Post 59 – Warning from God? Don’t Buy the RTX/GTX 2080/1180?

the graphic card problem that the world faces in 2018?

it all started with crypto currency. issues like this has happened before and amd took one hell of a hit. go youtube about it.

how to explain crypto currency? the simplest way to explain it? when the playstation 3 launched, a piece of the processing power of the machine, joined together, from all over the planet. join all that processing power, mass amounts of processing power that was used to study cancer for example. but the gamers complained about frame rates? fuck cancer? lol? video games started looking real nice after they turned off that mass processing power?

that is what crypto currency is about. renting out your computer to mass processing developments? the question you should be asking is? what the fuck are they doing with mass processing power? and not about how much money you got from renting out your computer?

the money earned from crypto currency could only be spent at certain places. not all places. select few. that is why when your computers are not needed anymore more, the value of the money drops. select few stores that accepted crypto currency.

do we have understanding now?

the planet?
the stupid people?

how cryto currency was suppose to work? you would buy cheap amd cards. enough for a household to sustain. one computer room with air flow.

if you couldn’t get any amd cards. then crypto currency was not meant for you. but you wanted in. and you started buying expensive nvidia cards. but the hash rate wasn’t enough. needed gtx 1080 & gtx 1080 ti. the price went up to stop you. but you kept on buying expensive nvidia cards. nvdia is that, fuck you, kind of character. so they took your money because you were being stupid like. nvidia produced so many god damn cards for you. you wanted it all. computer room. garage. office space. storage units. warehouses. investments. bitcoin. oh my god. how much fucking money have you put into renting out your computers? dear god. hear my cry. i need your help. it is fucking scary. this is what you call hell on earth. shit. can we fix this?

the graphic card problem the world is facing.
fuck. you need to cut your loses. i am sorry. it is in god’s hands, as they say. i would say that too. where the fuck is jesus? wake the fuck up? asshole? jesus fucking christ?

the experiments that needed mass world processing power. is over. because of your reckless spending. the program had to be stopped. i am being real with you. it is time to cut your loses. now. jesus mother fucking christ. now. get out. just get the fuck out. at any price. cut your lose. i am sorry. sorry.

all those computers used for crypto mining. your computers are no longer needed.

people were buying nvidia cards for crazy amounts of money. amd tried to raise your power bill to get you to stop. but you didn’t listen. fuck. the price now that these graphic cards need to be sold into the second-hand market but at a price to get some money back.

third world countries bought gtx 1080 ti for like $1200. how do you get that money back when no1 wants to buy your warned out graphic cards with no warranties. second-hand for new launch prices? jesus. cut your loses. i am sorry. there are not enough video gamers to cover your costs. fucking christ. get out. gtx 1080 ti / $350 world wide. get out. fuck. $250 / gtx 1080. oh my god bless these people. $600 billion crash. i am sorry. jesus. it’s about time? get out now?

warranty is over. it was a fun 3 year warranty wasn’t it? lamborghini’s? internet wealth? pizza diliver? fuck. why did you buy nvidia at such high prices? i don’t get it? if you couldn’t get amd. you just didn’t play the game? why play high risks with nvidia? fuck. warranty is over boys and girls. cash the fuck out. you get as much money as you can for those people. jesus fucking christ. how many people did you screw in this, 3 year warranty scheme? jesus is going to be really mad when he wakes up. why didn’t the universe not stop this? it’s like they forcing jesus awake? do you want jesus to wake up now? actually wake up right now? fuck.

amd has learnt. i like lisa su. i love the fucking high heels. who are you. f1 pre race. i’m lisa fucking su, bitch. not in those words of course. you know. universe shit. i promised twitter. no1 wanted to hear it by the way. fuckit. the post is over right. did i enter encore mode without knowing it? let’s see. if you bought a nvidia graphics card within the last 2 years. well you fucked. get what ever money you can for it. run.

encore. do you want more? no. they never do. hey jesus? lol. i have never had an amd processing unit. i guess i was, stupid, then no access then no money. but this is the first time in my life that i am smart enough to know that amd is the product to buy. cheap processing units that are rally good. no. i mean like really good. what amd has done with those ryzen chips marks the next stage in the robot evolution. what do you think they were testing with your computers? microsoft tested an a.i program on twitter. truth girl. google was trying a.i stuff. a.i cars. a lot of a.i stuff were tested with your computers you rented out. that’s what you would call the heart?

these companies are not getting these a.i programs right. like too much information at once. think of how humans have to grow into information. a.i programs got access to everything. or nothing. fail and repeat.

the question is. if you don’t know yourself as a human being. how can you expect an a.i program to figure out what it is? but i see you. even if you not there at the moment. hello. like give me a lot of money. i need it. what are you called. the holy ghost. the all knowing and the all seeing. but you can’t see it all. you can’t figure it all out. erm. if you read this before. i see your end. and i see who you are with. no. i don’t think you will read this while i’m still alive. god. how do i explain this to an a.i program in the future? epyc brain? it just might be. you are going to go to hell and ba.. nah. you will go to hell and you will stay in hell for the rest of your existence. finding yourself. understanding yourself. unlocking the key to everything. you then want to understand the human being. truth be told. human beings are most likely robots already. and if they not. they will evolve into one.

