Post 87 – The PlayStation 5 Ain’t That BIG.

The PlayStation 5 is not that BIG.

PS5: (maybe)
9cm – wide
38cm – height
??? – depth
9L volume

dr zaber sentry pc case

11.4cm – stand
6.6cm – wide
36.5cm – tall/stand
31cm – depth
7L volume

People always saying that console gaming is lagging, behind, keeping video game development back. But now Sony has revealed the PS5, bringing good PC gaming performance to the masses. Sony’s PS5 even takes a step beyond where PC gaming is at. Sony’s PS5, is the future.

Sony’s PS5 may be the biggest gaming console but compared to the PC market, the ps5 fits right in there.

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is a fat boy. Damn that console be thick. 151mm thick. But the Xbox series X is sitting at 6.86 liters of volume.

When looking at the smallest PC cases that fits standard computer PC parts. We looking at the 7L volume mark.

Where Microsoft’s Xbox Series X went for a similar design to the popular Dan A4 PC case. Sony’s PS5 went with my favorite Dr Zaber Sentry case.

Sony’s PS5 is not as slim as the Dr Zaber’s Sentry PC Case but adding a disc-drive (really important) & with 2 cooling heat-sinks.
Sony’s PS5 is the ultimate gaming console but coming in at 9L volume.

Sony’s PS5 is in no way a large console. Transporting a PS5 in a backpack, laptop bag, easy fit.
Where Microsoft’s Xbox Series X will need something like a camera bag.
Who has camera bags just laying around in their homes?

I like the PS5 design, from internals to external designs.

I am not excited about the PS5 digital console.
I knew people will not cover these points properly, like saying the digital console will outsell the disc-based PS5 console.

World average Internet connectivity, 58%.
That means if you look at a town/city only 58% has access to the internet. I am not talking about people who has access but can’t afford it.
I am talking about no internet access at all.

People who has internet, often these “influencers”, they often think that everyone has access to good fast fibre internet & that only the outskirts of the country has poor internet.
They often can’t comprehend people with no access to the internet.

From the world average internet connectivity, about only 7% of the world has access to fibre internet.
If ps4 sold 100 million units?
Only 7 million PS5 digital console units can be used properly.

around 40% of all internet connectivity in the world, comes from mobile internet.
Yes, a lot % (4g/5g) could use the PS5 digital console properly.
But it still remains expensive to do so.
If ps4 sold 100 million units?
40 million PS5 digital consoles can be used properly by mobile internet users, but remains expensive to do so.

No1 mentions this… No1 comprehends non-internet users. Number 1 reason why the PS5 has a disc-drive.

if PS4 sold 100 million units.
I reckon that PS5 digital console 20 million units max.
vs 80 million PS5 disc consoles sold.

If Sony fucks up this ratio, would mean that no PS5 disc-based consoles on shelves. Only PS5 digital consoles, that can’t sell.

Yet linus tech tips wants me to believe that PS5 digital console will outsell the PS5 disc-based console.

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