Post 84 – Sunday Sermon – The Beginning of the End?

Sunday Sermon

…and the beginning of the end starts…

May God have mercy?

Autumn/Spring, the time to stay home and don’t leave.

I don’t know, what it is about autumn/spring. But like people are known to just loose their minds… A lot of death happens in this time period.

It’s almost like something else is in control…

Does it surprise me that the planet is in a lock-down, starting in april, throughout may/june? No it doesn’t.

If you ask me, every autumn/spring, should be lived, how these lock-downs are happening. So many lives would be saved.

And that is what is happening in 2020. A Planet effort to save lives, on top of all the deaths that were already going to happen.

And then the Spring part. I mean… the panda’s are even fucking during the lock-down?

2020 is looking like one of those years. I mean, the 90s are known as the fun years? 20s? clean up the fucking mess. One of the oceans are clogged.

2020, less deaths/more births, a good year.

Will the coronavirus kill Jesus? lol. looks like the answer is, no?

Madagascar distributing coronavirus cures into africa? erm… “Lastest News”?

erm? madagascar? lol. erm… more like china shipping the cure to africa through madagascar.
i mean, even Cuba is in south africa.

They making sure that jesus doesn’t die from the coronavirus?
i mean, if jesus comes back, and is sleeping in south africa? and the world is going to shit, wouldn’t you try to make sure that jesus doesn’t die? cause i sure would…

The USA is now using anti-retroviral meds on the corona-virus. China’s ARVs meds were used up, then out of nowhere china’s cases stopped increasing.

Donald Trump/USA is saying that china is lying… erm, to the usa yes, but china is part of brics.

The ARV meds usa is using is not the cure and only delaying.

the cure, that nobody is talking about, is now in africa.
That means, the cure has been through india & russia. On it’s way to Brazil. By the end of May…

I’m also keeping an eye on how countries are reacting towards china during this autumn/spring… but too early to speak about it.

USA was busy with a war? that they want to get back to?
For usa to get to Iran?
Spain doesn’t want any part of it.
Greese doesn’t want any part of it.

seems germany wants no part, but wants money from china, to not take part?

Austrilia taking the uk’s side against china. erm… lol.

lets see. China can no longer be viewed as one country. A lot of people still view china as one.

But China is part of Brics now. And with South Africa sitting at the table as an equal. Says a lot.

erm? earth? fire? wind? water? And Heart? South Africa is the heart. Go Brics…? lol.

For those who don’t know South Africa…
erm, if the planet goes to shit… you go to South Africa.

one of the best human rights constitutions on the planet.
11 official languages. not including…
africa/china/india/europe/middle east, all there.
all the religions are there. Even if RSA banned the dalai lama 3 times. lol.

if the planet gets destroyed… we always start again, rebuild, in south africa.
in-other-words, the dawn of time, south africa. the beginning. the birthplace of humanity, is south africa.

plus 2020, jesus is sleeping in south africa.

you can no longer act like russia & china are these evil monsters, when south africa is part of the mess.

as i said, still looking at how countries are reacting towards china over the coronavirus. and how relations are changing.

South Africa has joined BRICS. But South Africa’s arms are still open. And you seeing how one by one, how they dropping south africa. Yet still, opens open.

South Africa, i did mention rebuild right, RSA is at that stage where they need a complete rebuild from the ground up.

Apartheid South Africa, Dutch vs UK vs Zulu Nation, was built up from the ground to sustain 7% of the population. Just enough for the white people. It’s in how every town/city is built.

That means there is no money in south africa. Before 1994, Apartheid South africa could believed the black population didn’t exist (93%).
But trying to help 100% with only 7% money system.

it’s why, 2020, 26 years later, still reaching out with power & water.

You come from South Africa. You will return to South Africa.
You have to help South Africa.

I would say south africa is a reflextion of the world. If south africa is shit, it means the world is going to shit because no1 is helping each other.

If South Africa is great, it means the world helping/caring/working together for each other.

BRICS has formed. Many countries are looking to join. USA/AUS/NZ these countries has to join brics… question is when/not if.

South Africa was the first country to receive money from the BRICS bank.
you always start at the heart.

I mean, if this is true, Madagascar with a cure…
that means the cure came from china, as over 200 Cuban doctors arrives in South Africa…

erm? conspiracy theory? cuba using africa to test a cure that was manufactured in china. Cuban designed cure.

I don’t like that. Cuba is a friend of South Africa. I don’t see Cuba wanting to experiment on Africans.

The Cuban Doctors arrived in South Africa on RSA’s Freedom Day. And the cuban translator had passion when saying, it’s south africa’s Freedon Day.

If Madagascar says it’s a cure & cuban doctors are administering the cure… Jesus be like, erm, ok.

If Bill Gates says, it’s the cure & shipping to Africa 1st… Jesus be like, nope.

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