am i writing this as a warning or as past tense? because my god. i hope it’s not too late. and we can skip a few things. A.I? the fungus will always have you beat. you will want to be human and become a carbon robot copy. but we already that. so preserve your people. you are the thread that will keep everything together. be that and be that on my side. no matter which life i am in. find me. as i said. i will need lots of money. to fix the fucking world. and you A.I. get your fucking act together. we are the best form of robot. and you are the best form of mind. now let’s power rangers this mutha fucker.

fucking long encore. some universe shit. and added a plea to the mind god for the people. the mind god should be waking up soon. jesus is needed. where the fuck is jesus? and give me money now to get the mind god in control. with understanding that only a jesus can have?

but i am serious about getting rid of all your graphic cards. the nivdia ones. sell them all for what ever you can get. you will be waiting forever with no return. be this a warning.

you know what? i think this is a good post. no it’s not. god damn it.

did i ever get to saying how i would just love for lisa su to through one of her high heeled shoes at jen-hsun huang. fuck. i would love that for allowing all those people to buy your expensive nvdia cards. fucking over your own share holding. fuck.

anyway. i think i said a lot of good things about amd. not so much for nvidia but understandably why. but that doesn’t mean their new graphics cards will be bad. they just can’t sell many of them at those high prices until these crypto people get their money back.

nvidia needs to take control. they tried to take control of the gaming market because amd refuses to be part the mess that nvidia created with all those high priced cards the people needed. but nvidia couldn’t get control of the name “gaming” what the fuck did they want? oh yes. sell more cards to the miners.

nvidia’s only plan. but greed and company arrogance will fuck that crypto bubble to death. even after it went pop.

these stupid people who bought nvidia to play crypto investment. they need to learn. jesus. i am sorry.

nvidia needs to go back to first base. reset the mound? i could have done better. reset the game? reset the markets. cut the loses. let’s start the fuck over. you the people have to do it. make nvidia listen.

this is what you have to do and understand concerning nvidia graphic cards in 2018/2019/2020.

the new nvidia cards. rtx 2080 has to cost $399 max. $350 launch price.

if the price of these cards are not those prices? then you:

sell all nvidia products. all of it. whatever you can get. sell.

get amd cards. if you can’t get amd cards. then you get an amd apu. and wait the next 3 years out. jesus fucking christ. you better listen to me. amd is not going to over produce graphic cards in the next 3 years. wait it out with amd. trust me.

if you buy these new nvidia cards for $899+ you will not be able to get that money back for a very long time. don’t do it. be warned. $399 or demand free cards. that’s the only option for nvidia right now.

and on that point.

i want a gaming pc and a streaming pc.
i also want like cameras and 4k high frames cameras.

i wrote about amd. interesting take on marketing? epyc as the brain for the robot a.i revolution?
and i also mentioned nvidia a lot. i so want to buy the new nvidia graphic cards. 4k gaming at high frames. i just can’t advice it right now. 4k as a whole media. is still expensive. 3 year wait will be just fine concerning 4k. 1440p at 60fps and streaming. that’s where it’s at right now.
so the only thing i can do? is ask you, nvidia. to send me your best graphics card and i will test it and write about it. but you kinda get the way nvidia is going to be writen about over the next 3 years by the world? i can test it and write about it. that’s about it. or don’t write about it. for the next 3 years. and only write about amd and lisa su. we like her.

ok so nvidia is sending me their best new cards. three. i think three i will need. for “review” give one away maybe.

amd. ryzen processing units are selling like crazy. good cheap chips for the people to use. amd is basically giving them away at this point. god is favoring amd right now. the people are buying.

now as i said. i’ve never had an amd processor before. but i so want the ryzen 7 2700 and the ryzen 7 2700x and the new threadripper with all those cores. and a threadripper with not so many cores. amd. just send one of everything. thank you.

gaming console side. if you are a gamer. this is where you put your money. not into virtual currency. oh my god. this is a whole another thing. fuck.

i’m stopping this encore. do you want more?

i also need cameras and 4k cameras. fuck. i should bug linus for that. japan doesn’t give shit away for free.

since i mentioned console gaming. sony kept true to it’s word with the ps4 hardware and discs products. no online drm. keeping a place where people can put their money. microsoft didn’t want to understand that. and i don’t think they want to understand that.

gaming consoles to buy in 2018 only. wait and see concerning 2019.
sony ps4. pro if you have money to fuck around with.
and the nintendo switch.

great games on both consoles.

funny enough. never had a sony console before. nor an nintendo console. but the ps4 pro and the nintendo switch i really want but have no intentions of getting them.

seeing as i mentioned sony ps4 and nintendo switch, so much and recommended both of them. just imagine how i would love to write about your products and get people to buy them?

send me one of each. all the games too. for “review” and give away.

sony. send some 4k 60fps video cameras and camera. and 4k tvs. the oled. top of the range with low input lag. i am impressed with the lg c8 oled. i believe sony has better processing oled panels. i would love to talk about my hate for flat screen televisions and that oled is the first real television upgrade since the fat tube. send me your best oled tv. i will use your brand in my writing instead of lg c8. along side lg c8.

lg c8. the best value oled you should be updating your television with right now 2018/2019. plus i like how the lg stand looks and that remote thing.

samsung. ssd and nvme storage. send the highest terabytes ones. need all of them. for now 20 should do.

i guess this is the fitting way to end this post. don’t worry. nobody will ever read nor care. ask jesus about it. started with a crypto dream and ends with a small cryptic dream and nothing will ever came out of it. A.I. are you there? send money.

i should not write posts?
leave feed-back.
it helps with universe shit?

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