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Shane Dawson
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“Craziest Conspiracy Theories”

The Shane Dawson youtube channel became really popular over the last the last years, due to his new docu style videos.

Tana Mongeau fucked up and Shane Dawson gave an inside look into the mess.

But Shane Dawson also likes stupid comedy content shit. But the stupid shit didn’t doesn’t fit in well next to the popular docu style content.

Then Shane Glossin was born. A place for all the other Shane Dawson stupid content which we so love?

“Craziest Conspiracy Theories”

Champion brand.
I didn’t know there was a conspiracy related to Champion.

Lets see.
Champion, a mass producing textile business. Bulk orders sold in warehouses across the countries, in places like Walmart.

“If you were poor” or lived near a warehouse, you would have worn a brand like Champion.

erm? Black culture/celebrity, started wearing Champion in the public eye. Which lead to a public interest in the Champion brand.

Now independent stores has to stock the Champion brand, giving more access to people who don’t live near a warehouse or that are “rich”.

From mass production to mass storage, like a warehouse/Walmart. From that point is costs more to keep any products.

The Champion brand has to cost more in a non warehouse store, to meet the rent/profits.

That is why you can find a $1 Champion t-shirt that also costs $199 for the same kind of t-shirt.

erm? I ain’t driving to no Walmart for no Champion brand clothing. But i might buy it from a store around the corner?

Where is the conspiracy? lol?

This is me 2 minutes into the video.


i mean. In Africa they were like, is this not Gucci? That is Gucci. It’s mass production of textiles. Profits means, less cost for goods, but less cost of goods means more goods are produced.

With X-amount of product I make Y-amount of profits for Z-amount of year. The rest of the product/year gets sold off for cheap. Or goes to sit in warehouses across the world.

Where is the conspiracy?

Me after 3 minutes into the video.

Shane Dawson talking about the Coronavirus. Doesn’t know what to do? But wants to do something.

Interesting how he started off with mass production. And the textile industry. I can speak more about the social/economic issues with the textile industry but the heart message is there. and then talking about the coronavirus. ShaneGlossin?

Shane Dawson through Jeffree Star got an inside look at mass production/storage. & the kind of people, who work there.

erm? i can’t remember? was it a million produced top of the line make-up palette? how big is a million produced product on the world mass producing stage?

Shane Dawson got to see the people working while Jeffree Star sits on top, in his castle.

Where is the conspiracy? lol?

Bottled Water Review? lol?
erm? it’s stored in plastic. it will taste like shit.
Store your water in glass bottles.

Bottled water is for use in cases of emergances. Say like if in an area of your city the pipes fuck up? There is bottled water ready for you at any/all big stores in the world.

Bottled water is not meant for every day use. But water can’t sit around in a plastic bottle forever. Somebody has to drink it.

Where is the conspiracy?

Using salt as a preservative? Since the dawn of man? lol? But it doesn’t taste right?

Back to Champion brand. $437 for a Champion brand hoodie.

You can use any space to store products & sell them online.
This often happens when in-demand products are far from the warehouses. Open your garage, drive across country/country, store product in garage.
Now that (looks like a 50c hoodie) costs $437.

If you live right next to Wallmart & you buy Champion brand off the internet to be shipped to you from across the world because your lazy ass won’t get up to go to the god damn shop. $437.

Shane Dawson goes to the shop and buys bottled water & champion brand. lol. damn $70 for Champion brand. Where is Shane Dawson shopping? Drive to the hood n-word. Britney Spears ain’t wearing Champion.

Where is the conspiracy?

Bottled Water Review

First ingredient of bottled water, tap water.
1st ingredient of tap water, river water.
and where is the river watered stored? the ocean. in salt.

Second ingredient to bottled water? Shane Dawson better not say salt.

2nd, Magnesium sulfate. An inorganic salt.

3rd ingredient of bottled water, let me guess, more salt. Yep, potassium chloride, halide salt.

Where is the conspiracy? erm? am i going to use salt to cook my food today? yes. conspiracy.

Too much salt stops the heart and causes death. That is why it is used to put people to death. Kinda like if you drink sea water with all that salt, it will kill you.

If you can drink a bottle of water & not die? Then there is not that much salt in there.

If i use too much salt on my food today? I wouldn’t be able to eat it. Same applies to bottled water. If there is too much salt? you will spit it out.

oh shit. There is a Fourth ingredient. Salt. god damn it.
fine. I wasn’t going to go old-school shane dawson content. But doesn’t cum taste like salt? and people spit that shit out. Too much salt.

