Post 89 – The World Ain’t Ready for Sony’s PS5 Digital Console

The World is NOT Ready for Sony’s PS5 Digital Console

Sony’s PS5 Digital PS5 console is only there because Sony is covering all angles.

Last time Sony released a gaming console at $499, it backfired so badly for Sony. Sony was like, people will buy, but they ended up buying the Xbox 360.

There was this impression that the Xbox 360 was the better console & Sony was like, PS3 is helping cancer research. But people didn’t care.

At the end of the day, the PS3 sold more units than the Xbox 360.

Sony released the PS4 at $399 and from the get go, was a sales hit. But mainly due to Microsoft fucking up the Xbox One console with internet needs out of the box to update the system before video games could be played.
In 2013 only 40% of the world had access to the internet. Which to Sony’s PS4 outselling Xbox One by 60%. Frankly 60% of the Xbox user base couldn’t get the Xbox one to work out of the box to play video games because they didn’t have any access to the internet. Zero access to any form of internet, 60% of the planet in 2013.

now listen to Microsoft… & comprehend 60% of the Xbox user base had zero access to the internet…
Listen to how out of touch Microsoft…

Will the Xbox Series X also require Internet Access of the box before video games can be played.

Please understand… If PS4 sold over 100 million units & Xbox One could only sell 45 million units (with initial internet requirement before games could play).

Then Sony’s PS5 Digital console can only sell 58 million units, max.

But, between 2% & 7% accounts for global internet connectivity.

That means, Sony’s PS5 Digital console can only be properly used by 2-7 million users?

About 40% of the worlds internet connectivity are from mobile users, 3g,4g,5g.

Whereby making 40 million PS5 digital consoles, too expensive to use. Sure, we can imagine everyone is rich? But on principle alone, i would never buy the PS5 digital console.

Let me put it this way. If i move one block south. I wouldn’t be able to use the PS5 Digital Console, at all. One block down.

Sure, the PS5 Digital console fits right in for me to use. But tomorrow, the PS5 digital becomes useless.

If PS4 sold over 100 million units.
PS5 Digital console maybe only 20 million units sold.

2nd problem behind the PS5 Digital console.
On holiday, you can no longer take your video game console along.

Can’t play video games in the car/transport with the Sony’s PS5 Digital console.

One of the main reasons for console gaming devices, to be able to easily travel with the device.

Take it to friends/family/on holiday/playing video games in Antarctica while taking a break from research/in the army deployed in the desert/ect.

You can no longer to any of this with the PS5 Digital Console.

$100 more, take the PS5 non-digital to the moon & play video games.

The PS5 Digital console is only there for Sony to cover the $399 price point. But as i said, only 20 million users. If I was Sony I wouldn’t do over 20 million PS5 Digital units. But 20 million units at $399 is a good start. half of what Microsoft is going to do with the Xbox Series X.

Don’t Buy/Support Sony’s PS5 Digital console.

Just Buy the PS5 Disc Console.

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