Post 77 – Did Jesus Get The CoronaVirus?

Sunday Sermon – Did ya’ll Give Jesus The Coronavirus?

If you ask Jesus about the Coronavirus? Oh, is that what it was.

When the pope closed his door & told the people to go home. I was like, wouldn’t Jesus stand with the people? I knew Jesus was not in italy/rome.

Jesus can be found in South Africa.
RSA was quick to shut down the nation & stop international transport. Tourists took the CoronaVirus to South Africa. RSA shut down.

There is a big chinese community in South Africa. Going far back into apartheid.
When corona virus news broke-out. The chinese communities didn’t fuck around, masks/gloves & close up the stores.

The black communities in South Africa, has also been taking the coronavirus seriously.

The Coronavirus is spreading in “white” areas in South Africa. All due to the tourists coming back from Italy/europe.

The next wave of the Coronavirus will come from the docks. Dock workers. International shipping can take months on end. Now with ports closing, redirecting ships to open ports.

You could stop the Corona Virus and within a few months, another wave of the virus taking off.

Will Jesus get the Corona Virus? idk? maybe?
if you ask jesus? he already got it, back in 2019? erm?

I would say that jesus would be connected to all the ills of the people. If a bad flu goes around, jesus would be one of the first to know. (the next part i’ve tried to speak before & almost killed).

Why South Africa?
if you fuck up the planet? you restart in RSA. a new system, built up Africa, reaching into the world.

You will find jesus on two places on the planet, except when he is sleeping around the world.

South Africa & North Africa.

Now when i say jesus, people often think of the north african.
I’ve asked before, no answer, what is the jesus from south africa called? it can’t be satan/the devil? can it?

the south african jesus?
a new idea. a new way of life. human rights, to be born/live/die on this planet. basic human rights, free food, free housing, free education, free healthcare/medicine, free higher education.

A new way of life built & lived up africa.

2020 – Africa has setup deals to build nuclear power stations throughout africa. South Africa included.
Africa is set to grow.

The North African Jesus? the Famous One.
the one who checks if the new system/way of life is ready for the planet to adapt.

South Africa joining BRICS is an interesting one. It makes me think of a cartoon from the 90s. Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, & Heart. RSA is the heart?

When i look at BRICS. & what is possible. I see Planet Defence. Don’t fuck with BRICS.

Donald Trump wanted a trade war, usa still progressing their war plans on iran.
Now all the trading in the world has come to a stand still.
BRICS nations are fine.

The USA path to Iran.
Iran, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, UK, USA. Most effected.

Ex-President of South Africa was in Cuba for medical reasons, late 2019/early 2020. Order of arrest was issued, just to find Jacob Zuma in Cuba.

Then there was a tax on cigars & when the coronavirus hit, Cuba said they will help South Africa, if need be.

Cuba & South Africa has a special relationship. Goes back. A bond not easy broken.

Cuba, for a long time, has had world medical programs.
A smart child living out in nowhere, goes to Cuba & comes back as a Doctor.

Cuba has some great medical advances. i mean, they curing cancer there? lung cancer? gone forever? but you got to keep on using the treatments?

All roads lead back to South Africa.
there is a culture living in south africa. That almost all human DNA traces back too. The Khoi & the San.

It goes farther back but this is a culture that you can still see, touch, feel.

The Khoi & the San are two different groups of people. Two Tribes. But they work as one. The Khoi & the San would travel up & down Africa. It’s so far back, i can’t remember the reasons.

The Khoi?
the Cow. the farm. cows, chickens.

The San?
the sand. hunter/tracker/gatherer.

the khoi and the san would move together. Stop for a season, setup shop, is the expression. then the san moves out into the surrounding area.

2020 – the Khoi/San people are dying out. & the language is dying out.

Khoi/San languages. A clicking language that could adapt to the whole of africa.

It’s really important for this culture & language to not die out.

South Africa is the heart of the planet. You can’t let the heart die.
2020-2030, South Africa is seeking the worlds support.

if jesus is writing this? asking for help? Would You Help?

what is a sunday sermon without the donation tray.

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Haven’t done a Sunday Sermon in a long time.
If you like it. Let me know.

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