So how much salt is there really in bottled water, when the salt level is not really that bad tasting and people can drink it without dying.

Where is the conspiracy? Ryland doesn’t fuck around. Andrew is moving in. No he is not.

Bottled water taste test. erm? lol?

Smaller water bottling stations. Often a local adventure. From river to town. Often spring water operations.

But on a grander scale. Bottling water across the planet to store & move around the planet. Coco-cola is a big operation.

Local bottled water, or water that will be consumed quickly, not a lot of salt needed.

The ocean is hella salty for a reason. planet water storage with a lot of salt.

Where is the conspiracy.
Wait is this it? shane dawson cheats on ryland with andrew? conspiracy theory. I think people just views andrew as shane’s 2nd bf, whether it’s true or not. After the Tiger King. andrew is shane’s second husband? lol.

From the time it rains till the time that water reaches back to the ocean. Make full use of the water. & try to storage it. The rest of the water that returns to the ocean is wasted water.

The sound of a water bottles opening.
Doesn’t coca-cola has a special designed seal that opens to a certain sound that everyone associate with coke products?

Where is the conspiracy?

With global warming and climate change going on. One of the oceans, is fucked up. It needs to be cleaned. From east south africa to west usa.

When all the oceans are fucked. and needs to cleaning & filtering. It’s called a full ice-age. Where all of the planet’s stored water lays across the planet.

There are operations starting to deal with the fucked up. Keep an eye on BRICS.

The colour of water.
erm? the colour of mold?

Water PH. 7 the perfect balance. Green.

Fresh spring water bottled that will be used farly quickly. Mold won’t be on top of the list.

But bottled water that travels the world, will be acidic. yellow colour. number 3. Kinda like pee. Some people drink pee for health reasons.

If you store fresh spring water without salt, and it travels the world. and stored for many years. Mold will take effect faster.

Where is the conspiracy?

I hate this Champion hoody. It feels like shit. $125. I mean, it looks really cute. lol.
I found the conspiracy.

Wait. Hotdog buns & hotdogs. is this a penis joke?

Meat & bread are not viewed as same. Or else there would be fucking all day long.

I ain’t buying no 10 hotdog buns. 8 hotdog buns max.

Wieners are cheap. No less than 10. I mean, those thick sasauages, i’ll take less. but it equates to the same price/pound of meat.

Where is the conspiracy?

“be a smarter shopper” – Ryland 2020.

Didn’t I say that ryland doesn’t fuck around. lol

Use tap water. It’s the best. Don’t fool yourself.
There are times when pipes fuck up. Use fresh locally sourced bottled water.
In a time of need where there are long periods of time without clean water. Use coca-cola’s world water storage system.

Don’t use mass storage water system as your daily water intake. use a fucking tap. Be a smarter Shopper.

Mass storage of water with salt, is not the same thing as soda. Soda has added sugar.
Don’t not use soda as your daily water intake. In times of emergency, some sugar is nice.

But water can’t be stored forever like that. Somebody has to drink it. It has to reach the ocean, filtered. pee the water, keep the salts. kidney stones.

Stop shaming the people who get fat from drinking the shitty water. The water can’t go to waste. Are you drinking it? Then shut up?
Shane Dawson drinks diet-soda. Doing his part.

Where is the conspiracy? ok lets end this.

ew? lol? I bowl water with salt in before i add the pasta or rice. lol?

I mean if you are standing on the beach with a glass of sea water & bottled water and they both taste refreshing?
then there is reason for concern. but untill then. if the bottle water & soda ain’t killing you. it should be find.

wait. death by fatness. takes along time. so no1 cares. filter the sugared water, ok.

let me also mention the other conspiracy theory in this video.
Airpods that can be listened in-on.
What’s that saying, weapons of mass destruction. You use weapons to protect but weapons can also be used to kill.

Where are my airpods? let me listen? ah, sounds like “insert location”? Let me go find them.

To then being used as a spying tool.
I don’t want to hear the shit people has to say about me. & if people want to hear the shit i have to say about them? Well i have a blog for that.

Where is the conspiracy? lol?

I like this Shane Dawson Conspiracy Theory Series.

I did the write up on twitter the last video with chucky cheese pizza. People didn’t react well.

I mean, have you ever tried to cook pizza in a wood fueled oven and seeing how the dough reacts to different temp zones inside the oven?

Where is the conspiracy?

How do I title this this post?

I know. Don’t buy cheap Champion shoes in the hood.

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