Post 54 – E3 2018 – Microsoft vs Sony vs Nintendo? Who Won?

E3 2018 – Microsoft vs Sony vs Nintendo

when it comes to video games the desktop computer is still king. but PC video game products come with online DRM and that is not a solution for the people. how do you play video games without internet? you can’t on PC. there is like one video game publisher who releases video games at retail for the PC, DRM-free.

when it comes to video game consoles. Sony’s PS4 and Nintendo Switch are the consoles you buy. Xbox One is not for the people. Xbox One needs internet before the console can even play the games and that means 50% of the planet can not use the Xbox One and that is why Xbox One sales are around 50% less than the PS4. this console generation, Xbox One, you just don’t support and Microsoft knows it.

Who won E3? Sony and Nintendo of course. their video games can reach more people who want to play video games.

i have never played playstation or nintendo. and PS4 and Nintendo Switch and CD Projekt Red are my recommendations.

i actualy need to get these consoles and try them out to see if my words opinions are correct. the only problem is that i’ll never get to try out these consoles.

when it comes to video games:
cyberpunk 2077
the last of us part 2
ghost of tsushima
nioh 2
sekiro shadows die twice
metro exodus
xenoblade chronicles 2
super smash bro. ultimate

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