Post 52 – Sony E3 2018 Press Conference Review

Sony E3 2018 Press Conference

sony took their fans to church. school the competition.

i have never owned a playstation console. so this review can only go one way, now i’ve never played…

naughty dog
the last of us part 2
now i’ve never played the last of us. but i do understand that it’s a good story driven video game. played a little bit. the last of us 2 is looking really good. definitely a must buy. like buy a console to play. like oh my god this game series is good.

call of duty
blackops 4
4 new remastered maps.
jungle. i hated this map. like seriously. i hated black ops and this is one of the reasons.
summit. i hated summit.
slums. now i loved slums. free for all, camping at the fountain with a sniper. my god it’s so much fun. now i really want to play black ops 4. but @treyarch has to sent me a gaming pc if they want me to play black ops 4. but slums might tilt me over. nope.
firing range. this map was mess but fun. so much going on in a tiny map.

two fun maps.

destiny 2
no comment. don’t buy. destiny is a video game design of a hell pit that needs filling with your money. this is not the bungie i remember. booo.

ghost of tsushima
oh look a japanese witcher 3. and it looks better than the witcher 3. why don’t i have a ps4 to to play this game. this game looks like a, must play, game. might very well be a console pusher.

video game
i’m not a fan of these types of video games. mostly boring gameplay that is not fun to play. just look at quantum break. it’s when the controls are shitty in a video game and so they have to slow everything down. first world, controller problems. not impressed by control. i am a free spirit.

resident evil 2
the last resident evil game was more like a silent hill game. glad they going back to why we love resident evil. no gameplay? boo.

trover saves the universe
rick and morty wait no wait it is rick and morty but not rick and morty at the same time. the universe is hard to explain. interesting title. lets wait and see with this one and not go ape shit at macdonald employees

kingdom hearts 3
holy shit kingdom hearts 3 is going to be a really good video game. this is a must buy title.

kojima productions
death stranding
this game looks boring to play but looks so damn interesting that you have to play it.
#fuckkonami fucked up big time with kojima. now their metal gear series is dead and kojima has moved on. death stranding is the new metal gear solid. and i can’t wait to play it. which will be never. such a shame for never owning a playstation console.

team ninja
nioh 2
oh there’s nothing to write on. well. i love ninja gaiden. nioh, i never played but people love it. it’s team ninja, they should love it. nioh 2 should be good. but from software is gunning for nioh.

did i just look at spiderman’s crotch. nice package to whomever spent time on that. lol.
looks like batman gamplay. it works. the spiderman game looks good and fun to play.

sony really fucked up during their ps3 generation. sony gaming learnt an important lesson then. don’t fuck with your fans. but ever since the launch of the ps4, sony has been showing that they get it. and it’s been 4 years and sony still gets it. and that was demonstrated through their, Sony E3 2018 Press Conference. they get what we want from video games.

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