Post 83 – Shane Dawson Got Corona Virus / Covid-19?

Did Shane Dawson get the CoronaVirus?

“ok… not to spiral too much into a conspiracy hole but my antibody test came back positive and the lab said i had corona at some point. The worst flu I’ve ever had was back in December… but I’ve been sick multiple times since. So I’m not sure which flu was Miss Rona.(1/2)
12:14am 03 May 20″

“(2/2) hane any of you tested positive for antibodies and if so, when was the last time you were sick? I’m just so curious when corona actually started spreading. Also Ryland tested negative so I wonder if he was immune to me? Just spiraling on a Saterday (erm) upsidedown smilly face? upsidedown smilly face? cloudy brain? emojis
12:16am 03 May 20″

Tweets were deleted…

I posted about Shane Dawson and one of his conspiracy videos. The one question that kept coming up? “where is the conspiracy?”

Now looking at these Shane Dawson conspiracy tweets…

lets see.
December should be the dead of winter. If you get the flu during winter/summer, it’s going to be worse (death) compaired to spring/autumn flu.

Coronavirus virus is a cough that turns into, help i can not breath.

comparing coronavirus to that of a summer/winter flu, where your snot is about to kill you? Again, where is the conspiracy?

Shane Dawson goes on to say that he has been sick multiply times since then.

2019 Shane Dawson was launching make-up product and traveling across crountry. Often people don’t get sick right away. Often change in weather is what sets things off…

We all know how easy it is to get sick from another person. “cover your fucking mouth, god damn it.” You know when a new new stronger flu is in the air…

Let me put it this way. They don’t test the hospital staff untill they show signs of illness, to go and rest at home.

With corona virus, it’s not about not getting the coronavirus…
If you get the coronavirus and you are healthly & can breath well, you will be fine.

The thing about the CoronaVirus is about there being a bed in the hospital when you can no longer breath properly after coughing.

Don’t be scared about getting the coronavirus. Just be mindful around others, you don’t know. How can you tell who is going to have breathing problems. old person (with good lungs) vs young person (with bad lungs)?

You can’t tell who will have lung issues. So you use a face-mask to “cover your fucking mouth, god damn it.” Often the cough happens before the hand/elbo reaches the mouth.

2020 – conspiracy theory?
if the planet had one medical option? Then a Virus like Coronavirus couldn’t stop/lock any country.

There is speak of this one world health care plan…
i think it’s the right idea.

bernie sanders tried, songs of freedom, but cuba was in south africa screaming freedom, on freedom day. Healthcare to the People?

Now USA sits with a lot of deaths because of their healthcare system.

USA healthcare system is a weird fucking thing.
erm? take a hospital and divide it up into different private medical schemes. The fuck is that? That shit ain’t ever going to work?
erm? they robbing the usa healthcare system? that’s what they doing?

USA – 70 000 deaths.
india – 1400 deaths.
South Africa – 130 deaths.
Brazil – 7100 deaths.
China – 4700 deaths.
Russia – 1300 deaths.

BRICS vs USA. Healthcare systems. I’m not sure if brics is pushing one world healthcare or they just adopting it?

I do believe the world was telling the USA to vote Bernie Sanders. Then you voted wrong. Now you can see the stark contrast.

Bernie Sanders was going to reclaim all the hospitals in the usa. Break that divide and unite all the hospitals.

South Africa is a 3rd world country. Does lots of trading with china. Closed the border to flight & ship. But Madagascar still open, now with the cure, enough for africa? lol.

It was easy for private hospitals in South Africa to connect & adopt to the national healthcare system. A funneling approach.

A small sized private hospital will have about 100-300 emergency beds. The bigger hospitals will have around 1000 emergency beds.

A big ass hospital with only a 1000 beds. There are other beds but those beds are not clean & sealed off.

city with a million people? only 3000-5000 emerangcy beds? more people coming in from outer regions?

Beginning to see the healthcare problem. Lock-down to turn your bed into an emergency bed, clean (we hope) and sealed off from the rest.

It’s why one person can rest and heal while the other often gets ill at a later stage.

One day you have a cough & the next day you can’t breath & there are no beds at the hospitals.
Just sit your ass in bed at 12am in the morning and tweet bullshit conspiracy theories, keeping those emergency hospital beds open. Everything else is bullshit. including this post. lol.

How did Shane Dawson Get The CoronaVirus?

erm? i believe they still delivered food/stuff to people’s homes during the USA lock-down.

Like, i know it’s a bad idea to be ordering food/stuff, to be delivered, to your house doing a lock-down to stop the spread rate of a virus, but I want to see if it’s ok or not.

If it’s not ok, then you get coronavirus like shane dawson did.

But if it’s ok? then you can keep on using the service?

I’m still debating this issue. Not quite sure.

the same way hospitals needs relief, same with shopping stores. Delieveries do help.

But if you look at South Africa & the amount of poor people. No deliveries for a month. Then only deliveries started.
Where the usa had deliveries of food/stuff all along.

we will see after a month what kind of difference food/cargo deliveries will have.

I do believe that within days, there was a shopping store that got coronavirus right after cargo was allowed to move. Down the road from an oil storage/refinery.

With Coronavirus spreading into the world. First it started off with students spreading the coronavirus around the world.
Then it was the tourists where were spreading the virus. Many countries around the world are still dealing with cases that stems from tourists.

Third, comes from the dock workers. Importing/exporting. How long are these ships out at sea? months at a time?

As cargo was allowed to move in South africa there was an outbreak near the ports.

One side of South Africa gets an outbreak near the shipping ports and the other side of south africa have the cure.
Which side of south africa do you think the outbreak happened and which side do you think the cure is on? interesting.

Wait. this is a review of a tweet post.

If shane dawson had trouble breathing in december, then he may have picked up the coronavirus then.

I have posted before that the coronavirus may have been moving around outside of china before january.

it was only detected in china? Then it became known as the chinese virus? and china was like, no that’s not what happened… send the cure to africa. lol.

So like china is being racist towards africans in china, while shipping africa the cure? China coming out and saying Africa is their brother? lol.


I don’t think I finished this post….

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