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The canyon between Israel and the Palestinians grows with the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem and dozens of Palestinians dead in protests

Gaza, at least 55 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli security forces
Gaza, 35,000 Palestinians protested in 12 different locations, burning tires, hurling stones, and flying burning kites
“Thank you President Trump.”
hailing the United States as a partner “for freedom and peace.”
Guatemala will move its embassy to Jerusalem this week, and Paraguay
“When there is peace in this region, we will look back upon this day and remember that the journey to peace started with a strong America recognizing the truth,” Kushner,
no Israeli soldiers have been wounded or killed since these protests began more than six weeks ago.
“Israel’s ongoing massacre in Gaza,”
“Israel’s gross violations and flagrant war crimes.”
“This infamous hostile act against international law and against the people of Palestine… oppress the Palestinian people and to colonize their lands towards destroying the very possibility of reaching a just, comprehensive and lasting peace.”

what is going on here? simply put…

i think we live in a world where you can’t say anything bad in relation to jewish people. but i still live in a world with like full human rights and i believe freedom of speech in covered in ones human rights. so i have no problem with like jewish noses and that fucking gefilte fish. i am a fan of religion though. that means i like jewish people. it’s like a religion thing, you know, where a rabbi, imam and the pope, walks into a bar, to get fucking drunk. the point is that if i am talking shit about jewish people, please note, it’s not out of hate for jews. it’s freedom of speech.

back to israel vs palestine. what is happening?
what is happening in palestine is not a religious conflict. say what you will about the bibles of the world. it’s not a religious war. i think religion is used to mask a race war. jewish people, white skin. palastine, brown skin, muslims. the jewish religion is the same thing as the muslim religion. you can’t have a religious war, well a fight against satanism, but still, the war between israel and palestine is a race war.

why is the wars between israel and palestine a race war and not a religious war?
israsel was land given to jewish people after world war 2, i believe. and the jewish people did good with the land. i mean they did really well for themselves. the problem lays in that israel grow to a point where they wanted more land. israel has been killing palestines and taking more land for themselves. that’s basically the story. a small country attacking another country and taking that countries land.

if you look at south africa. there are two other countries within the borders of south africa. if swaziland starts killing south africa and taking more land, there will be a war too. that is why israel vs palestine is not a religious war.
and let’s not forget about africa and xenophobia. that’s where the real racism is at.

israel vs palestine is a land grab war with rasism mixed in with religion. the president of north america, donald trump, declaring jerusalem as a state of israel, it’s about giving more land to israel. and seeing as jerusalem has religious value, a world war could break out.

from a world point of view. we can not allow a country to grow by the killing of people and just taking their land. and a big power like the usa supporting something like that means it can now happen all over the world. who wants more land? just kill everybody and take it.

that is why if israel keeps taking more land with the help of a super power. the war is going to have to stop this before it starts happening all over the world.

i’m on the worlds side. don’t fuck with the world. but if the world doesn’t act or if the world loses. then we will see what’s happening in israel, all over the planet. the days of revolutions. it’s hard to come back from that one. it will just take a long time after the wars are over and suffering takes hold.

i see a different way in life. a better way. the walk less traveled. call it what you will. i see something different happening. or could happen. but all of you are helped. each and every single one of you. what do you want in life? i believe basic human rights can break down walls. where israel and palestine can live as one. i believe that fighting for basic human rights can change the planet, everything, for the better. the value of life would be worth more for everybody.

but i only see a future like that with you involved. which path do we take as the human race?

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