Post 86 – Sony’s Playstation 5 Revealed & It’s Good.

Sony’s Playstation 5 Reveal
the best gaming machine

Sony didn’t come to play around with the Playstation 5. Sony’s PS5 designed to outplay even the PC gamer, let alone Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. With a brand new feature rich controller & a new gaming console that outmatches everyone. Sony’s PS5 stands alone with no challengers. Sony’s PS5 is the greatest video game device to date with a competitive price. $699 for what you are getting, a bargain.

i knew that sony was going to round the competition. With the ps4 design sony had an edge to the competition. But who knew Microsoft would fuck up their xbox one console so badly that turned many developers away, with a sour taste in their wallet.

Microsoft’s Big Fuck Up – Xbox One
Microsoft released the xbox one console needing an internet connection out of the box, to download a system patch in order to get the console working/playing games.

Back in 2013 60% of the planet couldn’t connect to the internet. Back in 2013 60% of the world didn’t have any access to the internet. As in none/zero access.

When looking at world average internet connectivity, you break it down from a town/city districts.
In 2013, on average, in the world, 40% of a town/city had access to the internet.
Leaving 60% of a town/city not being about to download Microsoft’s xbox one initial system patch over the internet.

This lead to the Xbox One console selling 60% on average less than the competition. I mean, Sony was laughing their ass off at E3 after Microsoft’s always-online announcement. Sony even trolled Microsoft at E3.

Can you imagine 60% of a town/city on the planet, not being able to buy/use the xbox one console. That is known as a, big fuck up.

this is the very moment the world knew Microsoft fucked up with the xbox one. Basically telling 60% of a town/city in 2013, to go buy the xbox 360.
And the 60% was like, nope, i’ll just buy the PS4.

i mean, xbox 360 sold 50% more than Xbox One and PS4 sold over 60% more than Xbox One.

Don Mattrick was fired soon after Xbox One’s big fuck up was discovered by the world.

Which then goes right into where Sony started with their PS5 reveal event. Grand Theft Auto 5.

Why did the PS4/Xb1 generation not see a new GTA video game?

Are you beginning to understand what the phrase, lost sales, means in the video game industry?

Because the Xbox One console needed an internet connection out of the box, in order to update the system (remove always online DRM), meant that in 2013 60% on average couldn’t buy/use the xb1 console. Hence 60% lost sales. That is a lot of fucking money thrown away.

But the 60% sales didn’t stop at the Xbox One console. The 60% lost sales extended to all xbox one published video games.

The sales rate between multi-platform video games should roughly be around the same.

If GTA 5 sold 20 million units for the PS3, as an example. Then GTA 5 should roughly sell around 20 million units for the Xbox 360.

weekly sales back in 2013:
GTA 5 PS3 – 382,408
GTA 5 Xbox 360 – 359,721
roughly the same.

Call of Duty Ghosts PS3 – 656,801
Call of Duty Ghosts Xbox 360 – 557,600
roughly the same.

then came Microsoft’s Xbox One, needing internet connection out of the box, remember 60% on average couldn’t buy/use the xbox one console because of zero access to any form of internet connectivity in the world.

weekly sales shortly after the launch of PS4/Xb1 in 2013:
Call of Duty Ghosts PS4 – 315,136
Call of Duty Ghosts Xbox One – 160,120
50% sales difference.

GTA 5 PS4 – 1,046,530
GTA 5 Xbox One – 301,297
72% lost sales. Right when GTA 5 launched on PS4/Xb1.
Suppose to be roughly the same in sales rate.

And the very reason why there has been no new GTA video game on PS4/Xb1 generation.

And the reason behind all the re-releases, micro-transactions, loot boxes?

Lets take a look at The Witcher 3 sales breakdown between platforms… remember, suppose to be roughly around the same.

Witcher 3 PC – 12 million
Witcher 3 PS4 – 10.8 million
Witcher 3 Xbox One – 4.3 million
Witcher 3 Nintendo Switch – 700,000

the interesting takeaway from The Witcher 3 sales breakdown? The PC version.

Witcher 3 PC launched with internet connectivity needs out of the box, needing to download 25mb of data over the internet to complete the installation process.

in 2015, 55% of the planet on average didn’t have any form of internet connectivity.
The PC launch version of the Witcher 3 sold less than the PS4 version. Where the PS4 version sold over 50% more than the Xbox One version.

in 2016, CD Projekt Red relaunched the Witcher 3 (Game of The Year Edition) where the PC version didn’t have any internet connectivity needs out of the box. Install & play. No lost sales, like the PS4 version.

total Witcher 3 sales at the time, xbox one versions of Witcher 3 sold 60% less than that of the PS4 version.

60% lost sales !!!

If you owned Grand Theft Auto, would you release a brand new GTA video game only to return 60% less sales on one platform? No. Millions of dollars down the drain? Thanks to Microsoft’s Xbox One, A Big Fuck Up for All.

Why did Sony start off their PS5 reveal with GTA 5?

When you think GTA, Sony wants you to think Grand Theft Auto + PS5.

We all know, GTA is a console pusher. When a new GTA releases, you are going to buy a new console right away.

