Post 50 – E3 2018 EA Press Conference Review

e3 2018 ea press conference

oh look. 4d. monster comes out of the screen and two flying characters shooting at the monster. the two mechs where above the front audience. pretty cool. i must say.

battlefield 5
the same old story. the buildings break down into tiny pieces. you shoot stuff. world war 2. world war 3 is starting by the way. looks like a continuation of world war 2. anyway battlefield. the new hip version of world war 2. where accuracy on historical events is not so important. i mean so play any of the million world war 2 video games that tell accurate stories. battlefield 5 is about being cool in this 2018 environment. bad ass female soldiers with mental for a hand. fuck yeah. i think battlefield 5 is going to be good. i hope that graphical engine gets more improvement. but battlefield 5 is an ea title in 2018 after star wars and years of fucking over the gamer. i can not recommend purchasing battlefield 5.

fifa 19
i haven’t played fifa in years. fifa is now not the same anymore. fifa is now a casino slot machine. i wouldn’t touch a game like fifa 19. gambling addiction is a real thing.
just go play a older version of fifa. it should still be the same thing and you might have a better time playing it.

EA mentions the cloud. oh when marketers run a video game business. stuck in the fucking clouds.

jedi fallen order
respawn developing a star wars game is promising. titanfall is a good shooter. and respawn famed by call of duty modern warfare, they can pull it off. but ea being ea will fuck it up.

star wars battlefront 2 update
wft. kill off this piece of shit game. this game was designed to generate money like a slot machine at a casino. you got called out for putting children into a position where they can become gambling addicts. gambling addiction is a real thing. stop updating this shit. kill it.

unravel two
a squeal already. i didn’t even play the first one. i like video games like this and i so want to play this game. but it’s an ea game and i do not buy ea titles. so i need ea to send me a top of the line, gaming pc with unraveled one and two installed on the hdd (drm-free), so that i can play unraveled one and two in 4k. i think that is the only way i would get to play these ea games and write about them.
didn’t show much gameplay. but what they showed, i want to play it.
oh i can play it now. it’s already released. but it’s an ea titled video game. i ain’t buying this shit, even though i really want to play this game.

sea of solitude
looks like you will be needing drugs to play this video game. acid would be too scary. magic mushrooms, is used to treat depression, but no. cannabis would be my choice for playing through this game.
the game looks interesting. i’ll give it a try but it’s a ea title. an original ea title. this game is about working for ea. i would say support a video game like this but no it’s ea. fuck ea.

nba 19
this is another one of ea’s gambling machines. not going to waste my time. i will not put the money in, ea. i will not pull the leaver, ea.

madden 19
i never played madden. i played a rugby video game once long ago, it was promising. i should play this game and see what all the fuss is about. “we out here chancing money” lol, the ea tagline. i believe madden is about throwing the controller at someones face. i’m not really sure about the gambling statues of this video game. but it’s an ea game. i never ever played it.

command & conquer rivals
what the fuck is this. i thought this was going to be a full game. is ea milking the command & conquer name for mobile money?
this game is shit. i have no words. but i do. don’t waste your money on ea titles. it’s worthless shit that has no value.

this video game looks promising but there is word of trouble in Paradise. bioware needed to create something new after mass effect 2 but ea workd them till no1 was left. bioware is in name only. so lets see what this new bioware team can do. they got to prove themselves with the bioware name.
anthem looks like a game where you can just chill and talk shit with people you playing with. like nothing complex, just fly around and shoot shit with bombs while talking shit with people.
the video game could work. the simple stuff just needs to be fun.
doesn’t look like a video game that will be fun to play alone. it’s not that type of game. but it’s still ea. without drm, i would buy anthem. but as it stand. nope. anthem ain’t worth shit. fine, $5 steam sale, is all that drm is worth.
these videos they showing of the game are looking good but release day?

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