Post 75 – Good Friday, What’s So Good About It?

Good Friday 2020.

I kinda missed Good Friday this year. Other Corona virus things on my mind.

The Day i Die. Or as some would put it, the day i awake.

No1 really cares about the death. Easter Chocolate Bunnies, Hot Cross Buns, Pickled Fish.

What does The Death of Jesus represent?
When summer becomes autumn.
or as some will experience, winter becomes spring, life.

The story of jesus is an interesting one. The Message. fuck the journey.

The Message.
To be born on this planet, to live on this planet, to die on this planet. Human Rights.

For in order to be born/live/die on this planet, basic human rights.
-free food.
-free housing.
-free education.
-free healthcare/medicine.
-free higher education.

Often find that when basic human rights are met on this planet, people are happy to live their lives on this planet.

Jesus was killed for this Message.

How to explain what a Jesus is?
There are many jesus people born in this world. With the key/direction to implement The Message onto the planet.

Having the key/knowledge is one thing. But getting a start…

the universe will kill before letting a jesus succeed at anything, before being called upon by the planet.

Seeking Jesus in 2020?
erm? As I see it. Jesus can be found in South Africa, dirt poor, living up/in a tree, sleeping.

It’s Good Friday, doom & gloom. World Political Climate. There are events happening in the world. The future is not looking bright. Wake Jesus the Fuck up. Divert around the mess.

I recently followed Bernie Sanders journey using parts of The Message. Bernie Sanders tried. It didn’t work.

I doubt that Jesus will be woken. The people of this planet is not ready for Jesus.
I means, people think jesus is some type of superhero? lol.
jesus is a dirt poor bum living in the mud. He needs your support or else it doesn’t work. If jesus does one thing, he is killed. Without your support. Jesus dies.

Good Friday.
What’s so good about it?

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