I got GTA 5 for Xbox 360 because i already had the xbox 360 console.
Why did i have the Xbox 360 console? because when GTA 4 released, it reviewed better for the Xbox 360 console.

But with the PS5, Sony knows, it’s the better console & you are going to want the PS5 to play the new Grand Theft Auto video game.

Then Sony went on to highlight video games from their own studios. First party titles. Only on the Playstation. Something Microsoft has always struggled with.

Where the gaming industry was reluctant to invest heavily into new titles, 60% less sales from the Xbox One. Sony had to rely on first party titles. That now Sony can have a PS5 reveal event & highlight their own video games, which ranges from the indie to AAA titles. Something for every member of the family.

I have posted before that Son’t Playstation 5 is the better console over that of Micrsoft’s Xbox Series X console. Not to say that Microsoft’s XbSX is bad, Micrsoft’s has designed a nice system, with a cool cooling solution.
But, it’s just that Sony was thinking forward, not catch-up.

Sony’s Playstation 5 is revolutionary. The PC market doesn’t has anything comparable. PS5 design is out of the box, future thinking. I mean, even Linus Tech Tips had to make an apology video.

With these processing chips getting so small, you have to start re-imaging what a PC computer can be. Sony + AMD = PS5. The future of computers. The PS5 is a glimps into that future.

The time of having a big computer box is over. I now look towards the small form factor PC cases. But there are no cool standard editions. And the best of custom SFF PC cases leads us to the Dan A4 & Dr Zaber Sentry PC cases. Though much more expensive than standardized PC cases.

Dan A4 & Dr Zaber Sentry PC cases, is about taking standard computer parts & fitting them into the smallest cases.

Dan A4 PC case is more of your standard PC case but really small. Where Dr Zaber Sentry PC case is more of a console tower case.

I went for the Dr Zaber Sentry PC case with an RTX 2080 & 8 AMD Zen cores, both 12nm.

AMD’s idea of going smaller in chip size, …., look at the PS5 design. Having everything close to each other including the SSD, reducing time from SSD into ram, & scrub.
This is only the beginning. Where it’s going?

In-Win Chopin 3.3 liters of volume with 16 AMD Zen cores with RTX graphical performance & SSD, all on the same package, close to each other, kinda like what we are seeing from the PS5 design.

PS4 & Xbox One was like a step or two behind the PC. But now with the Xbox Series X & PS5, console custom APU’s can replace my Dr Zaber Sentry standard PC parts, without giving up any space. Though a PC can do much more than just play video games.

But we living in the Smart Age? Smart phones/tablets. Smart fridges even.
laptop + PS5.
Smart Device + PS5.
Cheaper PC parts + PS5.

Would I replace the Dr Zaber Sentry PC for the PS5? No. But when GTA 6 comes out. PS5 & then downscale the PC, go smaller.

Sony’s PS5 has taken a step pass PC gaming. well since Valve Steam, PC gaming has been on the back burner, 2003, with internet connectivity needs out of the box to activate a paid for product, 90% lost sales. Today, Sony’s PS5, is better & will sell more than PC gaming. Well except for Witcher 3 Game of The Year Edition PC.

CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 PC retail download code, lol, over 40% lost sales. CDPR’s Cyberpunk 2077 retail PC product finds itself at the same place where Sony’s Playstation 5 Digital Edition console finds itself.

There is this notion that always online connected to the internet is the future. I’m sure you have heard this bullshit before.

  1. 40% of the planet has zero access to the internet. Meaning, when looking at a town/city, on average, 40% of that town/city has no form of internet connectivity. None. Then you look at those areas.

But that is not the issue where CDPR’s Cyberpunk 2077 retail PC download code & PS5 Digital Console finds itself.

If 60% of a town/city has access to the internet. A large % will be mobile internet users, through their smart phones. It’s around 40%, with some places, higher.
Making downloading large amounts of data, Cyberpunk 2077 download code & using the PS5 digital console expensive.
I would never use Sony’s PS5 Digital Console on a mobile network. The costs wouldn’t be worth it. I am not rich.

Which then goes into my next point. CDPR’s Cyberpunk 2077 retail PC download code & Sony’s PS5 Digital Console, Who is the target market? Who can make proper use of these products?

Fibre users. If you have access to fibre to the home internet connectivity, CDPR’s Cyberpunk 2077 will download within an hour & in some cases, minutes.
Sony’s PS5 Digital Console can be used with ease when the user has fibre internet.

Now. if 60% of the planet has access to the internet, fibre on average is between 2%-7%.
If Sony sold 100 million PS4 consoles.
Sony’s PS5 Digital Console can only sell 10 million units. (you call this the future is now? lol.)

Rolling out fibre internet, costs a hell of a lot of money. You will often find fibre to the home being rolled out from wealthy neighborhoods to the next wealthy neighborhood. With the poor hoping they live in-between rich neighborhoods, to get some fibre internet.

CD Projekt RED’s Cyberpunk 2077 Retail PC download code Product, meant for 2-7% of a town/city. With over 90% not being able to buy/use. It’s a fucking video game. That only the rich can use.

