Post 51 – Microsoft Xbox E3 2018 Press Conference Review

Microsoft Xbox E3 2018 Press Conference

you know what. deep down i am a xbox fan. i just loved that first xbox console, better than ps2, and the xbox 360 was a nice ninble thing. that is why i fucking hate the xbox one. fuck you xbox one.

that was my intro.

xbox opened with halo of cause. halo is the xbox brand. i haven’t played halo since reach and i couldn’t finish that game because by then the xbox 360 was shitty to look at.

i like games like ori and i would like to play it. but i’m never buying an xbox one. maybe this review will get me an xbox one to review microsoft video game products because i ain’t buying an xbox one.
sorry ori. you deserve much more love than i can give you.

from software
activision? god damn it. now it’s going to be shit.
sekiro – shadows die twice
oh god a shitty name. shadows die twice? lost in translation? but fuck that. let’s see, nioh mixed with dynasty warriors mixed with dark souls/bloodborne. nioh and dynasty warriors are popular titles, oh i get it, shadows die twice. good name. because that dark souls/bloodborne formula is hot right now and from software can destroy both titles. but for god sack make it work on the pc.

like why don’t these developing studios treat the pc version like their exposition. and remove the god damn drm already. 50% of the world can’t use that product!!! loss in sales? not the pirates fault. it’s you own god damn stupid fault. drm was never a good idea.

i would buy sekiro on the ps4/pc. wait a minute. that xbox one x is pretty good. nah fuck xbox one, i remember what you tried to do, xbox drm one x? ya. buy ps4/pc version.

todd howard, bethesda game studios
fallout 76
it’s still now good enough. fallout 4 was so bad and old. this game should have been fallout 4. today we want cyberpunk 2077 not some old shit. let me explain. pc has drm and xbox one was designed with drm in mind. so 50% of the planet can not buy pc versions of video games and the xbox one. that is why xbox one is about 50% behind ps4 in sales. fallout 4 being a bad game didn’t sell that great. so now bethesda game studios are going to work with those numbers and turn fallout into an online only game and rack in that free money.

not impressed by fallout 76. it’s 2018, cyberpunk 2077. not fucking not buy.

square enix
the awesome adventure of captain spirit.
where is the gameplay? how do we recommend a video game like this without gameplay?
looks like a good video game for kids. and because it’s a video game for kids, it has to be released without drm and without internet requirement. so that the video game can reach kids out there in the world and not just 50% of them. i can only recommend the ps4 version of this video game.

crack down 3
terry crews. i’m all in. i loved playing crack down the first one. never got to play the second one. can’t remember why. will not be playing crack down 3. sorry terry. but if you do have an xbox one. crack down 3 is a must get. thank you terry, i just love terry. and you will love crack down 3. see i can do promotion talk. crack down 3 is going to be fun to play. i recommend – must buy if you have xbox one.

nier: automata
become as gods edition
xbox one x enhanced
i can’t wait to see what video games will look like with the new amd vega chips coming in the next generation of consoles. for god sack microsoft, no drm, no online requirement. 50% of the world can not buy the fucking thing. don’t be god damn stupid for the sack of money.

now this is one of those developers who you don’t fuck with. they create video games for the love of getting the best tech to work. the last metro was created in a hell hole with very little money and metro was really good. and i would say it sold well too. now you don’t fuck around with this one. you go and buy the pc version and play the game the way the developers wanted you to play it.

bytheway. take note, cd projekt red, on the trailer. i would say metro is your competition. watch the trailer and see the focus on the weapons. that is all we care about. the rest is bonus. cyberpunk 2077 needs a trailer like this metro exodus trailer with focus on the weapons. that is how you titillate us. that and of cause amazing graphics and textures in gameplay.

kingdom hearts 3
this a big one. people been waiting for this. and it looks good. people really love kingdom hearts. i never played it. maybe i will in the future on twitch. i recommend. any platform.

sea of thieves
oh fuck off. the rare dream is long gone. microsoft killed rare. sad. i don’t know what this is but i do know, don’t buy.

battlefield 5
i’m not writing about this again and not for that ad. recommend ps4/pc versions to buy.

