Post 61 – The God & Jesus Concept 2018. Can We Wake Up Jesus Now?

can we wake up jesus?
the writing is on the wall?
time for an update in understanding?
2018 update?
the god concept?
the jesus concept?

the god concept: i have simplified the god concept down to one tweet.
enter the god concept tweet.
“the god concept!!! the god concept: add everything, the planet and all life, the past and future, space force, the real and not real, life and death, cancer, trillions of life forms in your gut, everything. you add it all up? GOD”
now you understand?
i’m just going to write shit now. i’ll wait until you understand.

i was young when i started asking questions about god. you can’t say his real without pointing god out? sounds familiar right? the man god idol in the sky? i looked into that as a child. funny enough. after all these years. while i was trying to find god and figure it all out? i was in gods land. and saw him every single day. i was but a child then. i couldn’t understand then.

there are two god concepts on this planet. that means there are two gods. one, powerful. while other is god.
i will leave it there for now. i want to see… what do you call it? the universe at play?

the universe tried to kill me when i was child. if i look back… i think i did die back then. back fuck it? life goes on? as they say?
i was taken to god’s country. i don’t really know how to explain it? the expression is, god’s land? god’s country? god. when i say god’s country. every bodies dna on this planet. traces back to these people in the land i was taken to after the universe tried to kill me. it’s when i first saw god. i just didn’t understand back then.

god number 2. now. i believe this god is referred to as satan on this planet. that is wrong. i still need to find satan in this world. but god number 2 is not satan.

i believe it was god number 2 who tried to kill me as a child. but no. it was god. much respect to god number 2.

while in god’s country. laying on a tree vein pondering the planet. seas. space. all that shit. the universe took hold of me again. what do they call it? warts. i was then removed from god land and i was burnt alive. head to toe. they burned me.

i returned home and i couldn’t speak the language anymore. i couldn’t read the language anymore. i couldn’t write the language. by now? i am sure you have noticed.

i was sent back into god’s land but this time. the opposite end. what is known as a hell pit. everyday. i watched it get worse. and worse. it just kept on getting worse. a hell pit. there is no bottom. it never stops getting worse. just because it was bad? it was still god’s land. god’s hell pit.

when you get out of a hell pit. i sense of calm. the type of calm that gives you a restful sleep. so i slept. rested. read the papers. try to stay updated. mainly i slept. but most importantly. i just looked at the universe. how it worked. trying to understanding…?

i woke up with a clear picture and a pathway and the understanding how to get there and what is needed.

i am at the stage of trying to put what’s in my head onto paper. that nobody will read. how do you put a lifetime of understanding into one post. how do you put one post into a tweet. how do i get people to care? how to get people here to read?

as i said. a clear picture and the pathway to get there.

simplest form of what i would like to achieve. no. that is not right. the picture in my head, can be reached now. but i don’t forsee that happening. in my life time anyway. a lot of bad is going to happen in this world before the world in my head… i can just post and hope one day. jesus will be woken up.

the basic human right to live and travel on this planet until you die.
basic human rights:
free food system
free housing system
free medical and medicine system
free education system
free higher education system

that type of world, will be lived and the values in life, will be different to how life is lived in 2018.

i am on a mission to basic human rights. even though. i am at the bottom of life. all the way down there. fuck? but i’ll try. in the hands of the universe who once tried to kill me and then tried to assimilate me?

where was i? the god concept. everything = god. everything. how much of everything do you not know? can any one person at any given time, even comprehend god?

i will create a list of everything. you can add to it? just email with subject, add to everything.

what’s next? the jesus concept? lol. the christians have a hard time understanding this one? and they so closed minded. even in 2018. when last did jesus operate on this planet? it’s time for the new jesus to wake up. and guess what? he won’t be called jesus. stupid? like king something. wait? my name has a translation to king? fuck you. i ain’t your jesus.

the jesus concept:
i haven’t boiled this one down to a tweet yet. so i will just talk like before.

you understand god right. add up everything. but like what can we as people add up? that is the concept of jesus.

let me explain.
in our little bubble. the people. the animals. the trees. the land. the ocean. the sky. when you add all of those up. you can get a piece of god. how does this concern jesus?

when the planet basically picks one person to rally behind. to save the planet? so if jesus is not trying to save the planet? then it’s not jesus?

and remember it’s not just you. it’s those trillions of life forms that life in your gut. they have a say too. god number 2 also has a say. it’s not just you. but you can make a big difference.

to farther explain the jesus concept.
why doesn’t jesus do anything to help?

jesus can not do anything.
jesus can not create anything.

jesus will most likely be broke with no talents and ability but he will have a vision and path to get there.

you will find many jesus’s on this planet at any given time. most likely in some hell pit or sleeping till it’s dead? there are just some people who sees everything and wonders why no1 else sees it the way they do? often finding out that when trying to do something good for this planet. it goes nowhere and the jesus will most likely get killed off. or sent to a nut house?

jesus is a tool to be used by this planet. jesus will be used when the planet needs to use him. jesus can’t do shit without us the planet. even if he tried.

it’s 2018. it’s time to wake up jesus.

in the mean time. i will see if this planet will give me basic human rights. free food, free housing, free health care and medicine, free education, free higher education?

lots of money will be needed. how many people did jesus start with? 12 people? 12 world professionals i will need? basic human rights. here we come.

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