Post 67 – Shane Dawson’s New Docu Series Is on Jake Paul?

the big daddy of youtube. meets the stupid baby of youtube?

shane dawson.
shane dawson has been on youtube… how old is shane now? 30. shane dawson has been on youtube for 30 years now? shane dawson doing a docu series on jake paul? shane has been where jake is now on youtube. i don’t know how to write this?

i have not followed shane dawson nor did i know who he was a year back. what shane dawson did to bobby burns for saying he makes terrible content, was ice cold. heartless. i started watching shane dawson content after that.

shane dawson videos bring in 6-10 million views. quickly i might add. shane dawson’s conspiracy videos gets around 20 million views.
i love me some gerrett.

jake paul
jake paul is young and dumb. non stop hustle. merch. merch. merch. look at all the ads on this site? jake paul is an ad.

do whatever. mindset. get that money. the world just hates the existence of jake paul? if jake paul sits down with shane dawson and keeps on, do whatever. mindset. and not be a real human being. i don’t know.

idk. should be interesting to watch? jake paul is just coming off a win on big amateur youtube boxing event. millions of views. mixed with shane dawson’s viewers? this new shane dawson docu will be good?

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