Post 76 – Animal Crossing: New Horizons Review

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

erm? it’s animal crossing. nothing more.

How long has it been? Almost 20 years.
The Animal Crossing formula has been around for a long time.

I’ve never played any Animal Crossing game, including this review. But i get it.

Shake a tree, bang a rock. sell the weed, build a house.
Does money grow on trees? Animal Crossing, yes.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is already selling well. & already being praised. But we will see how the review goes.

lets see. Pick up the weeds. Shake and hit the trees. Whack some stones. Fish. Catch bugs. Dig holes. Plant trees. Sell & build. Then the magic… re-arrange everything.

I’m the type of person who will do that everyday. For 20 years. But i’ve never had any of Nintendo’s consoles/handhelds, never ever played any of Nintendo’s games. Idk, kinda like the universe kept them away from me. Because i’m the type of person who will do that shit everyday.

Nintendo Switch. The Best Gaming Console.
Nintendo Switch is such a good product. erm? how best to explain the nintendo switch?

ok, i did say that this post i would write about… Why Microsoft’s Xbox One failed? Witch makes the switch really special.

ok. Microsoft released the Xbox One, needing an internet connection out of the box, to download a patch, to get the system working, in order to play the video games.

In 2013 when Microsoft released the Xbox One, world average internet connectivity, 40%.

That means that 60% of people who wanted to buy the Xbox One, couldn’t use the thing, it’s called lost sales.

Microsoft said lost sales is because of the pirates but when 60% can’t buy the fucking thing? We know the real reasons why Microsoft’s Xbox One console failed.

xbox 360/ps3 – around 85 million units sold each.

Xbox One – 2020, maybe 50 million units sold. 45 million units less than xbox 360. fail.

PS4 with no lost sales. plays video games out of the box with no need of internet connections. over 100 million units sold.
45 million units more than the ps3 sales.

Nintendo Switch – No lost sales. 2020, selling faster than ps4 every month.

Nintendo Switch sales are just over 50 million units. 5 million units more than Xbox One.

Xbox One can’t sell beyond that point, the 50 million mark. 2020 world average internet connectivity, 58%. More mobile internet access, too expensive for large Xbox One downloads & multiplayer use.

Where Nintendo Switch will keep on selling pass the 100 million unit mark.

Nintendo Switch is special because PS4 & nintendo switch are the only gaming consoles that can reach more people. & Witcher 3 Game of the Year Edition PC retail product. ask anybody about the witcher.

Yet i’ve never had any of Sony’s & Nintendo’s console. Never played any of these games. But i did get that witcher 3 PC goty product.

Erm? Gameplay…
the idea behind animal crossing. building up your house. get rare animals & bugs for the museum. Then showing it all off to your friends, while they clap their fucking hands and say how they don’t have the shit that you have on their island.

Gameplay – 60%.
but for people like me who likes these types of games. 70%.

Graphics: 70%.
If you are going to play Animal Crossing. Best to play it on the Nintendo Switch. Graphics are decent. The colour pops. It’s cute. With the Nintendo Switch hardware, no jaggy edges. There are some filters but the standard colour scheme is nice.

I like it. It’s clear.

Sound: – 50%.
They mumbled the rap. Then they mumbled the pop. Now the video games are mumbled.
All the sounds are cute.
You will be doing most of the talking. do you sound good? 50/50?

Customiablity: – 70%.
A big part of Animal Crossing New Horizons is customizable. Crafting. So far not impressed with what’s on offer. I’m just worried that the good diy items will be kept behind a pay-wall.

I mean, customizable is a big part of the game. If the good/cool items are kept behind a pay-wall, it could break the game for many.

For now, i’ll put it down to early gameplay.

Video Game Reviews also needs a “lost sales” category. I will include it in my reviews.

Lost Sales: – 100% for not having lost sales.
to explain this lost sales section.
eg. PC games (2020) – 42% lost sales.
Xbox One Games (2020) – 42% lost sales.
doesn’t mean all 58% will be buying?

With Animal Crossing New Horizons, 100% of people has access to buy & use the Nintendo Switch & Animal Crossing New Horizons product.

I’m I missing something?
Let me know in the comments.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Decent game that sees you repeating actions, from collecting things, to crafting items, that you’ll want to show off to friends & family, who are also playing Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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