Post 53 – Nintendo Direct: E3 2018 Review

Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

nintendo. i’ve never played on a nintendo console. since a child i’ve always wanted to play nintendo but that never happened. to this day, nintendo and playstation. never owned and never played. i’ve always wanted to play but somehow it just never happened. again this review can only go one way, now i’ve never played…

daemon x machina
now i’ve never played daemon x machina. it looks like a fun video game for the nintendo switch. i’ve never been a fan of mechs because of one merch video game i played long ago. but i get why they are cool. daemon x machina looks like a fun repeatable video game.

xenoblade chronicles 2
i like playing jrpgs. never got to play a lot of them over the years though. lack of never owning a nintendo and playstation console. i loved lost odyssey and even though it was not that great, infinite undiscovery i liked. with these new consoles the detail they adding to the exploration parts. look at zelda. xenoblade chronicles 2 looks like it will be fun to play.
must buy title.

nintendo pokerball+
does it vibrate? am i right?
what is nintendo without the expensive toys. when you like a video game series, you will so want to buy all the toys attached to that video game. nintendo switch is bringing people together to play video games. nintendo wii got the old people playing video games and now the nintendo switch is bridging that gap.

fire emblem threee houses
now i love me some stratigic games. chess. call of duty free 4 all. civilization. theme hospital.
so i would love the kind of gameplay in fire emblem. but all that story. don’t make me cry in public.

nintendo switch fortnite edition
you got to call it that. because of drm, you can not use your one epic games account on different platforms. if you played fortnite on the ps4 then your epic games account is now linked to your ps4 account and can not be used on your nintendo account. vice-vesa is true also.
i would like to try fortnite on the nintendo switch and see how it plays, “anywhere”.

overcooked! 2
if i was a kid i would be playing video games like overcooked! it’s that stratigy element that teaches young minds to think properly. some older people also needs that.

liquid bit, llc
killer queen black
i remember this game from when i was a child. they updated it and added muliplayer. hell yeah.

team cherry (pick lol it better be good)
hollow knight
that is why i like the nintendo switch. these platforming video games are so suited for the switch. i love video games like this but i can’t play them on a switch, i’ll throw that fucking thing so hard. but hollow knight seems like nice fun experience.
must play on the switch.

super smash bro. ultimate
everyone is here! if you love video games, you will find a charecter to play with. what no witcher love from nintendo?
nintendo need used up half of the show just to cover but some of the charecters in the game.
must buy title

nintendo please don’t copy-strike this post and claim all the ads. that has been the youtube reaction to nindento. they can’t talk about nintendo or play nintendo games without nintendo claiming everything. i can not support nintendo because of these practices.

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