Post 72 – Sony’s PS5 Controller Revealed. It’s Good.

Sony PS5 Controller Reveal.

Haptic Feedback.
Built-in Microphone.
Adaptive Triggers.
Create Button.
3.5mm Headphone Jack.

“same footing as the Xbox Series X gamepad”

Microsoft’s Xbox Controller is something really special. Cool controllers that fits the hands well. A nice grip.

But Sony has always had the better d-pad, directional buttons.
Playing Football, Fighting, Platforming Games.

The Sony Playstation Controller has always been a weird grip. Light controllers to balance on the pinky fingers while all other fingers has access to buttons.

The New Sony PS5 Controller, will grip & play like the popular Xbox Controller. Instead of 2 fingers for the L1&L2 buttons, one finger lays over the two buttons, tip of finger for Haptic Feedback Adaptive Triggers & base of finger to bump the bumper button (L1&R1).

If Sony can make sure that PS5 schemes & drivers shows up for the PC. Xbox Controller is the standard controller scheme that shows up in games.
If Sony can get the PS5 fully integrated into the PC space?

Sony’s New PS5 Controller may be the Best Must-Have Controller?
erm? the ps5 controller looks like an xbox one controller with a screen on top of it. With Built-in Microphone, DualSense/Create Button, 3.5mm Headphone Jack.

The PS5 Controller may not have a touch screen just yet. But you can kinda tell where it’s going. The Futureā€¦

The PS5 Controller does have a touch-pad. Enough space to controller the UI?

The PS5 Console is already something special & something new.
The PS5 Console is the better console over the Microsoft’s Xbox Series X.

Now Sony revealing something Special with the New Playstation 5 Controller.

Xbox One X Controller had it’s critics, ask Keemstar.
If Sony’s New PS5 controller has better triggers & d-pad?

Then Sony’s New Playstation 5 Controller is the better controller, over Micrsoft’s Xbox Series X’s Controller.

I like it.
I want one.
Hope it plays on PC.

why not. this post turned into a review.

Microsoft’s Series X Controller – 65%.
feels dated. Microsoft also launched a dated looking Xbox One.

Sony’s PS5 Controller – looks like a 90%.
i like it. From here on out, the right thumbstick will be redesigned. With a built-in touch screen.
Wouldn’t be surprised to see the touch-pad move down to the right thumbstick position, before the brand new idea for precision aiming on a controller.

Sony now has the complete package.
The Better New Console.
The Better Controller.
More Exclusive Games.

Microsoft Xbox Series X? idk. Still waiting to see.

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