Post 28 – My Feedback on Dr Zaber’s Sentry, PC Case. Can It Get Any Better?

i posted my unboxing of the dr zaber’s sentry pc case. this will be my feedback. i have to do it now seeing as they in the planning talks for sentry 2.0. not that my input would be any good. you have been warned.

the sentry pc case is the best pc case in the world but it’s a case that’s before it’s time. the biggest problem with the sentry case and similar sized pc cases, cooling. cpu cooling and gpu cooling. the sentry pc case has 65w tdp limit on the cpu and a 150w tdp limit on the gpu.

sentry pc case with a ryzen 8 core 65w tdp cpu and a gtx 1080 with vapor chamber cooling. decent pc to carry around. and that’s my second point. the sentry pc case is not a replacement for the desktop pc. it will never be a first purchase. the sentry case is a secondary pc case and for the price of the sentry, it has to be a desktop case replacement.

what the dr zaber team has to do is add options to the sentry to turn a secondary case into a main desktop case. there are two ways to do that.

design a new case. a fatter sentry case. with the quailty of the sentry, that galvanized steel steel, dr zaber can compete with the ncase m1.
a fatter sentry, at least a noctua c14s 115 mm and the space on top should fit water cooling stuff and the gpu. a taller ncase made with steel. that would be a cool desktop pc case replacement. a first purchase. and it leads to sentry sales. call it the sentry brute.

second way is to add desktop options to the sentry case. a cutout around the motherboard so i can fit a noctua d15. that option alone turns the sentry case into a first purchase and not a secondary purchase of a pc case.

the sentry case also needs to be lifted more off the ground. the gou sucks in air from the bottom. more space means better cooling for the gpu when the sentry is laying on it’s side and noctua d15 sticking out the top.

those are the options that the dr zaber team needs to focus on with sentry 2.0. more options to add better cooling.

the ideas for the sentry 2.0 is making the side panel holes smaller. that’s the thing about the sentry case. it’s before it’s time. the sentry case and the dan a4 case is the smallest you can go using standard pc parts. there is just not a cooler designed for that space to be the best cooler for that designed space. we don’t have the best cooler for that space yet. that is why the sentry needs a side panel that comes off over the motherboard so that bigger coolers can be fitted. desktop pc. replace the cooler and then travel pc. or just buy a secondary sentry case for travel.

the way i see it. the dr zaber team needs at least two case options. a bigger high quailty case for the desktop with added water cooling options. and the sentry case is perfect. the dr zaber team can grow much faster with two cases that feeds off one another. and in the mean time, just have a version of the sentry with a side cutout for bigger coolers, until we can buy the sentry brute.

that’s just my way of thinking. why is dan a4 doing a bit better in sales and perception. people view the dan a4 case as a desktop replacement. a first purchase. but the sentry case is better than the dan a4 case. the message should always be desktop and travel. i don’t think people are seeing sentry as desktop. you buy sentry to travel. now get them to use the sentry as a desktop pc with the sentry 2.0

as i said. the sentry pc case is perfect. 2.0 will be perfect. whatever the zaber team does with the sentry, i will buy it. i even liked how the concept art looked with the side panel cutout for easy access to the back of the motherboard. it’s ok to have two versions of the same case, original and side panel cutout options for cooling.

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