even have to be liked by the people. the jesus figure must just have basic human rights as the goal at all time through all the stages. can there be person like that out there. i’m still waiting for that person. the people who have been hinting at basic human rights so far, i don’t see it going far for the people. like mark zckerberg, he has used language that would hint at basic human rights but can you see him being the jesus figure? how does facebook handle your data?

we going to need a person who will fight for basic human rights for all. until then all i can do and write about and spread the message hoping that one day when the time comes for the real jesus figure to appear, the world will be ready.

well that was my attempt at a 420 article. hope you liked it with money support to bring about basic human rights. happy 4 twenty.

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