Post 71 – Borderlands 3 Loots & Shoots, Developers Bonuses Away

Borderlands 3 Developers Not Getting Their Bonus. Well the pay out is much less than before. Randy Pitchford promised all the cards. And dumped all the sales. Randy got cheque’s from Epic Games. Who needs the selling of units.

People think that video games sell really well. But lets look at it.

Microsoft’s Xbox – 50% lost sales. That’s over 50 million consoles that people can’t use.

PC’s Valve Steam/EpicGamesStore/DRM on-Client – 50% lost sales.

PC Witcher 3 Game of The Year Edition – No DRM & No Internet Requirement to install & play the game. – No lost sales. Sales rate around the PS4 version and going to sell more units than the PS4 version.

Sony’s PS4 – No lost Sales.

Borderlands 3 product release.

PS4 – Borderlands sold well.

Xbox One – sold 50% less units than PS4.

PC – No retail release & could only be purchased online at Epic Games Store DRM Client. Over 50GB’s of data to download, over 50% sales lost. Borderlands 3 EpicGamesStore – sold over 50% less units than the PS4 version.

Sales Rate between consoles & PC should be around the same.
Going back to Xbox 360 & PS3, both consoles ended close in sales & sales rate was around the same.

Borderlands 2 sold well. Just not on PC.

Now with Boderlands 3, suddenly xbox returns 50% less sales from Borderlands 2 & EpicGamesStore didn’t increase sales over Borderlands 2.

Where has the money gone? Borderlands 3 developers won’t be getting any bonuses.

Lost Sales.
(Internet Requirements)

Just before Valve Steam started. Good video games were selling well. Some selling over a million units. Early 2000s.

Then Valve Steam came along. (Internet Requirement) to unlock the game from Steam DRM Client, to get permission to install the product you have already paid for.
2003, where 90% of the planet couldn’t do – (Internet Requirements).

Imagine a Popular video game from the late 90s selling over a million units? Going to Valve Steam & selling 100 thousand units.

And this was the good video games from the late 90s.
Now think about the niche games selling 250 – 750 thousand units, going to Valve Steam & selling 25k units.

erm? Wasn’t it called the video game crash of the 90s? more like 2003?

Why Valve Steam?

Microsoft’s Xbox didn’t really sell that well. 2001.

Microsoft needed more users. Valve Steam was used to cut the PC market by 90%.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360,2005, sold really well and fast. 90% of the PC gamers having to choose a console.
Xbox 360 was marketed as the FPS console with a nice controller. Around 85 million units sold. PS3 selling abit more.

Then Microsoft gutted the Xbox market with the Xbox One – (Internet Requirements).
When was this? 2013. 60% of the planet didn’t have access to any internet.

It’s not like one country has & another has? Well that is also the case. But you look at it from a city/town district perspective.

really fast internet goes to rich districts first, often white communities.
With poorer districts only getting access to mobile/cell internet. Very expensive. Or no internet access at all.

So in 2013 61% of the planet had no access to the internet.

Microsoft releases the Xbox One with (Internet Requirements) out of the box before games can be played.

Yes. The World did laugh at Microsoft.

Reality. between 2013 -2020, Xbox One sells 50-60% less than PS4 and Xbox One sales rate is 50-60% less than PS4.

Lost Sales.
2020 – 41.3% of the planet has no internet access at all.
2019 – it was 41.2%.

I mentioned the Witcher 3 PC Game of the Year Edition. CD Project Red. A PC product with no (Internet Requirement) to install & play. Everyone knows about the Witcher.

Cyberpunk 2077 – CD Project Red’s next game.
PS4 – no lost sales. should sell really well.
Xbox One – 40% lost sales.

Cyberpunk 2077 PC (Internet Requirements) download at retail. erm? it defeats it’s purpose? A download code that could be closer to 100GB.

Now (Internet Requirements):
fibre – download 100GB of data in an hour?
dsl – shit, weeks? idk? fuck cyberpunk 2077 i ain’t doing that shit.
mobile – 5g? within seconds? BUT… Too Expensive. It would cost more than Cyberpunk 2077’s price to download the game? I ain’t paying twice for no Cyberpunk?

That is where you Borderlands 3 on PC. I ain’t maxing my adsl line every night, all night, for about a week and fucking up my data plan? for Borderlands 3? nope.

I played Borderlands 1.
I played Borderlands 2.

No Borderlands 3 PC products at retail.

I didn’t play Borderlands 3. I imagine, a lot of people didn’t.
Borderlands 3 – Too many lost sales.

I should start a video game company. Everyone is fucking up.

It’s like they trying to skip a few steps. But then you find no steps. Lost sales. Stop acting like the future is now.

i meant to do some magic reference. kinda like those bonus cheque. But fuck randy pitchford. & he’s god damn magic. Doing magic tricks on stage while large percentages of people can’t buy the fucking product. Is it’s not his job to make sure the product fucking sells. 40% lost xbox lost sale. over 50% PC lost sales. What the fuck is this randy doing? That you the Developer creating Borderlands 3 is getting your product/your work under-sold? Fuck that guy.

idk? did you like that outtro?
idk randy & i don’t want to say, fuck randy, to him. But i think it fits. If a Borderlands 3 developer reads this. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind. I mean? no bonus. remember that Borderlands 2 bonus. The xbox one version of borderlands 3 sold 50% less.

Borderlands 4? I don’t think i got to play that one?

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