horizon 4
now i love me some forza but never bothered with horizon. forza horizon is the arcade version of forza but need for speed was always around. but they fucked up need for speed and horizon became popular. smart move microsoft. keep forza for the new console. i can not wait to see that. and if the console is good, i might even get to play forza again. last played forza 2.
forza horizon set in britain, so narrow roads, pass. don’t buy forza horizon.

microsoft adding and creating new developing studios.
give me some of that microsoft money and let me start a video game developing studio.

we happy few
i like these types of games. just wished microsoft planned their xbox one console better. another game i want to play but won’t.

war mode
winter 2018
that’s all i guess

tales of vesperia
definitive edition
xbox and the japaneses market. such a fail. you have to open up studios in japan and employee people and just let them do what they want to do. that is how you capture the japaneses market. you can’t buy yourself in. there has been good jrpg’s on xbox but far to few.

massive entertainment
ubisoft studio
the division 2
i wouldn’t play a video game like the division 2. ubisoft. uplay. drm. always online. 50% of the planet is lost to ubisoft. but maybe i’m wrong about the division 2. maybe this online only story playing might work. but i will not buy to find out. ubisoft can send me a pc if they want me to play and review this game.

xbox pass
xbox pass has to be free. or at the very least come with the xbox live subscription.
looking at the live chat, while announcing games for xbox pass, booo’s. lol.

shadow of the tomb raider
lara craft
i wished i had a pc to play these new lara craft video games. they are good. i played a bit of the reboot. if i ever get a pc again, tomb raider lara craft, i will play on twitch.

i thought it was skate 4 for a minute. was going to go on about how skate flipped the skating game with the anolog sticks. session might be good competition for skate 4.

black desert
i like video games like this. magic shit. but don’t be have the magic slayer already, witcher 3. oh mmorpg. never played an mmorpg. i should give it a try sometime.

devil may cry 5
i am all in. strawberry milkshakes. i never played devil may cry. i so want to though.
the best devil may cry ever made. must buy.

the delicious last course
cuphead was so hard because it took so long to kill the bosses and having to start over and now they adding a female character, ok do not make female related joke.

bandai namco entertainment
jump force
too many references to mention. mix up of the anime world fighting game and it looks good.

dying light 2
never played the first one. it was zombies and sliding. but dying light does look good and like that theres options to playing. dying light uped the game. it looks really good. now i want to play it. pc no drm? please?

holy shit how old am i. i remember battletoads. the name. i can’t remember gameplay. and oh look they didn’t show gameplay. just to make me feel old?

just cause 4
never played just cause. i don’t know why. but people seem to love it. just cause 4 looks good and car handling seems better. but is it still a empty feeling game

gears of war 5
gears of war 1 was fun to play. still one of my favs. gears of war 2 it started getting shit but the community was fun to play with. but gears of war 3 it was just shit. couldn’t continue playing gears of war. gears of war 5 looks good. but i’ll have to play it to find out and i’m not buying an xbox one x to do so. sorry

cd projekt red
cyberpunk 2077
beep. cyberpunk 2077 is going to be the best video game ever produced. drm free. no internet required to install. the witcher 3 game of the year edition for the pc is the best video game product you can buy. cyberpunk 2077 is going to be even better. this is the game of the century. cyberpunk 2077 is going to push cd projekt red into rockstar levels. and they deserve it. thank god for no drm. anyone in the world can play cyberpunk 2077 and the witcher 3. cyberpunk 2077 will become the new world standard in video games. after the witcher 3 i can’t play anything else. i can’t buy anything else. untill now. #cyberpunk2077

i’ve already been writing a bot about cd projekt red. check out my posts.

my comments.
lots of trailers and hardly any gameplay demos. very dissapointing. i think it has to do with cyberpunk 2077. that is the only video game anyone cares about. after cyberpunk 2077, nobody cares. between and the release of cyberpunk 2077 and even after, no other video game matters. and that is why e3 is filled with trailers.

still didn’t get me to want to buy an xbox one x. that is the problem that microsoft is facing with the xbox one console. they shot themselves in the foot by making the xbox one console with drm. all xbox one consoles has to be connected to the internet before it can play the games. what about the 50% of the planet who is not connected to the internet? it makes no sense. that is why xbox one sells at about 50% less than ps4. i don’t know if things have changed with the xbox one x? but i will as sure as hell not buy an xbox one x console to find out.

but i still want to play and talk about xbox one x video games?

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