Post 78 – Animal Crossing & Cyberpunk 2077, Doomed, Eternal Developers React To 27 Minute SpeedRun

“Doom Eternal Developers React to 27 Minute Speedrun”

Player (Xamide/twitch) telling the devs that to just watch…

Game Developers want people to play their games the way they intend. But speed running? Seeing how/where the limits are inside the game’s code.

There are always pockets/points in video games where you can have fun. An example, GTA 4, there was a random pole inside the city, that if you drove into, the car sling into the sky.

The Doom Developers don’t seem to understand speed running?

Xamide has to explain it…

Doom Developers now blaming their code and pointing the finger. lol. They get it. Speed Running is about having fun by seeing what you can do within the code of video games.

Speed Running is just with a goal, start/finish.

Another example. Call of Duty video games, I would say it’s code that most people can used to. So many people know the code.

Playing a video game until know what to do & what not to do, within the game, to win/lose.

Part of Speed Running is also showing off playing styles. Memory of spawn points. Xamide playing a level that people like paying through & then jumping out of that level design into another. lol.

A video game like Doom, where you just want to jump around & shoot at shit? In Doom, you can learn off the edge of objects and bounce around the level. You can even jump the fuck out of the level. Making Doom a fun video game to play.

Developers asking how long someone has to play to know everything?
erm? People look at the code.

Animal Crossing? People playing the game and trying to find the odds for a money tree. VS people looking at the code & telling you what the odds are.

By the end the Doom Developers were enjoying the platforming of speed running.

How best to describe speed running?
In GTA when you drive really fast and then suddenly hit a wall with the textures loading in.

I like the GTA 5 Speed Runs. But that takes hours. Doom Eternal Speed Run took 27 minutes.

Doom Eternal is fun though.
I’ve still yet to play any of the new Doom games. There is no Doom PC products at retail.

The last Doom i played, Doom 4. I liked Rage, the engine was doing something weird. People are loving the new Doom games.

How is Doom a first person shooter game, designed to be played with a keyboard & mouse, PC product can’t be found in retail.

2nd. the PC products come with (Internet Requirements) before you can even install/play the product.
50% of the planet can’t do that. Can’t buy/use that product.
Hence why you don’t find the Doom Eternal PC products in retail anymore because people can’t buy/use the fucking thing.

Witcher 3 GOTY PC retail product, no internet requirements & drm-free, install & play. No 50% lost sales.
12.4 million units sold.

PS4 – 10.8 million units sold.

Xbox One (internet requirements) – 4.3 million units.

10.8 – 4.3 = 6.5 million xbox one lost sales. At 60% lost sales.

Doom Eternal (internet requirements) can’t sell pass that 4.3m number, no matter how many people want to buy, they can’t.

If Doom Eternal Developers don’t sell to me? I don’t buy.
Hence why Doom 4 was the last Doom i played.

Waiting for Cyberpunk 2077 PC (internet requirements), don’t get me started. At least it’s in retail & they installed fast internet. But it’s not like that everywhere in the city. As i said, average is 42% of a town/city not having any access to internet at all.

For an example. Cyberpunk 2077 PC download code, retail product (internet requirements) of say 100GB of data, this is an example. Take the whole UK, say 2.5 million houses has access to fibre internet, out of 66,6 million.

8% of the UK has access to buy Cyberpunk 2077 PC retail product of a 100GB download code. Will 8% be buying? no.

dsl/wireless internet users will be buying Cyberpunk 2077 PC download code. CD Project RED, these people will have to take weeks on end, in order to download Cyberpunk 2077. Except the mobile users, 5g downloads are quick, but you end up spending more money on 100GB of data, costs 2x/3x more than the Cyberpunk 2077 PC download code.

Witcher 3 PC GOTY, install/disc & play. Sold 12.8 million units. To Cyberpunk 2077 PC (Internet Requirement) 4.3 million units?

I said don’t get me started with Cyberpunk 2077. This is a Doom Eternal Speed Run Review.

Sorry for the title.

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