Post 82 – KSI vs Deji Part 2. State Of Emergency.

NO WAY!? “Coronavirus” (State Of Emergency) [Official Video] – Deji vs KSI.
DAX, “it’s dax”. with a coronavirus song.

Deji (comedy shorts gamers) using his main channel to react to ksi reacting to deji’s song Unforgivable. Deji’s 10 million subs channel, wait, 9.99M, god damn it…

As i posted before, out of that whole KSI group, Deji’s song Unforgivable, is the best out of them all.

a question?
Deji’s Unforgivable song is not just about Deji. “Reacting to Deji x Jallow x Dax x Crypt”.

I just looked at Dax’s Dear God song, now i see that Dax has a new song, keeping with the times, that Book Of Revelations song by DAX it was just ok, Dax with a Corronavirus song.

if you got god’s attention, what would you rap about?
dax, “… this virus 5g and has global connectivity…”

i love me some social commentary. the line did make me laugh. lol. i guess god is ok with it.

3g was big concern. Now they burning down 5g towers, as a protest.

The idea is, that 5G internet is so fast, that a few deaths are ok.

Now, i don’t want anybody to die, but 5G is fucking fast internet.

With 5G internet, being about to download, 100/200 GB of data within seconds/minutes?

The planet is about 50% connected to the internet. You are already seeing companies move over to grow from 50%.

As an example, when Valve Steam (Internet Requirements) retail PC video games products, 90% didn’t have internet. Today it’s at 58%.

58% of the planet is connected to the internet. So only 58% of the planet can view youtube/ksivsdeji. That’s a lot of people but it’s often broken down to town/city levels, where the rich neighborhoods gets to view youtube and buy/play video games/twitch.

It costs so much money to lay fibre internet. It takes years for projects/neighborhoods to get fibre to reach.

That’s where 5G comes into play. Reaching out with fibre internet speeds.

The population of the UK? only 2.5 million homes are connected to fibre internet.

Cyberpunk 2077 PC retail product is a Download Code (Internet Requirement). 42% of the planet/town/city, can’t buy/use this product.

42% of the planet/town/city is a lot of people.

Last i checked, it was around 38% where mobile users. 7% for fibre internet. The rest going towards dsl.

Cyberpunk 2077 100GB download, dsl internet plans, weeks/month of download time needed?

fibre internet with 10 minutes for the basic plan/speed. best sitting at 1 minute/less. but 7%.

Mobile Internet 38% 5G, it’s fast. But it’s expensive. 100GB of data will cost more than it costs for the price of Cyberpunk 2077 download code. Some countries, 3x the price of the game/data.

When moving a lot of data around, the connection points needs to be shorter. Which means more 5G towers will be needed.

The concerns about cell-towers has always been cancer. But with cancer it’s so many things and 5g does play a role, even if they say little/no link.

I have been through the cannabis research papers. Very interesting. IDK, i think it’s what you call a miracle.

Cannabis + Cancer = cancer growth rate slows down, cancer turmour stops growing, cancer tumor reduces in size, cancer cells return to normal.

i’m just saying, the world is busy legalizing cannabis. Cannabis is now being traded between countries.

If you are getting 5G? make sure you have legal cannabis with you at all times.

As i said, i like social commentary. The thing about social commentary is that it doesn’t have to be real/not. It can be whatever. Now imagine that whatever? that is social commentary.

I don’t like how News Media groups are reporting from social media sites. This is the very reason why news media can not be trusted. How the fuck is social commentary, News? a call out question mark pointing back to the 1st…

Where was i, Dax telling telling people to stay home, coronavirus & social commentary. Over 1 million views. People at home listening. Dax using his platform well.

Part 2 – KSI vs Deji.
it’s dax. lol.

Lets see. The best Eminem song, a feature on a missy/timba track.

i’m not saying dax is no eminem and that feature on deji’s track was the best thing he ever done, but it was good.

I view the KSI vs Deji as entertainment but if that shit is real? i think it’s all about Deji’s Unforgivable song (comedy shorts gamer)

I covered it in the last post, hence Part 2. Go read that.

The theme was diss tracks and Deji goes and creates good fucking song. Out shining that whole KSI group.

KSI got mad, oh so, mad. Santa was like, n-word not that house. KSI took his fans away from Deji. 10 Million subs, no more.

Deji down to 8 million subs, surrendered. Unforgivable to remove a good song over christmas from youtube. I mean, god was like, wtf? Deji removed the song from his channel.

As Christmas Time aprroached, IDK people like to think of god during xmas time, Deji thought, NO WAY!?, the song is good and it’s not just about me, RE-upload the song.

KSI got mad again… God was like, both returned to their corners.

Now we have reactions from KSI to Deji’s Unforgivable song, gave it it’s dues.
Now with Deji, reacting to ksi reacting, to Deji’s Unforgivabale song, and it’s DAX.

I don’t view Deji’s Unforgivable song as a diss track, i’m like, it’s just a good song.

“I’ve shelled out shows” – KSI.
the thing about KSI his name brings in the numbers. Not on this post, but you know what i mean…

Deji’s Unforgivable song is a good song, not because it’s about ksi.

Ksi’s boxing events showed how he can fill stadiums with his fans. But that’s got nothing to do with why the Unforgivable song is good.

This imagine says is all… lol.

KSI vs Deji (Comdedy Shorts Gamer)
it’s DAX.

KSI’s name gets views and DAX reach a big broad audience through KSI & Deji.
DAX’s Dear God song has over 18 million views. His latest “Coronavirus” (State Of Emergency) [Official Video], over 1 million views.

KSI & Deji should react to DAX’s Dear God song to give their audiences a nod towards a good song by DAX. By now the audience deserves it. As i said, god be listening. You don’t call god and be like, erm? lol.

If you asked GOD? He be like, waiting for the KSI feature DAX song. It should be good. I hear KSi features are good. lol?

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