Post 80 – KSI vs DAX. Best Rapper Alive? KSI Reacts To Disstracks…


lol. Let me start off this post with…

Deji’s (comedy shorts gamer) Unforgivable song, is a good song.

On twitter people overlooked the fact that deji’s song was actually really good, and focused in on the ethical point of brother vs brother. blood vs blood.

I’m like, it’s a good song, i don’t care about their fucking drama.

And on that note. Dax can fucking rap. IDK what it’s about Dax’s rap flow, but i like it. And the reason why i like dax’s flow, look at Dax’s Dear God song.

Dax has hussled this rap flow to a wide audience, hence KSi vs DAX.

The thing is, KSI wants to be a real rapper. But Dax is a better rapper. Hence why KSI can’t stand the bitch.

Dax’s Dear God song. Holy shit. Such a good song. This is why people like DAX. Not the ksi drama.

It’s just that the KSI drama gets the DAX name out there.

I don’t want to diss KSI because it’s not a diss.
erm? what’s it called, wanna be rapper?
KSI is a try hard rapper. He has been getting better over the years. It’s just that some people are born with a natural rap flow.
KSI is producing decent/good songs now. His fans are loving it.

KSI’s point of having more views/listeners equals better.
erm? Bone Thugs n Harmony are the best rappers and rap group, on the planet, including the dead ones.

The Notorious B.I.G. got into a studio with bone thugs n harmony and realized he is not ready. Took the track back home and worked on it. Changed his whole flow to make it better.

Tupac got into a studio with bizzy bone. Tupac did tupac. bizzy did bizzy. You would be surprised the people who knows this song. lol.

The bone thugs n harmony (all 5 of them) on track with Wiz Khalifa – Reach For The Stars. Bone thugs are the best of the best, even after all these years.

bone thugs’s Fantasy song, fun.

Even the bone thugs single albums are so special.

Yet Bone Thugs n Harmony never got the recognition they deserve.

Out of that whole KSI/youtube group, Deji’s unforgivable song, is the best out of them all. lol.

Then Dax did the Dear God song. And God fucking listened.

KSI even tried to get Deji to remove the Unforgivable song from his youtube channel. I mean, that’s unforgivable? 16 million views. It stays up.

KSI can’t have his brother have the better song? All that family drama? Deji did it better? lol?

Now KSI hates DAX.

KSI should react to DAX’s Dear God song? To get more people to check it out.
I mean, church people are reacting to it and saying, damn that’s deep.

Ksi is busy promoting his up coming album. Critics are saying, meh but the features are good.
Which lead to KSI promoting a #Poppin challenge where people to rap over one of his tracks. To WIn a feature spot on one of his tracks.

How do i say this?
KSI will trend. And from that trend it breaks into different ways. One of those ways, leads to DAX. Dax releases a good fucking song months ago. but people are only finding out now because KSI is highlighting DAX again.

I’m like, highlight DAX when he is poppin? 6 months ago?

Dax took part in KSI’s #poppin challenge. But he didn’t take it seriously. He wasn’t out to win it. Dax has the better flow but Dax wanted the trend highlight which KSI gave him.

If KSI creates a song with DAX? I’m pretty sure it’s going to turn out really good. God is also listening?

IDK but people like Harry from the KSI’s Sidemen.

Deji has the best song. 16m views.
Harry’s KSI Sucks song takes 2nd place. 56m views? damn.
DAX Dear God song, 3rd place. 18m views.

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