Post 26 – What Cannabis Regulation Should Look Like.

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cannabis regulation for the people. amsterdamn and canada’s cannabis regulation is not regulation for the people. canada is trying though, through major backlash. uruguay has the people in mind when trying to regulate cannabis for the people. what does cannabis regulation for the people look like. this is the only regulation that will grow and better communities from the heart of the community. this is what cannabis regulation should be…

in south africa over the coming weekend there will be two cannabis protest marches. one in cape town and one in johannesburg. hosted by, i believe. so let’s talk cannabis regulation.

where do we start.

license to smoke cannabis. R100/year. license covers smoking in your private house, smoking in the car, smoking in parks, smoking in the streets while jogging in your neighborhood, basically smoke where ever. the license comes with smoking restritions, no smoking in shopping districts, public transport, just don’t be a dick about it where people gather. you will be fined.
cannabis oils, butters, edibles, can be used anywhere. restrictions with oils, butters, edibles, not to be used whiles driving. you will be fined.

license to grow cannabis plants.

grow cannabis in your back garden or closet. R500/year personal home growing license.

when it comes to growing cannabis business license. i don’t know start up costs and operating costs and what yearly sales look like. this is where you have to inform me with information.

the buy in cost and yearly business license fee to grow cannabis. i don’t know that information.

cannabis growing business license.
government should mass produce cannabis to keep costs low on good well rounded cannabis strains that can be used as medicine and to smoke. this is an important step to reduce the black market sales of cannabis.
i will have more to say on this about how government can use cannabis to better, growth and enrich impoverished communities that need work. government can bring cannabis jobs right in the middle of poor communities and watch how that community grows and enrich the community. south africa needs the model that’s in my head.

government will create cannabis jobs to mass produce cannabis, keeping the black markets down, and having extra cannabis tax money to use on rebuilding south africa into a human rights system. i am sorry to say but south africa is still living in an apartheid system. it’s in the way things are build and flows. south africa needs to rebuild. cannabis can help with that. from inside the heart of the community and grow in a new way. a human rights way. even basic human rights. south africa can do it. just needs your support.

private business license to mass produce cannabis.
private business license to mass produce cannabis for 100% export. the costs and the fees should be high on that one.
international license to mass produce cannabis in south africa for 100% export. highest buy in cost and highest yearly fee.

the sale of cannabis.
cannabis can be sold out of dispensary stores and money will be stored in banks. setting up a local banking system may be necessary. government cannabis will be cheap because mass produced. but cannabis comes in many different strains. dispensaries should be able to contract small to medium grows. from small scale community grow operations, backyards, rooms, to small scale farm lands. medium to large sized farming will go through government and government inspections.

if you grow some cannabis plants in your backyard. if it’s good, the dispensary will buy it. or put a sale sign outside your house.
if you want to grow and make some money on the side, the dispensary should set you up to grow for them.
i see a system like this working out ok.

pharmacies can stock cannabis oils.

i think that covers the growing and selling part of regulation.

cannabis businesses. inside the shopping districts. cannabis restaurants, bars, clubs, ect. not going to name everything.

thats a good start to cannabis regulation. i’ll leave with this. why do people smoke cannabis? it’s just a mild smoking herb that doesn’t fuck you up like cigarettes.

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