Post 64 – Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Review – Uncompressed?

cyberpunk 2077
48 minutes gameplay
work in progress – does not represent the final look of the game

we are started off with character selection.
male or female.
private areas blurred.
character modeling looks good.
blurred of private areas implies a great deal of customization?
non of the customization of character shown.

cdpr cd projekt red
the witcher 3

cdpr created an rpg pc video game called the witcher. then cdpr created one of the best pc games, the witcher 2.

the witcher 3
with the witcher 3 cdpr created the best rpg console game. it was fun. the story and dialogue was good. to explain the witcher 3. cdpr gave us everything. there were so many different play styles. why enter a god mode code? the witcher 3, use some potions for god mode. i liked playing the witcher 3. just build different builds as they call it.

cyberpunk 2077
with cyberpunk 2077 it looks like cdpr is doing it again. everything at us? but now with rpg gun-play?

all that i know. you have to buy this video game cyberpunk 2077 even if you don’t like it. you have to buy it for pc at retail. get your ass up and go buy the fucking thing. cyberpunk 2077 pc version at retail.
optional. buy online. as well. buy the game of the edition again. it’s drm-free. buy copies and give them away. get people playing in the world. playing cyberpunk 2077.

i’m in it to win it? i want free shit? side note in a different post, i want cdpr to help a smaller polish startup company that produces the best gaming computer cases for 2018/2019/2020. it’s that good. cdpr can place a large order to hand out as gifts to all their staff. and make for some amazing cyberpunk 2077 give away promotion? and polish steel manufactures can get work?
i just have this imagine of cyberpunk 2077 welded onto a dr zaber sentry pc case. and witcher 3 on the other side. great company gift and promotional give away? and it kinda fits into the cyberpunk 2077 theme? amazing gaming computer that fits in your backpack?

ok ok where was i?
cyberpunk 2077
playing as female
record id 355c.ab44.256s
id type not applicable
first name missing data
last name missing data
alias v
date of birth 10.12.2054
gender female
prior convictions
details in brief
report no. 5/206920/2039
authentication code ***********
eidt details

childhood hero
samurai rockerboy; johnny silverhand
solo of fortune; morgan blackhand
corporate god; saburo arasaka

key life event
death of sibling
ran away from home
first big kill

why night city?
unfinished business
ex-lover in town
something to prove

cyberpunk 2077 customization screen

character face and shoulders, on the left side of the screen. good modeling detail

on the right side

preset options

detailed facial query
eyes 10 options
nose 10 options
mouth 10 options
jaw 10 options
ears 10 options
skin tone 0%-100%? 100% = black? lol?

cyberpunk 2077 body customization

left side of the screen full body of character. good modeling detail

right side

preset options

tattoo location 10 options
light color
glow color (that’s cool)

eye mods 10 options
skin mods 10 options
surface wiring 10 options
bodily scars 10 options

cyberpunk 2077 biostats

strength 3
constitution 2
intelligence 6
reflexes 8
tech 2
cool 4 (cool over tech? lol)

points available 0

confirm:begin location trace
edit additional details:admin access required

opening scene
night city
free state of north california
tuesday 04.13.2077

elevator graffiti. no future written across door.
elevator doors open.
v and her side kick getting their weapons put. ready for action

character modeling again is good. the detail on the character like clothing face and hair, detailed as fuck. now the witcher 3 had good character detail. mainly the main character. we will see how the rest of the characters in the video game looks like?

straight into gameplay. level design

now in video games. first person shooters. how to make the video game look less like a box. it often looks like boxes everywhere. pop the textures and the frame rate drops. the witcher 3 had some flat textures. a lot some would say? one of the ways to get around the flat looking box look? lighting. lots of lights. and those textures need to pop. but cyberpunk 2077 developed for a console market? can’t really expect much?

cyberpunk 2077 level design
i think the brightness was turned up.

the video game looks good. detailed. there are other issues with the video game? this is not one.

walking through a corridor of some type of complex housing units. it’s why people are mentioning the movie, dredd. fantastic movie. cyberpunk 2077 gets a thumbs up there. it means the detailing and lighting, is going to be cool. that is what i get from cyberpunk 2077. fun gameplay and it just being fucking cool to play? the world will be playing this one. don’t be stupid. buying cyberpunk 2077 pc version at retail. you just do that, for the world. buy online at your own expense? don’t fuck around when the world is concerned?

old lady; rody, my son, is that you?

old lady (x) inside, quick!

t-bug: gir’s inside. biomon’s been down an hour. better delta.

the character looks asian but it being the year 2077. properly asian mixed with something? south american? idk. everything still needs polishing. more detail. pc power?

room 1237
tbug connected

doors open
so the apartment layout in 2077 is a corridor type lay out? lol. some shelves on the left and righ of the opening the door and some more selves facing the door with a small kitchen table, in front of a long box? next to a box of selves? lol and then idk a nice fridge?

turn into the apartment is a light pointed at the computer desk and tv mounted to the all.

i actually want to turn the house unit into the smallest unit to take up less space for the masses amounts of people on this planet.

i want to turn the whole house into the size and shape of a coffin. but like a cool coffin. but i am just talking about the size. but more on that some other time?

