Post 69 – Sony PS5 vs Microsoft’s Xbox Series X?

-ps5 vs xbsx? which is better?

-why did the xbox one failed?

Xbox Series X
I like the internal design of the xbox series x. Microsoft created something really special. That big fan. But the only problem? PS5.

Microsoft with the xbox series created the best edition of the xbox one. Looking back a few years in gaming. Xbox Series x will be able to play Witcher 2 really well.
If CD Projekt Red creates another PC game like the Witcher 2? Xbox Series X may buckle?

Why did I mention the Witcher 2?
CD Projekt Red, Witcher 2 PC developer, through so much high detailed textures on screen. Like, some stupid object on a table or in the corner of a room, it had so much detail.

then CDPR uber sampled everything. making sure that every frame looked good.

Many computes couldn’t play the witcher 2. DRM? Today, 2020, the best gaming PC chips, still not hitting 60fps at 4k.

That’s where Xbox Series X comes into play. Being able to play the Witcher 2 at 4k 30fps, where witcher 2 represents video gaming in the last few years.

$499? Xbox Series X is a really good gaming system. That design/fan.




Next Article… Why The Xbox One Failed.
erm? Microsoft might be setting up the Xbox Series X to fail just like the xbox one failed?

If Microsoft goes down that route? again? Then all that power is pointless.

Sony PS5.
did you like that intro?

Sony took the next step forward with the PS5. That SSD is blazingly fast. PS5 SSD is faster than anything found in retail today.

The Idea Behind The PS5.
The SSD is so fast. The lines from the SSD to the chip, is so fast. That if you look left & right in a video game, all that data can stream-in from the SSD, instead of from the on-chip memory. Because everything is so fast, high detailed textures can be streamed-in on-demand.

Rage was a tech demo/video game.
The Idea behind Rage. This was for consoles. When you turn really quickly in Rage, low resolution textures (data small in size) fills in the screan. The longer you look at the screen, the low res data gets replaced with higher texture details.

On consoles you could see the high res textures pop-in. But the game played at 60fps.

Rage played well & looked great on consoles.

With the PS5. Higher resolution textures (large data packages) can stream-in so god damn fast from the SSD, that all data from the game, can be streamed-in on-demand, in high resolution textures.

PS5 is truly ground breaking.

Game development is going to change with the PS5.

I mentioned the Witcher 2 & CD Project Red, above.

CDPR’s Cyberpunk 2077 engine works in that manner. Streaming-in high details into the frame.

Cyberpunk 2077 was developed for ps4/xbox one consoles. My example may not apply. But…

Take Cyberpunk 2077 & design a room with the highest detailed objects, to the smallest of pieces laying in the corners of the room?

The PS5 could stream-in all that data from the SSD in a blink of an eye. erm? faster than that.

PS5 is the better gaming console.

pcie 4.0 – PS5.
pcie 3.0 – xbox series x.

ps5 – new.
xbox series x – best of the old.

Sony has so many video games. Now with the PS5, Sony will have better video games.

If i look back to when i would upgrade computer parts over the years. I would always upgrade when data speed points would change. usb to usb 2 to usb 3. pcie to pcie 2 to pcie 3 to pcie 4.0. The chips can be really fast but if data doesn’t have the speed to move.

and that is where Microsoft’s xbox series X falls into. Slight improvements over the Xbox One X.

Where Sony’s PS5 is revolutionary. Where gaming engines can adapt more easier & quicker.

The PS5 Wins.

What is Nintendo Doing?

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