Post 19 – What Cyberpunk 2077 Needs To be A Perfect Game

i saw some cyberpunk 2077 news lately. rumored fps (first person shooter) and marketing and e3 2018 trailer. a first person perspective for cyberpunk 2077 will mean better graphics and cyberpunk 2077 needs to melt away these shitty 2018 graphic cards in order to be the best god damn video game ever made. will cd projekt red be able to create perfection in visual and story telling and shooting a gun or two. or will cyberpunk 2077 end just looking like a deus ex box. flat and boring.

the witcher 3 got one thing right. no drm. and story telling. the visual were not perfect and that hurt the game so much. the witcher 2 pc, these visual are great. the witcher 3 pc, nice console. cyberpunk 2077 has to look amazing on pc. no1 cares how it looks on consoles. cd projekt red has to treat the pc version of their games as a signature of what the company can do. those textures better pop.
cyberpunk 2077 being a first person shooter will keep those visuals looking good.

deus ex to me just looked flat. everything in the game just looked flat. cdpr, look at deus ex, you can’t have those visuals and that flatness. you got to make everything pop.

what cyberpunk 2077 needs to be perfect:

1. visuals. i need better than crysis 3 and the unreal stuff.
2. make the shooting fun and let there be lots of option to the gameplay. the witcher 3 was good in this regard. there were so many different play styles in the witcher 3.
3. your take on the original ak-47, pump action shotgun, and bolt-action sniper, has to be good, powerful and fun to play with. you need that for a fps to be good. the more your take on the guns are close to the original guns, the more points you will get.
4. story telling. we know you get it. and mike pondsmith we know gets it. so story telling, we know will be good.
5. cut-scenes. cgi cut-scenes. cut-scenes can get boring when the character just stands there and dialog. cgi cut-scenes as much as you can. cd projekt red made the textures of the character really good doing the dialog part of the witcher 3. it kinda worked. damn that armor looks look, dialog. i still find cgi cutscenes are better and what they did in gta 3 cutscenes.
6. visual weapon upgrades. bioshock 1, you will know.
7. no drm and no online activation and no online to down the rest of the installation files (cd projekt red). you cut your sales in half that way. don’t play that game.

and that’s all you need for cyberpunk 2077 to be great and sell copies forever. the game that took on steam. get a copy for the history books.
first person shooters are known to sell really well when it’s done good. like people knew cyberpunk 2077 and didn’t know cd projekt red and witcher 3. cyberpunk 2077 is going to sell really good. cd projekt red got their name out to the world with the witcher 3. they took the game all over the world, everywhere, i think they went to all the gaming expos even the small rubbish gaming expos and there was cd projekt red with the witcher 3. the witcher 3 sold well and still sells well years after release. but the witcher 3 is a fantasy game playing with swords and shit. cyberpunk 2077 is fps and has guns to shoot. cyberpunk 2077 is going to outsell the witcher 3 by a lot.

cd projekt red needs one more push, all over the world with a really good pc game. cyberpunk 2077 needs to be that pc game. and that witcher 3 push you did has to be done with cyberpunk 2077. no drm. no online anything. just buy, install and play. and watch the sales come in and you well on your way to be a top publishing house. how many studios can you buy/open with cyberpunk 2077 money? cyberpunk 2077 needs to be good or else cdpr will just be remembered for that good console game they released on pc.

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