Post 58 – Shane Dawson/Secret Life of Jeffree Star Review – Can Jeffree Take It To Another Level?

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shane dawson has become a bit of a show man of late. his new documentary series ideas of late. millions of people are watching his content. his youtube videos get millions of views quickly. shane dawson is giving people insight into youtuber lives. and it’s interesting and fascinating to watch.

shane dawson’s new docu series brings insight into jeffree star’s life. jeffree star has been hustling the internet since the start of internet. it’s good to see how somebody took nothing and created jobs for people. raise the minimum wage, social commentary. there is a lot of money in beauty make-up products. …social commentary? for another time… jeffree star is making money. a lot of money. but jeffree is at the, this is getting serious, stage. but things are going to get a lot more serious. and a lot more money. but listen to jeffree star, it’s not about money anymore. so much more is put on the line. people’s lives are on the line.

do i now have to recap the shane dawson videos. i don’t know how this is suppose to work. content? shane wore jeffree’s expensive cloth. jeffree wore walmart cloths. what do they call that? fluff?

the next part. idk. but fuck it. content.

i have a twitter called, the_answer@system_jolt. direct to the website. but using a “name” like the_answer. it is not lost on me. i just type shit on twitter and try to get people to understand human rights properly. so yes i have typed, nigger, on twitter. what did jeffree star say? lol. stupid asshole. wait did i just type nigger again, fuck, you can’t even make a fucking example anymore?

that’s what my twitter is like. stupid shit. most of the time. but anyway. fluff content…

jeffree star. you have the right amount of money to setup shop in africa. south africa to be precise. where do i start? the south african name, i would say, from talking to world people, the south african name i have found to mean quality. there is a long list and here are just some, wine, vegetables and fruit, meat, cheese, chocolate, … you name it.

south africa is a mining and manufacturing state. i mean fuck. everybody is manufacturing in south africa. bmw. samsung. you get the picture?

jeffree star is at the right stage and the right money to start a manufacturing plant in south africa. jeffree star. youtube is a world game. now play in the world. china just invested $14 billion to improve manufacturing and shipping routes in south africa. there is also another reason why all these big companies are in south africa, besides manufacturing and shipping routes in the world.

the apartheid system in south africa saw a country build to only support about 7% of the population. the country still needs to be rebuilt. it’s that support from big company, big money, that is helping to keep a country together. there are even more reasons to keep south africa alive but that would be for a shane dawson conspiracy video. look. a shane dawson call-back.
but to understand what the south african name means in the world? nelson mandela.

jeffree star. manufacturing in south africa. quick shipping routes to france, india and china. europe and asia. middle east too. and don’t forget about routes up into africa.

the make-up industry is big money. and jeffree star knows this. and shane dawson wants in. jeffree star. if you can produce nice make-up for darker to black skin. blue skin? that’s racist. it will sell like fucking nobodies business.

the important part. use % of your manufacturing plant to produce and manufacture products by south africans. launch your products with their products beside yours. india and china is in south africa. co-developing with south african can sell in those big markets. you know the value of that star print.

i think that’s the best review for a shane dawson and jeffree star youtube docu series. now i need find out how to review something. hopefully not like i am new to writing about stuff. so everything is bad to read. sorry about that.

the other thing i’m trying to do. trying to direct ideas to big money companies. i have only started. give me time to figure it out. plus i’m a nobody. nobody is ever going to read this. lol.

i have tried to direct some ideas to CD Projekt RED. like the polish government is giving the company money. investing. and then i see a small polish start-up company making the best computer case for 2018 and onwards, dr zaber’s sentry pc case. cdpr can work with the dr zaber and commission some cases for stuff and promotional cyberpunk 2077 marketing. whereby keeping polish steel manufacturing going for a few months? help polish people work.

i have written about it and directed it at cdpr on twitter. but nothing will come by it. because it’s from me. but you can go read about it on the site.

so let me end this with ideas.

shane dawson in africa series. i found out on twitter that i have to add garrett watts. i do understand why. i get why jeffree star wanted to fuck him. this is me adding garrett watts in africa on safari with shane dawson.

a shane dawson in africa building a starving african child a dream home. a house with lots of rooms that can be rented out to sustain that african childs life or space for africans to work and save the world. (it’s all in my head. will be writing more soon)

jeffree star comes to africa with his youtube channel and sets up the jeffree star cosmetics empire. and to build that african child a house fit for presidents. that african child will need a place to invite world leaders. who other than jeffree star… especially after that nigger shit.

pewdiepie can setup a daily meal program. pies to die for in africa. pew pew pew pew.

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