Post 34 – When Dreams Become Real…

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the witcher 3 sold well. the fans made sure of that. year 1, year 2, year 3… the fans are still making sure that the witcher 3 gets sold. ask reddit /circlejerk. cyberpunk 2077 is coming up for a marketing tour. i wonder if cdpr will go full out like they did with the witcher 3. they went to nearly every single gaming expo on the planet. you need a big push like that with cyberpunk 2077. cyberpunk 2077 is the type of game that sells the way you wanted witcher 3 to sell. make sure the game is crazy good and fun to play and look at. market the shit out of it and you will be on top. then buy studios and make money, no drm, i think support will be there waiting for the good stuff.

the witcher 3 has a lot of fans. you will always hear, go buy the game. buy it again because it’s good. so i was thinking about cyberpunk 2077 marketing and how it’s going to start soon, can we get some of the fans something meaningful and useful. so here’s a marketing idea for cd projekt red with their upcoming cyberpunk 2077 video game.

my idea. i recently unboxed a pc case, dr zaber’s sentry. you can get like a gtx 1080 ti and a 8 core ryzen cpu. console sized case. crazy computer power that can fit in a back-pack. for like 2018, that’s pretty damn close we can get to “cyberpunk”. it’s a steel case and there’s two flat sides on either side. weld some art to it. or commission something cool. use it for marketing and then give it anyway to fans. cyberpunk 2077 – ready to play. with the game installed on the hdd, drm-free. giving people the chance to play the game on max settings out of the box, gift to the fans.

the question then, how many fans get a custom cyberpunk 2077 theme pc.
cd projekt red is a polish company. and the witcher 3 sold really well. i have to keep on mentioning that. the witcher 3 has been selling consistently over the years.
now this pc case, dr zaber’s sentry, they a small polish company. they used polish workers to make their product. hand bent by the polish people. polish people getting paid and work. over sell? it’s an important point. the witcher 3 sold really well and the government even gave cdpr grants. when it comes to people and job opportunity, you always over sell.

the dr zaber team commissioned about 1000 units based on pre-orders and the first run, the testing run, the sentry case is solid. case of steel. it’s good case. one of the best. solid quality.
say cd projekt red commissions the dr zaber team to produce another 1000 units. shipping should be cheap and yet again polish people and jobs. commission other polish work to do something all with the cases. i still have this vision that a welded piece of art on the case will look cyberpunk.
anyway. 1000 units. 600 to staff, celebrate gift. cyberpunk 2077 on one side and witcher 3 on the other side. two ssd’s with a game installed on each, stickers on the ssd. whatever…
400 to fans? is 400 computers to fans, possible? the amount of money cd projekt red is going to spent on marketing cyberpunk 2077. will nvidia support 400 graphic cards, new line up soon, marketing value? will amd support 400 ryzen cpu’s that will go to the fans? ah lisa would support the fans. amd fans love lisa su. actually everybody loves lisa su. ferrari f1 marketing. statement. statement. amd got the chip to play really hard.

but can we get cd projekt red to… you know what. if cyberpunk 2077 is like a really good fucking game. this marketing idea would be a real good statement. to the fans. and to the industry. amd did will come out good. nvidia will come out good. they need it right now. and samsung got some new hdd’s out.

this is just an idea. the reality is that cdpr can do nothing but say beep on launch day and cyberpunk 2077 will sell really well. did i mention that the witcher 3 sold really well.

ok let’s see, how to make dreams become real:
@AMD, @LisaSu
@polish metal work. #makepolandgreatagain.

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