Post 90 – Oh Lord, Won’t You Buy Me a PlayStation 5.

Oh God, Won’t You Buy Me a PlayStation 5.

I’ll wait for delivery each day until three.

My friends all got the Xbox Series X and that’s it.

I’m counting on you, Lord, please don’t let me down.

Oh God, Won’t you buy me a Playstation 5.

PS. not the PS5 digital console.
Jesus says the world ain’t ready for that X.

It’s so weird for me to be posting about Sony’s New Playstation 5 console. Seeing as i have never ever had myself a playstation console. Never ever played any of the exclusive & rpg video games that made the Playstation so popular over the years.

I means, my review of the last of us 2 is coming… yet never played the god damn thing. But don’t worry, my review scores are always on point. Even if you can’t see the point.

But it’s kinda hard reviewing a video game, i’ve never even played. Not being able to hold it up to past creations.

I really wanted to play, The Last of US Part 1. I hear it’s so good.

Now i really want a Playstation 5. I’m guessing it’s going to be good.

I don’t know how to explain it. Kinda like it’s the universe keeping Sony’s Playstation & Nintendo’s consoles away from me.

& i am pretty sure the universe will be keeping the PS5 away from me this time. Nothing ever changes.

Nintendo’s Switch is the must have gaming console, yet again, i don’t see myself ever playing with one.

Now it’s pretty clear, that all gamers need to unite around the Playstation 5 and the universe is again going to have me the odd one out.

It’s got me wondering. What is it about Sony’s Playstation & Nintendo’s consoles that got the universe being like, don’t let jesus play these games.

AMD played their hand & got attention of jesus. Jesus is going to want first hand experience with what the PS5 is & where AMD is going.

Wait. I am turning this into a sunday sermon. No no no, not ready for that. You don’t want jesus flipping tables over.

God, Jesus, Holy Spirit.
I can’t ask jesus for a ps5 – too poor.
I can’t ask the holy spirit for a ps5 – too evil or too good, plus activily keeping me away from PS consoles/Games.

That only leaves God.
Oh God, Won’t You Buy Me a PlayStation 5.

God is the only one you can reason with. But getting god’s attention is a whole nother story.
People think that getting on your knee & praying, is enough to get god’s attention. lol.
ask jesus, it doesn’t work like that.

then the other thing to consider about God.
you will find the God concept.
& you will find a being so powerful, god like, but still falls under the god concept.

So which God am i asking to buy me a PS5? lol.
God knows.

erm? btw? don’t use the phrase, “God-Like”. He doesn’t like it. It’s why i use the phrase, “the universe”.

The best way to describe it. The universe fucked up with me. Or was it, fucked me up… i can’t remember, that long ago. But been staring right at the universe, all these years.

After all these years. Seeing as my death draws near. The deal i have with the universe, the universe itself has to come down here & kill me with it’s own hands.
After all these years, I think the universe has a soft spot for me.

But here am like, asking god for a playstation 5, lol. Yes, ouch, right where it hurts.

See i died, so long ago. I’ve even been to heaven & hell. Stupid me asking to see jesus, while in heaven. Then death reached me. Stripped & burnt out of heaven. Only to sink into hell itself. All to keep death at bay. wait. this is not a life story. this is not a sunday sermon.

death is coming for me.

Can one really go a lifetime without a Playstation nor an Nintendo?
Seems odd doesn’t it. Kinda like i was never meant to fit into this world.
Never meant to play in this world.
Cause if i did? death would surely come faster.
And I want to be alive.
Even if i can not live.
Though the world still wants me dead.

Can I live? Can I play? Playstation 5.

today while shopping for food. The aisle was blocked by 2 people have a conversation, i heard racists words used against black people and i heard racism directed towards asians because of the coronavirus.

these people saw me waiting for them to acknowledge my existence on this planet. NONE. carried on speaking like i was nothing. A ghost, in the machine.

I stood there waiting, just wanting to see, 2 people refusing to show common decency.

Until a perceived common denominator approached. Without fail, apologies for blocking their path through the store.

I was ….

“Those evil-natured robots
They’re programmed to destroy us”

I’m just trying to be alive.
I can’t even imagine trying to live.

That’s why i am now asking God to buy me a PlayStation 5.
“you won’t let those robots eat”

The universe be like, ouch.
“you won’t let those robots defeat me”

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