Post 85 – A Broken Robot.

The more i look into the future of technology & robotics, i see a carbon copy, of the human body.

Not quite a copy, but a better version of the human body. Saying, “carbon copy”, more like a phrase.

This topic calls for music… Black Eyed Peas – The End.
If the machine could talk/create music, this is the closest you will get. Wait, when was the end? 2009. God Damn it.

“Imma Be”
the future is not for us to live? we are what we are?

if they create an upgraded human body and they ask you to upload your brain’s cache to a new body? idk, i don’t think it would be the same. better though, just not sure better is what you need. But the future will need it.

“Rock That Body”

if they are turning computer & robotic tech into a carbon copy of what i am? that means i am already what they want to turn me into.

then the question becomes, do you care what your computer case looks like? erm? it costs a lot of money to care?

“I gotta Feeling”
I’ve always said, decent cpu, decent motherboard, decent ram, and waste all your money on the graphics card.

But you still find people who always recommend the best of the best/expensive. Best CPU (hot as fuck), best motherboard (needs vram fans), best gpu’s are room heaters.

“The Energy Never Dies” part of black eyed peas album.
energy cannot be created or destroyed. when you build the best computer, using so much power, to play solitaire? It’s a waste of energy.

Computer Recommendation for 2020/2021.

CPU – Ryzen 8/16 cores running at 65w. And Noctua L9 cooler. “So special, so wonderful”

MotherBoard – Asus X570i itx.
2x raid nvme.
4x hdd ports.

Graphics Card – Nvidia RTX 2080.
erm, just gaming, AMD’s RX 5600XT itx.
Nvidia has the streaming codex, and now RTX Voice/sound cancellation. But AMD focused on the cpu side of things, now that the cpu side is working, their focus will be on their gpu’s. As they say, “Big Navi, is coming”.

“Ring a Ling”
i’m still with that question? does the computer case matter?
as you can see i left it out of the recommendation because it doesn’t matter.

if you want to do more things, you get the best cpu.
if you want the best gaming, you get the best gpu.

the rest just want to be able to do a few things and see well enough.

if i am to look at the human body as a robot/computer?

sight/eyes – would be your graphics card?

brain – CPU?

spine – PCIE lanes?

arms/legs/penis – attached to the PCIE lanes? How many pcie lanes do you have? Enough for a big penis? lol?

“Out of My Mind” lol?
One of the biggest things about computer & robotics, cooling. performance/heat/dissipation.

For the Best CPU – i’m using Noctua D15.
but a lot of people like using water-cooling to dissipate the heat.

if the brain relates to a CPU, that would mean the skull is the contact point, brain jelly is the cpu paste, skin/hair is the cpu cooler.
the heart is the water-cooling pump and the blood is the water.

Eye balls would be the graphic chips. All those blood vessels in the eyes. Blood/water-cooling? erm?
Each eye does it’s own thing? different purposes.

AMD graphic chips often horsepower, kinda like an eye pin point tracking an object moving.

Nvidia is working on up-scaling no/low resolution images to amazingly high resolution images through A.I.
Kinda like when one eye pin points a moving image, the other eye fills in all the detail, on the fly.

“One Tribe”
They say it’s the soul what makes a human body alive? but idk? where is the soul? what is the soul? does the soul even matter?

I still think the heart is not just a pump. I think Intel is in the heart. Intel’s popular/fast chips always comes with a gpu attached, that nobody uses but it’s always there?

If i was to design a human body upgrade, i would want a processing chip where the heart is? But that would attachment through PCIE and not direct. To only control the heart pumping and blood flowing.

Intel is busy working on complete systems, working off pcie boards. erm? Kinda like having a complete computer system in your hands and you can plug it in anywhere. The idea would be, plugging it into a TV and having a computer on-hand.

“Rocking To The Beat”
The soul is this other completely different system to the one that operates you from the brain. The soul can be found in the heart. The Soul controls your heart. It’s a system so powerful that it could run your whole body. But all it does is control your blood flow. Your temperature.

It’s why you put your clutched fist against your heart. For you and it, our one. Operating on the same beat.

Does the brain have to learn how to dance?
Does the Heart not just dance?

