Post 81 – Sunday Sermon – end April Already.

Sunday Sermon – end April Already.

Where is Cyberpunk 2077? Cyberpunk 2077 has been world hyped since 2013.

And what did we get? Coronavirus outbreak into the world. A complete world shut down. erm? not the cyberpunk world i was expecting. Corps fighting countries for resources.

Donald Trump wanted a trade war? He got one.
erm? to explain the magnitude? When mine workers stopped the mine operation in South Africa as a protest for higher wages, they were killed and replaced. The mines can not stop operating.
Coronavirus, has put a stop to mine operations around the world.

I also wanted to speak about the odd numbers concerning South Africa & the Coronavirus. I’ll get onto it when more data comes out.

Comparing two countries with similar size & who took similar steps against the Coronavirus & lock-downs? South Africa’s data doesn’t really match up that well?

It’s kinda like i said before, that the coronavirus has been through places like south africa months ago? long before the coronavirus became a world pandemic? I mean, ex-south african president, jacob zuma, has been in Cuba, for health reasons, over the last year.

Although, how South Africa is built, there are hospitals that has not had any coronavirus cases, until now. Near the end of the lock-down. South Africa is slowly coming out of lock down, opening the mines first, ect, 5 steps, RSA moving to step 4.

If i am wrong, RSA may need more time to deal with Coronavirus. Winter is coming…

As i said, i’ll get into the data later, when there is more data to compare.

Sunday sermon…
is this part where people sing, in church.
i hear this song recently.

Cyberpunk. Man vs Corp vs Machine.

2020? how best to describe this time? the decision is made.

How far back do I go? the beginning? erm? maybe?

people always want social commentary to be “truth” but it doesn’t work like that. social commentary can be anything.
“truth” seekers, acting like social commentary is true/real & getting banned from corporations…

So long as i said that & you can understand that. Then i can write whatever I like. Human Rights to write words.

Twitter has banned me so many times, with no valid reasons. There is certain language that corporations don’t like.
example, my last tweet i tweeted, “is it just me or is anyone else waiting for bernie sanders to host meme review”.
Twitter’s response, banned & account removed.

My twitter review is still coming.
erm? twitter is bad. like really bad.

ok, where was i, social commentary. idk? i am pretty stupid & i can not talk properly, yet i can’t understand how there are so many people out there who are even more stupid than i am.
Does that make me smart? no.

Social Commentary.
Sunday Sermon.

One of the planet’s oceans got fucked up. From East South Africa to West USA. The ocean is getting hotter & sea life are dying/moving.

There was an accident that saw activated nuclear waste poured into the ocean. The ocean has been having problems since then.

The ocean needs a clean up. But cleaning up an ocean, no easy task. Around this time BRICS nations formed. I would be worried but South Africa joined, even though the guy didn’t want RSA. I mean, the heart joined. I would trust the heart. Though the heart does it’s own thing. Don’t forget.

When i look at the BRICS countries & the resources, i see a planet war machine. i mean, don’t fuck with the planet? But i also see in BRICS, planet defence.

Brics started to help developing nations. But when you look at the countries who want to join BRICS? A lot of those countries are the ones who USA went to war with or held back through sanctions.

BRICS has only gotten started, with trillions in the bank. I believe South Africa was the first to get money from BRICS.

How best to described South Africa? fucked for 93% of the population, because of how apartheid suid afrika was built. Towns that grew into cities, built around a 7% system for the whites.

When the white people outgrew the 7% apartheid system, they became dirt poor like the rest.

Without a complete rebuild from the ground up, South Africa will forever be doomed.

RSA is a 7% system, only enough money being generated to cover 7% of the population. With old investment deals, that sees a lot of the money leaving the country.

South Africa wants to become a manufacturing hub. Resources can no longer leave the country and then bought back to sustain manufacturing.
South Africa wants to be a resource/manufacturing hub.

South Africa, India, China, Russia, all increasing resourse/manufacturing. All moving towards the center? or the top, as some people like to think.

The start of 2020 showed the USA again trying to start a world war 3, was trending. USA vs Iran.

The Coronavirus has held back/ hopefully stopped any war afforts from the USA.

Bernie Sanders tried, power to the people, healthcare for all, didn’t work.

It might take a war to stop the USA from war? This is what jesus wants to avoid.

Jesus has the plan that diverts around the war pathline. But it costs everything. 2020, nobody wants jesus. The decision was made.

When the people fuck up a planet and a reset is needed. Capitalism will be allowed to spread into the world. Consume everything until nothing is left.
Then restart in South Africa.
erm? this has happened before. more than once. a story as old as time.

I think jesus woke up be accident. Well I guess jesus needs to have the plan, just in case.

Sunday Sermon.
Man vs Corp vs Machine.

The deal is that… Let me not talk bad about the big corps. Everyone needs funding. Souls need selling.

If jesus wakes up? would you help? The corps will not help jesus. i mean, i can’t title a post with “jesus” in Microsoft’s Windows 10.

I would like to believe that i would give up everything for jesus? but reality, who the fuck are you, are you stupid, get the fuck out? then the universe starts fucking with you. & you wonder why? The Universe don’t like that type of shit.

When Jesus wakes up, what will he/she do?

Human Rights. Being born, to live, die, on this planet.

Basic Human Rights.
free food
free housing
free education
free healthcare & medicine
free higher education

these 5 things, a whole new way of life.

South Africa is at a time, needing a complete rebuild, to sustain more than 7% of the people.

