Post 63 – Sunday Sermon – The Garden of Eden?

ok. let’s write about south africa. donald trump tweeting about south africa in 2018.

it’s sunday. so. lol.

when you think about god. and the devil. south africa is the garden of eden? true story? the condition of south africa. will always reflex the world we live in? now. i don’t know how else to say it other than the way in which i did? if you believe in god and jesus. the garden of eden. that is south africa.

to help understanding.
all human dna traces back to people who live in south africa? so when i say that south africa is the garden of eden? can we get to the understanding now? the state of south africa will always reflex the state of the world?

(you guys view the map differently right? south africa is on the top?)

the oceans around south africa. the cape of storms.

the land is rock solid. no earthquakes. i forget the grid systems name but there is a point on south africa. gold. diamonds. and myrrh? lol. when do we start to understand? south africa is the garden of eden. god’s land. true story.

not only does south africa have beautiful land. but god also has an asshole? what do you call it? a hell pit? i believe that hole in south africa is world famous for being big? good and evil. right and wrong. freedom but still slaves. long walk to freedom. does god not ask you to walk with him? the state of the garden of eden reflexs the state of the world? south africa is the garden of eden?

everything was good in the world. jesus went to sleep? wait? didn’t they kill jesus? holy fuck these people are going to kill me? world conflict started and a world war started.

the garden of eden was used. land taken by man. people enslaved. god’s people? you do know that the ancient language of the world, is almost forgotten? jesus what the fuck?

indians and chinese were brought to get the land farmed (resources) and mines mined by the slave nations of the world? south africa was never just a black story? garden of eden? all nations. that is south africa.

during war. non shall pass. by sea, air nor land. that is south africa? south africa is known not being predictable to navigate by sea. lot’s of ships crash around south africa.

south africa is also known for it’s anti-aircraft. they are good at it. idk. they just are.

the first world conflict didn’t really end. how do they say? resource gathering and prepare for world war 2. now the conflict is not over yet. world war 3 is coming. and by looking at the state of south africa. that world conflict might be coming soon?

as far as i can see that it’s still sunday. but really though. as far as i can see. we need to wake jesus up right now? jesus will be the only one who can stop world war 3.

i have tried to write about the god and jesus concepts. the understanding is pretty clear to me. even though i’m still trying to figure out how to write? as you can tell i can write for shit? but i understanding writing. i just write in my own way.

where was i was, jesus? lol. jesus is not this magical superhero the christians like to go about? how popular is marvel? how was the matrix movie spread in churches? lol.

the concept of jesus?
jesus is most likely a worthless piece of shit? just kept around doing nothing. until that day he is needed by the world? that is the jesus character.

at any given time. on this planet. there are many, jesus? lots of them. all over this planet. ready. to take up the call from the planet. jesus, i think it’s time to wake up?

wake up? being jesus?
imagine a person who can change the whole fucking world with the understanding in his head? but nothing the person does will ever work? until jesus is called upon. then everything just works? it’s weird being, a jesus? spend your life time with the key? but no door opens? there are many, jesus, on this planet at any given time. jesus is right here, we just got to wake him the fuck up?

the jesus?
jesus is most likely a worthless piece of shit. no1 sees him? no1 hears him? no1 understands him? no1 understands and so everyone screams at him? worthless piece of shit. you nothing.

being jesus is like always trying to understanding and failing at everything. but just because because jesus is a fuck up to gain understanding? it doesn’t mean he can’t do shit? it’s just that doing shit… goes nowhere… pointless trying. and you just watch the universe at work?

we need to find jesus and wake him the fuck up? or her? just wake up.

anyway. that was sunday sermon. trying something new? lol. like everything it will go nowhere. lol.

i have this dream/vision. it took a while. but i got the full idea now. i don’t know how to describe it? i’m finding it hard to write a big world picture down onto a post on a website?

Basic Human Rights
the basic human right to be born on this planet, to live on this planet, to die on this planet? the basic of human rights?

the pathway is clear too? but understand. i can do nothing. you can do everything.

Free Food
Free Housing
Free Medical & Medicine
Free education
Free Higher Education

by the time we get to that point. the way life is lived will be different. if ever so slight?
after getting out of education. placement of interest should be available or be created. with alowing interests to change as one gets older and placement to different interests.

but we are talking way into the future? remember. if jesus is not woken up now? it’s going to take some time before the next jesus will be called in? if jesus had a voice? what would he be saying? this pathway from nothing to world change. it’s going to happen. the way i’m going to write about it. you just need to understand. i am not it? and i will not find jesus in my life tim? i know. sad. for you it might be a different story?

basic human rights?
all on board the train?
i don’t think you get? there is nothing. nothing. how the fuck do i get a train to put people onto it? ride the journey to the basic human rights?

this being sunday? donations? give what you can? basic human rights ain’t easy nor cheap to achiev?. please give to jesus?

sunday sermon?
give feed-back? i’m testing out a sunday sermon type of thing? i often find going to church the message from god is not from god. what do they call it? message of good/new hope? i haven’t heard god being preached in church for a long time? i think when i was last on god’s land? that’s when last i heard god being preached in church?

trying to give proper understanding and where it fits into 2018. sunday sermon. but you can see and you will notice the basic human rights plug in almost everything i write. can dreams become real? (i need sponsorships) to get people working?

i will try. that is all i can promise. you see the pathway i am on? wana buy a ticket?

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