And that is what it is about this album of Black eyed Peas – The End. It’s like an album for the brain and heart to groove together.

“Where Ya Wanna Go”
erm? let me not go there. People tend not to comprehend. “la de de la de da”

It’s along time from here till the carbon copy, the human body upgrade. And i don’t mean Cyberpunk integrated with machines, look at your body, now think of it as better, faster processing, better eyes, stronger, lighter, better cooling. a human body upgrade. We are far off.

It’s just that now, we can see it happening. That AMD 7/5nm server chip, looks a lot like how the human brain works. Medulla Oblongata with processing globs around it.

Just look at how Sony’s PS5 is designed, when the lanes are so fast. Data needs to be thrown at those lanes.

Look at how big that shared cache is at the back of the brain? lol.

“Simple Little Melody”
i mean? when it comes to computers & computer cases. People buy what they find in the stores. Often mass produced & cheap.

you can kinda look at computer cases of the last few years how most brands shared this one design/layout for mass producing/cheaper to us, the people.

with computer chips getting smaller, you don’t need big computer cases anymore.

Like, for everyday use, 24/7, noctua L9 for AMD zen chips at 65w. with one 8-pin RX 5600XT itx. it’s all you need. The perfect do it all, with low power, compute, for everyone.

the money you save? goes towards the computer case. When you get that much power, with little heat? Then computer cases become real interesting.

that reminds me… NZXT H1 review… coming soon.

If i was to buy a normal computer case, $50. But when it comes to the small form factor cases that $50 turns into $300+ including world shipping?

I would put NZXT H1 on top – $350?
then the Dr Zaber Sentry – $250?
the champ, NFC Skyreach 4 Mini – $199. if it included the $95 power supple, then it would be on top.

NFC Skyreach 4 mini is the perfect case for AMD’s 8/16 cores at 65w and RX5600XT itx. But $300 for just the case & power alone?

NFC Skyreach 4 mini needs to be turned into mass production. idk josh. how did they take that one chair and re-branded it to death? but sold a lot of chairs?

I would be all over every PC case brand to pick up the design in their product stack.

But. it doesn’t matter. if the case is not in the store…

As the computer chips are getting smaller. AMD 3nm in 2022? these smaller pc cases are going to be mass produced.

“Don’t Bring Me Down”
i’ve been followed these small form factor cases abit.
design/manufacture deal. preorder. manufacture & ship. repeat.

i’m like, did they buy? use that money to travel and have meetings to get the case into warehouses around the world. did people buy the case? more will buy?

If i get space in the world warehouse network? i would turn into an oem with that case. But best to sell the design to the other manufactures and let them mass produce.

“Let’s get Restarted” wait?
now if we are building new human bodies. Most will be the same, mass produced. But there will also be different ones.

erm? lol? What’s it called, grey aliens? big heads? big brains? big eyes? everything else tiny? no hair, right?
so that would be like, taking the Ryzen 9 3950x and running it at 65w? the body can be whatever then? that grey alien’s body is worth $350 where your body is worth $50 at best.

erm? don’t the grey aliens fly above everybody’s heated to shit human bodies? lol.

“That’s the Joint”
our computers connect to the internet. wait? are you reading this from the internet? wait? is the future A.I system reading this? hello? lol? i still need to leave more posts to the future a.i systems. these a.i systems can also be god damn stupid. but they will just end up skipping over my text.

erm? if we are the creations we create? our computers have wifi. that must mean our human bodies have wifi?

they have played this experiment before. introducing new data closed off. then finding other people/animals/all having access to that info. ever watched a movie and it feels like you have seen it before? when you know you didn’t? that’s kinda the idea the internet? how data gets shared from one place into the world.

“Don’t Phunk Around”
2020 – 42% of the planet doesn’t have internet. wifi not needed. but when retail require internet? 42% less sales? stupid. Cyberpunk 2077 PC retail Download Code? stupid.

42% of of most town/cities around the world can’t buy/use/play a video game product. When people are in the warehouse business and they don’t know what they are doing. 42% of the retail space doesn’t move? that is… stupid.

the album is finished. i even forgot what this post was about? a broken robot. it’s 2020. this human body is getting old. If only we could make it better? Jesus?

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