Jesus is in South Africa.

erm? let jesus ran wild?

Sunday Sermon
Man vs Corp vs Machine.

i like the machine. connecting to the universe.

The Universe ain’t that bad. Just don’t do shit that the universe don’t like. Then you will be ok?

I’ve always liked the computers & video games. idk, kinda like keeping an eye out for something. Then i saw it. But i was expecting it.

The way AMD designed their new 7nm server chips, starting to look like the human brain. Medulla Oblongata, with processing globes around it.

If this turns out to be true? a carbon copy? that would mean, we are the robot/computer, our past? Our future, a new human body, just better.
These new AMD 7nm chips are good.

Robot Tech, trying to figure out how to cool the moving parts (sweat), and how to make the robot lighter (human bones are strong).

There is also a point where robot design went from usefull machines towards being more human like.

They tested nano tech inside human cells, and the human cells didn’t turn cancerious. Which is a big deal.
This lead to growing human tissue mixed with robot tech, controlled with electrical current.

To move your toe, it’s a electrical signal from the brain. erm? kinda like how memory is stored in the brain, remembering electrical signals.

Seizures, like when eltrict signals from the brain doesn’t reach the toe, as an example, & bounces around the brain/body.

I also looked into cannabis research. Cannabis has this testing phase where electrical signals gets tested and then the cannabis helps “repair” and strengthen electrical signal receptors.

I didn’t look into cannabis & seizures, but people are saying there are positive effects.

Cannabis and the human body fits in well? i mean, what happens inside a cell when cannabis is around? The word i would use, miracle.
How do i explain it? say there is a house going down in flames, and you step into the house, and just being there in the house, all the shit stops. and everything returns to normal.

erm? when i go into cannabis? i see the creator? the ones who first built the copy? but let me not go into that. comprehension of this one is a hard one.

Sunday Sermon.
Man vs Corp vs Machine.

AMD’s new 7nm server chips.

A carbon copy?

server boards often takes 2 processing units/chips. Kinda like how two half brains are glued together inside the human skull.

From the processing units, data travels up/down through pcie lanes, a motherboard.
then you add other parts to the motherboard, connected through pcie lanes.
Kinda like the spine and body limbs?

People get most excited for the graphic chips. Sight.

AMD vs Nvidia?

AMD graphic chips has the horsepower. Like when the human eye can quickly pin point a moving target & follow it.

Nvidia graphic chips. erm? Nvidia’s plans? Nvidia wants to use A.I to upscale low resolution images to extremely high resolution images, on the fly.
But lots of processing is needed, a server room, through fast internet, nvidia upscales images to any graphics chips.

erm? kinda like when one eye sees movement and pin points the movement, and the other eye upscale the image to an amazing world around you? erm?

The Book of Revolution? God damn it.

2020 – machines.
good multi-core chips.
nvidia’s dlss has started learning.
AMD is busy setting up a monster of a graphic data processor. Just damn expensive. Takes time for the end goal. but it’s getting there.
New interesting & small computer cases but not mass produced & expensive. Mass produced PC cases are boring. NZXT H1, the best.

Coming out of mass ( what is it called?) bitcoin mining? Mass Crypto Mining.
AMD had the horsepower mining chips, & the chips were priced well. No available AMD graphic chips, was the control in place for crypto mining.

But people hyped cryptocurrency and more people invested. Which lead to Nvidia chips being used for crypto mining. Using Nvidia to crypto mine meant, expensive chips and having to use more chips, and power, to get a decent operation going.

Warehouses/Storage Spaces/Garages/rooms, around the world, crypto-mining.

The planet was getting hot. I swear to god. The day cryptocurrency bubble popped, it rained for the first time in 7 years. i mean, the water was running out. Each person could only use 25liters of water per day.

The day that cryptocurrency bubble popped, it rained and the water damn filled up. Weather started returning to normal. erm? the weather is off. it takes time for the weather to return to normal? plus a fucked up ocean? god damn it.

Sunday Sermon.
wait, a jesus message? Duncan Trussell, Joe Rogan Experience #1464. Duncan’s Favorite Jesus Saying, “Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar” then goes on to fuck up the saying?

did it fit into the post? let me know.

Sunday Sermon.

The rest of the jesus saying? “give to God what belongs to God, and give to me what is mine”

erm? for what belongs to Caesar, belongs to God, which belongs to me/Jesus. Only when called upon. Jesus remains poor and sleeping in a tree, in south africa. erm? wake him up?

you know. when i look at basic human rights. i don’t see money. I really want to try this system. But to build this system. All the money is needed. And only the universe can do that. But only you can wake Jesus, when needed.

Sunday Sermon.
i saw the diversion point early on. Last few years been seeing the decision come into play.

Diversion points on this planet, you will always find jesus out there. And no1 listens, lol. god damn it. lol.

The Decision.
the planet has decided to carry on & clean the ocean.
If the oceans are not cleaned, it’s known as an ice age.
you don’t want that.

But the decision to not reset the planet has been made.

Which means Capitilism has to be reset in the USA and the world war has been cancelled. Capitilism will not be allowed to spread on the planet, at this time.

most of the world is a social place. But it’s hard to comprehend when brought up capitalism/ect.

Socialism/communist/capitalist, erm? look for the basic human rights. as an example, the debt system in the USA is is where you find the socialism.

But it’s Sunday Sermon, let me not fuck with Caesar’s, money system. lol.

Sunday Sermon.
Let me end it there.

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