Post 23 – What Is Basic Human Rights?

basic human rights. a system that provides free food, free shelter, free health and medicine, free education, free higer education.

i believe we can achieve basic human rights and i can see how to get there. it will mean a new way of life but i believe that the value of life lived will be better.

a rough idea of the big picture. kind of like thinking of the end result. if we can get close enough. all the better.


the whole planet needs to be farmed. i don’t mean cutting down the forests but all land that can be farmed must be farmed. and all of that food goes to the people of the planet.

i will be talking more about food and following mass food production per square meter. more of that later. this is a rough idea post.


this one will need to be discussed by the people of the world. if you want to use the land to farm. human population has to maximize living safe per square meter and spread it out better.
i’m thinking of a coffin with a lcd in it. a sleeping pod with advance tech to use when sleeping or to relax in. the rest of the time you are in the world.

rough idea but this topic needs you to come up with living conditions that we all can live with that benifits everyone and the planet.and the animal. we have to live our lives where other life forms can live out theres. i will get more into it later on.


i would say that if you provide health care workers with basic human rights, we can get free health care working. free medicine will be harder to achieve but i can see how it will be achieved.


i’m thinking of a whole new education system that is the rock where basic human rights, this new way of living live, is ingrained through the education system.

basic human rights propaganda. where education isn’t in a desk behind a book but where education is in the real world. in the basic human rights world. as i said these are rough idea. i will be talking a lot about these points from all angles, right and wrong, until we all can agree on systems and how they work for us. we are talking about billions of people.


if you think of basic human rights and education. an education system that progresses from the farm to the hospital. finish education around the age of 20-21. after that the world is open. what do you want to do and how can the human rights system help you. want higher education into a certain field, go a head. want to create video games, go a head.

i don’t like a system where a person is locked into a certain type of job forever. our interests change and with a basic human rights system, changing between interests should be much easier.

this is just rough ideas in my head. i can see a way, a direction, a vision, a what ever you call it. it’s hard to put into words. but i can see a world where basic human rights is achieved and i can see the path towards it.
the question is…? that’s on you. the answer is, all the people is needed for basic human rights to work. so ask the questions already, so that you can get to the answer.

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