Post 66? – Missing a 6? I Almost Died?

I reuk pee. die hond het in the kamer gepee. wat as hy daar dood le?

Loving words of a mother to her loving daughter.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

You are possessed by the ghost of … You only think that your family loves you and can stop you but if you have made the decision to kill yourself. Go ahead. But do not kill the dog. It is not fair for the dog to die.

Loving words from a mother to her child.

Ring, hello, the ghost of your remnant child is trying to hurt the dog. Come Quick.

Family’s lost suffering pain vs a mother’s disdain?

Mother murdered a throne tree instead.

Post 66.

Got myself in shape. Jeans size 34. lets do this. Almost a fatal crash, lucky. God’s grace for a mother torn.

Fat again. Mother is happy & enjoying the family while her mother taps her feet on the grounds of understanding.

The water gauzier burst. New paint walled in. unpackaged rooms all over the place.

I’m trying to write but now all that rings in my head. Suicide. How the seed gets planted.

I am not suicidal person. But now all day & everyday, loving words of suicide told out of love. Suicide is now care and protection, is what i am told to believe, from the love ones.

A seed must grow. Actually a lot of seeds don’t just grow. Depends on the condition.

A mother’s own accord leaving the dog underfed while she don’t pay any of her accounts & wastes all the money until nothing is left.

Bang bang bang. It’s post 66.

how do you leave a self destructing person by themselves.

Wait. A mother’s loved son, giving turn to wife’s mother & son kicking the beloved mother out.

Bang bang bang – i smell shit. Because the mother was carrying her own shit bucket, while speaking ill shit on another.

Pride? Controlling another to somehow believe you are in control of yourself.

Bang bang bang – ex husband got remarried. To a stupid bitch. Hurtful & shameful for taking from another family what didn’t belong to her. Money.

When you put all your problems onto your love ones and then can’t bring yourself to love them.

Bang bang bang – suicide update post, coming soon.

Just need water to grow this seed again.

My next posts will be about how i am eating good again. Feeling food again. Started drinking water again. From the tap. Losing weigh again. Still too big. But lets see if i can save myself this time, again.

Starting a company.

Going to talk shit on youtube.

Sell merch.

No1 will buy. Like no1 will read this forgotten post. Because i am to believe this post never happened.

Idk. I never read my own writing. Maybe it doesn’t exist.

I sure don’t exist. It was made sure of.

Thank for reading.

Check the links for merch.

Should be moving over to a company website.

My social commentary will be on youtube.

To contact me, onlyfans. Not an adult account.

If you want to tell me how i should go kill myself. Trust me. I don’t care and you will pay to onlyfan say it.

This post is reaching back.

The rain. What a shame. It’s got me looking for death because the water inside me, is the water out in the ocean.

Bang bang bang – the oceans are fucked. Lol.

bang bang bang – never wanted to kill myself. still don’t. but seed is planted. pray to jesus.

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