Sony’s PS5 Digital Console, is a product that only the rich can buy/use. It’s a fucking video game console.

40% of those with internet, has to spend up to $200 a month, just to be able to use the PS5 Digital Console properly & be able to download CDPR’s Cyberpunk 2077 retail PC Product.

about 14% of internet users, dsl users, has to wait weeks/months, in order to download/use CDPR’s PC Download code & Sony’s Digital console.

And the only reason Sony has a PS5 Digital Console, to make the price of the PS5 console, not appear to be that bad. So not only can the rich afford any price of the PS5 console, they also get a cheaper option, digital console version.

The PS5 is expected to cost $699. World Price including tax.
Companies like to announce USA tax-free prices. PS5 – $599 USA price.

PS5 Digital Console – $649. World Price.
PS5 Digital Console – $549. USA price, tax-free.
(2-7% of the world can properly use – 10 million units)
(40% expensive to use, idk maybe 10 million)

PS5 Digital console limited to 20 million units. If it was me.

PS5 console, if Microsoft doesn’t fuck-up like with the Xbox One, Sony should do 100 million units with roughly the same amount of units from Microsoft’s Xbox Series X.

But getting custom Chips this time around, will not be easy. Seems more capacity will be added due to TSMC not allowed to manufacture chips for Huawei. AMD & Nvidia has already jumped at more capacity. But will those chips go towards Microsoft. I doubt it. I think Microsoft will be getting less chips from AMD.

Which would lead Microsoft to continue their always-online dream.
Xbox One sold around 45 million units.
Xbox Series X with internet connectivity out of the box, 60 million max, selling around 55 million.

Sony brought out Mark Cerny & got the world gaming industry like, wtf.
Now Sony has revealed the PS5 console & destroyed Micrsoft’s Xbox Series X hopes & dreams.

PS4 had a 60% edge over the Xbox One.
PS5 will round the competition.

I knew Sony wouldn’t go down Microsoft’s console direction in terms of aesthetics. Sony needs their console to look like a gaming console.
First thought in everyone’s mind when seeing the Xbox Series X, wait is that a PC.

First Thought when seeing the PS5 console, wtf is that, now that has to be a gaming console. When the PS4 was revealed, people didn’t understand nor could make sense of how it looked. I was like, an edge over the competition.

This time around i knew Sony’s console would has a round curve to it, in one way or the other. That round curve of the PS5 is so aesthetically pleasing, i like it.

People are also saying that the PS5 is big. But it’s not really that big. The PS5 should be comparable to Dr Zaber’s Sentry PC case. & trust me, that PC case is small.
Looks like you can pick up the PS5 with one hand, second knuckles & thumb knuckle. The PS5 is not that thick.
With the PS5 curving inwards then outwards from the top, means you can get a good grip when picking up the PS5 with one hand, not recommended though, but speaking to it’s size.

Sony mentioned they spent more money on the cooler which leads me to believe Sony is using a vapour chamber cooler, just like Microsoft is using with the Xbox Series X.
I would love to get a proper vapour chamber cooling solution for standard AMD CPU mounting to get more cores into Small Form Factor PC cases.

Now that the Sony has revealed the PS5 console.
Without Micrsoft giving us an inside look at how it all comes together, i wouldn’t have been interested. Now i kinda like the Xbox Series X.
But Sony didn’t come to play. PS5 vs Xbox Series X, PS5 wins.
What is that box over there vs is that a PS5 console?
Sony also has a new interesting feature rich controller.
Sony’s PS5 with no lost sales? Still looking out for this one. But Sony is not stupid to fuck up like that? going from over 100m PS4 consoles to 60m max, selling less? Sony can’t be that stupid?

CD Projekt RED released the Witcher 2 PC, one product with DRM in 2011 with 70% lost sales. That’s stupid? Now with Cyberpunk 2077 CDPR has 2 products with over 40% lost sales. CDPR is partnered with Microsoft who launched a console in 2013 with 60% lost sales & never bothered to fix the issue. I guess it wasn’t an issue if it was part of the plan? lol. There is word that Microsoft is setting up CDPR, to get control over those titles? Corporate Vultures?

Sony & Nintendo, only gaming platforms with no lost sales. It’s video games, let the people play.

It’s why 2020. PS5 is the best video game machine, recommended to buy. Over that of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X console.

What is the point of having the best video game console & the most hype video game product, when the console can only sell to 60% of a town/city on average in the world, leaving 40% of the town/city, incapable of buying/using/playing? Microsoft’s Xbox Series X?

What is the point of having the most hyped video game product, Cyberpunk 2077, where 2 out of 3 products can only sell to 60% of a town/city, where 40% of a town/city in the world can’t buy/use/play your products? CD Projekt RED?

In 2020, I can only recommend Sony’s PS5/PS4 & Nintendo’s Switch. & Witcher 3 GOTY PC edition. Microsoft lost consumer trust, I wouldn’t trust Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, even with good intentions. little too late.

Buy the PS5.
Don’t Support Microsoft’s Xbox Series X.
Don’t Support CD Projekt RED’s Cyberpunk 2077.

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