Post 88 – Sony’s PlayStation 5 Price?

Sony’s PlayStation 5 Price
ex-Microsoft, “No way this PS5 console is over $499”

Amazon Leak: (

PS5 – 499 euro/$499 usa (exclude tax)
PS5 digital – 399 euro/$399 (exclude tax)

Release Date: (
20th November 2020.

Take leaks with a grain a salt.
Often these website store (leaks) are placeholders. Or a process to start taking in pre-orders, to know how much orders to place with Sony from retailers.

PS4 was launched November 15th 2013. On a friday.
PS5 20th November 2020 launch, will also be on a friday.
Just in time for xmas holiday buying guide.

PS4 launched at $399. Making Sony’s PS5 launching at $499 more sensible. But…

I was expecting the PS5 to cost way more. $699. That would mean you are getting great value for the PS5 console. Sony says, “PS5 focused on value”. Seems AMD will be under cutting these chips/costs.

As i have said before, the direction of PC computing & these small AMD chips, look no farther than the PS5 internal designs.

Sony’s PS5 is a custom design that brings everything real close to the cpu core.
What makes the PS5 SSD so special, high speed SSD right next to the CPU core, where game designers can pull data right off the ssd, & no longer force players into insert (bioware elevator) to load the next area’s data into CPU memory.

Sony’s PS5 reveal, Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart, was a good example of how well the PS5 is designed. Well the Epic game Engine was a good example but Ratchet & Clank gave a good practical example.

The idea behind the new Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart, the character jumps into different world designs, on the fly, without a Bioware elevator, interrupting gameplay.

Where was i… Ah AMD/ future of computers.

We are looking at cpu/gpu/high bandwidth memory, with SSD flash storage surrounding the core. erm? Kinda like how the human brain is setup? lol.

Which will see future computers not needing large computer cases, not needing plug-in graphics cards, nor plug-in harddrive speeds. Load onto system, external ssd storage.

My current PC is built into the Dr Zaber Sentry PC Case. A 7L volume case. Built with standard PC computer parts.
But with AMD/Sony’s PS5 idea, the future of the home computer is going to get much smaller, but with less customizability. Everything built onto one board, but it will be good/fast/with good performance. Sony’s PS5 SOC is rumored to have the performance of an RTX 2080. That’s amazing, for such a small chip.
AMD is going to get even more performance into smaller space.

The new AMD APU chips can play Crysis with no cooling/heat-sink attached.
You better believe that AMD has changed the game. Now we waiting for AMD to get there slowly. Milk the cow, as an example.

Until then, as AMD re-imagines the Computer, game on the Sony’s PS5. At $499 the PS5 is great value, with AMD/Sony/ME telling you to game on the PS5 disc-based console, while the PC landscape gets re-formed. With Intel/Nvidia, there is going to nasty fight.

When it comes to Video Games. The PlayStation 5 is the best option for console & PC gamers, moving forward. PC gaming was destroyed when Valve Steam was launched, cutting 90% of PC gamers to give Microsoft’s Xbox a user base. Microsoft then cut that user base in half with the Xbox One.

The PS5 console is the only real option for all gamers.
Don’t Support Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. I wouldn’t trust it/them.

Get the PS5. Trust me. Stop listening to the ones who can’t comprehend beyond themselves. We all in this together. & you are being told to get the PS5.

Sony’s PS5 is the chosen one.
not that ps5 digital console.
not that Xbox series X console.
not that PC retail download code Cyberpunk 2077.

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