Post 65 – The Rains Down In Africa – Where Does The Rain Come From?

let’s try something else.

it’s that time again. something new is happening. it’s raining. it’s been raining kinda like the way it’s suppose to rain.

where is this rain coming from? the oceans? but it’s not been raining for the last 5 years? the tanks are empty? today. today it rains. where does this rain come from? the oceans?

when it rains i’ve been introduced to new types of bugs/virus/ what do they call it? the flu? this is worse than the flu? now understand. i am exposed to the most daily, bugs/virus/germs/ than say the average person. when i get ill from bugs/virus/germs/ it has to be something new and something strong. when it rains? i’ve been noticing people getting really ill? cancers? stuff like that? where is the rain coming from? the oceans? but 5 years of no rain?

how polluted are the oceans? covered in shit? west africa all the way to east america. polluted with nuclear waste from japan’s nuclear meltdown? and then a layer of waste just laying in the ocean. plastic everywhere? now understand. think how hot the sun is? even at that temperature. there will be life forms. just living. nuclear waste and all the plastic and other waste in the oceans? strong bugs/virus/whoknoeswhat? the frogs are turning gay? lol?
now it rains. and people are dying around me?

now the lands are getting rained upon. new plant life? water tanks filled? the earth will have to get stronger to combat what’s in the oceans? that means we as human beings will have to get stronger? or die out?

i can’t leave without giving the way?

eat your vegetables and fruit. the veg and fruit that survive is the key to combating what’s coming from the oceans?

gmo seeds has anti-pesticide built inside them? 2018. the planet needs to fail to learn to get stronger? that’s how plant life works? that’s why the planet survives?

the basic human rights to be born on this planet. live on this planet. and die on this planet.

basic human rights:
free food
free housing
free healthcare and medicine
free education
free higher education

i can see the path from nothing. i am nothing. but i have great understanding. the dream. the mission. the path. how do they say? the path never traveled? would you walk a path to basic human rights? i need money to create some jobs and it will grow to the unimaginable? all money i can get will go towards the path. wana buy a ticket for the ride? there is a reason why this path is not well traveled? how do they say? a bumpy ride?

the rains down in africa? post title? seems fitting?

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