walking into the next room with gun raised. just a large room? guess this must be the bedroom. a lot of space for one? but this room was far from nice. medical equipment and medical curtains? lol. female laying on the table. dressed to have sex? implying prostitutes are being targeted. stomach chest ripped off. eyes removed. dead.

next room another big single room. room number 2. this apartment is nice so far? two big ass rooms? and shelving? but that couch. that flat colour? the wall is flat? the door is flat? the couch is flat? how can you use a flat colour as well? so when i say cyberpunk 2077 looks flat. that is what i am talking about.

a body is hanging by machine surrounded by medical curtains. lol. professional operation here? it’s 2077? can a doctor not work from home with advance cheap medical tech? ok the home employed doctor is actually a level 2 scavenger and he has a fully automated weapon by his side. the level 2 scavenger seems to washing his face over some water? back turned to us?

step behind the level 2 scavenger

[hold] non-lethal takedown

gun to the back of the head. push the level 2 scavenger’s head into the water. weapon pointed at his head. trigger pulled. level 2 scavenger was no much for (idk what level we are lol) but we the main guy/gal we always the best. we always win.

now this is the part i was waiting for. the gun-play.

and the third room was the bathroom. hole in the hole. now everything double backs.

another level 2 scavenger. medical personal. we don’t know his back story. maybe forced to work there? who knows. but we don’t care. because this is a video game. i want that scavenger to die with stats? that is why numbers pop up when shooting or hitting stuff in video games. scavenger number 2 was shot with 11 and 10 and 0 popping up as he is being shot.

through another room 4 level 2 scavengers. you dashing forward. the control you have dashing left and right. this is a video game designed to play as a fun shooting game. it’s cyberpunk 2077. no time for realisms. just a hell of fun video game to play. if you like shooting video games.

dashing towards cover. bobbing left and right to shoot at on of the scavengers. idk what you call you it? shooting from behind cover. it flows nicely between cover and free movement.
kill one scavenger. shoot at another scavenger flanking from the side. then a dash into a slow-mo.
now i am not a big fan for slow motion in video games. excpet max payne. and that is kinda how cyberpunk 2077 plays with slow-mo. to explain slow-mo. there is fun slow-mo, max payne and such. and then there is the slow-mo that console first person shooters need to be able to shoot at stuff because aiming is not accurate on console controllers. cdpr is addressing these in both ways. slow-mo that is fun with gun-play. and adding ammo that can kill everything without even aiming accurately.
second scavenger killed because you can’t fuck with slow-mo bitch?
take cover as you shoot at the third scavenger. now we shooting through walls and watching the wall crumble away. that is what you call a battlefield reference.
third scavenger was getting shot through a concrete collar. so he was looking behind him to see where the bullets were coming from. and the we killed the third scavenger, only a level 2 scavenger? lol.

the fourth scavenger is through a hole in the wall behind cover and we are on the opposite end in the other room behind cover. we fire from cover and then dash to the right into a left slow-mo and shoot the shit out of the 4th scavenger in slow-mo.

level 4 scavenger boss. runs into his scavenger hideout 12m away and locks the door. jackie your side-kick tries to open the door but the level 4 scavenger boss starts shooting through the wall. v and jackie takes cover. v tries shooting though the wall moving between covers. opening in the wall and we get a few good shots on the level 4 scavenger boss.
flank a pathways through the kitchen and shot at the level 4 scavenger boss. jackie your side-kick burst in through the hole in the wall and takes out the level 4 scavenger boos and takes his big hard hitting weapon and calls him a pussy.

though another into a bathroom bathtub filled with ice and water. both naked bodies lay in the bath tub. the male body is laying over on top of the female body. no penis shown. cdpr shouldn’t be scared to have the penis out in their video games. but if they keep on doing this type of thing with the breasts on display without having the penis out?

pushes the male body off the female body
got our target

sandra dorsett (x)-
check target’s biomonitor
hard to tell
more bodies in the tub

jackie; this does not look good…

plugged into the naked women in the tub. the target. ordered medical support. platuim edition. removed virus blocking signal.

removed female body from tub just breasts on display. remember how no penis was on display. nake female body can’t breath so pulp fiction those breasts?

picking up the naked female body. breast and nipple in full display. jiggling around. remember how they didn’t show the male penis? carry her to to the balcony where the medical support team will retrieve the naked female body. with guns i might add.

now we get a look at the open side world. during the day. asian feel with a lot of neon lights during to the day. they look shitty during the day.

feel the chemistry. lol

trauma team ambulance space ship approuches
trauma team soldier; stand clear. landing.
trauma team soldier; stop where you are!
weapons pointed.
trauma team soldier; place the patient on the stretcher.

stretchers (x) set the woemn down

trauma team soldier; five steps back, now.
get pushed back.
trauma team soldier puts device onto naked women’s chest.
trauma team soldier; i said, step back.
trauma team medic; tt-133 to control. patient nc570442 secured…
trauma team medic; stimulants being administered – 70 mgs dopamine, 110 norepinephrine, 800 fibrin…

v; hey… give us a lift outta here? ok… no problem.
t-bug; cutting connection, t-bug out.

v meets up with jackie her side-kick back in the apartments and they both head back to the elevator. some banter between the two.

v waking-up in her apartment…

end of part one.

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