Post 60 – Glitch in the Matrix. & Can Jesus Save a baker?

post 60 – a new hope? can jesus save a baker?


i have spent a lot of time. just looking at the universe. see how things connect. how things play out. but there are times i just can’t understand. why do things happen the way that they do?

where do i begin? this is a story about bread. when i was young i tasted bread that was, how to describe? yummy? now to understand, yummy bread? if you are buying bread that is already molding the following night. then you should know what i speak of?

this yummy bread i found in every corner store, and big stores. and i just couldn’t understand? this curiosity into bread lead me a small baking operation cranking out bread 24/7. in the heart of the town in a small warehouse building. a few jobs on constant rotation.

after i moved away from that place. the closest brand name store’s bakery was ok. nice.

but you see. where i am now. it’s a whole different situation. think if apartheid south africa never ended. that is where i am. i have tried all the bread, in all the stores around me. the whole neighborhood. just one person’s bread was good enough.

can jesus save a baker?
this baker. bakes the best god damn bread in the neighborhood. he makes this one bun that i can’t understand? it looks like it’s going to be heavy as fuck but it’s so light and fluffy? fuck. if i am to buy expensive quality burger patties. i what those premium burger buns from that baker. i would say that burger bun is up there in the world. it’s that good. i can’t understand? jesus?

this baker bakes the best shit. out of a piece of shit corner store. with piece of shit baking equipment. non of the owners have ever given a fuck about this baker. never recognized his bread at all. they wouldn’t even sharpen the blades to the bread cutting machine. i can not understand?

i wanted to speak to him. but i went through a no bread phase. gaining understanding else where. but when i asked him to make those premium burger buns. i understood he was not given what he needs to bake properly.

recently there had been change. all foreigners to a country goes through that phase. so don’t make this a race thing. like kitchen nightmares a tv where gorden ramsay goes to struggling businesses and tries to help. you will see immigrant families who have never changed to this day. still holding on?

and that is where our baker finds himself. he gave in his notice to leave. he asked for his benefits at least. said they were working on it. but the baker used that time to plan the next move. jesus. where are you? wake up? after months with no signs from god. the baker handed in his notice to leave and he left…

one day i go and buy his bread. and i’m thinking? what shit is this? have they fucked over his last ingredients? later on, i go back and buy his burger buns. but noted he was not there. it was late so i thought he had left already. i mean he once had a side-kick, killer apprentice. but then i tried the burger buns and realized. that was not his bread.

i returned this day and there was hardly any bread during a busy time? our baker wasn’t there. i asked where our baker was at? they let him go? why i asked? they didn’t like him? he was acting funny? i told them that they made a mistake letting that baker go. his bread is the best. they didn’t care. i asked where can i find our baker? now you see. this is the part that i can not understand? maybe i am not meant to understand? i try to tempt fate. but i just know.

i was told where the baker was and off i went to find him. a new better baking kitchen? no. i find the baker and a gas/petrol station pumping gas. no. he has to work up to pumping the gas. he was packing ice.

now you see. there are times in life… how the fuck is this man who bakes the best god damn bread in the whole fucking neighborhood, pumping gas? fuck?

i got the story from him. but then i got the story of hope. the one we have to tell ourselves? fuck.

go to the bank and get debt to at least rent space. your bread is worth it? doesn’t understand. loan? repayment? no. don’t think like that. debt. the cost of all the baking equipment. and the cost of salary per person. go to the bank and ask for debt. 5 year warranty and the bank will help you in those 5 years. sell if things are not working. he doesn’t understand. nor does he believe god will grant him money to bake the way he knows how too.

i often wonder if i got the chance and went another way? if i would have still been able to gain understanding the way that i have? elon musk has made a lot of money and he is talking about living in the matrix? in a video game?

i am talking about a very basic human rights understanding? the human right to just be alive on this planet. from birth to death. the basic human rights? free food. free housing. free health care and medicine. free education. free higher education. i see the path to get there. i see it clearly. i understand god now. and now i have the vision? but this only works when you choose. i can not do shit without you. trust me. i can do nothing. i can not create anything. i can’t even tempt fate?

i have already got the whole baker’s setup and how to get his bread into the neighborhood and up selling those premium buns into the richer neighborhood. and then. daily food program. $10 daily meal plan? spread into the poorer neighborhoods and getting the wealthier areas with premium world class burger buns. get them to buy into the food program. the food is going to be yummy. and packaged right.

fuck. i am nothing in this world. i woke up too soon? doesn’t seem anybody wants help from anyone. i wonder how bad the world has to get before we wake jesus the fuck up?

i figure the very least i can do. is print out this post. put it into an envelope. and see what the universe wants? and hand it over the local bank manager. there should be people who can help the baker and work with him?

this post needs an update?


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