Post 91 – Review – The Last of Us 2, You Are Tearing Me Apart Ellie…

I don’t even know where to start. erm… The Last of Us Part 2 plays out like a product sabotage. I mean, even Sony is doing their own investigating.

Let me start with…
I have never had any of Sony’s consoles, nor any of Nintendo’s consoles.
I have never played any of Sony’s exclusive video games, nor any of Nintendo’s exclusive video games.
IDk. Best why to describe it, the universe doesn’t want me playing around on Sony and Nintendo consoles.
I mean, my views of Sony and Nintendo’s consoles are with praise. So for the universe to not want me to see what’s going on there with Sony and Nintendo consoles, like the saying, focus on the bad & don’t worry about the good. Which then puts this review of the last of us 2, into perspective.

This is the second time i am trying to write this review. First time, i got bored. It kinda sums up the Last of US 2 experience.
People are mad.
Sony is mad.
In-fighting at the developing studio, Naughty Dog.
I don’t know how to write this review without getting bored or angry? Which brings us to the last of us part 2’s story.

Abby is the best playing character & Lev is the best character, kinda like how Ellie was for the last of us part 1.

Then it all went to shit…

Naughty Dog, developing studio house, came under fire over concerns of developers (staff) being over worked to the point of madness.

I don’t think Naughty Dog learned any lessons concerning the outcry’s over working conditions.
Now, i don’t know nor can i tell you, how it went down at naughty dog…

But the product plays out like a team effort & a mad director shitting all over it.
Now people are fucking angry & Sony’s franchise, the next the last of us product, is tainted, with shit.

I tried to write about the story before, as i said, i couldn’t finish that review.
So let me rather give an idea…

Abby being the best playing character, fun to play with, Abby recocking those guns… damn. Story starts where The Last of US Part 1 ending, through Abby’s perspective.

One day Abby comes across Joel & kills him, revenge for Joel killing her father/doctor, who was going to kill Ellie to find a cure…

Abby consumed with the aftermath, going crazy, a life worth after revenge.
Abby through violent outbursts, finds herself in a prison, where she meets Lev…

Abby + Lev bonds through shared experience & paths that lead them there.
One day Lev is taken, traded back to his/her (never played the game, remember) tribe.
Abby knowing the fate that leads for Lev…

Mean while, Ellie got word that Joel has been killed & been seeking revenge… has been captured & imprisoned next to Abby… (cut-screen, not playable)

Abby knows who killed Joel & Ellie agrees to help save Lev…

adventure/bond between Ellie & Abby, with Abby still the playable character…

Abby & Ellie saves Lev…
Ellie finds out & attacks Abby…
Abby kills Ellie…

End Game…

Then the director came in at the end, rearranged segments, & over-worked the team, to add new ideas & making Ellie a playable character, whereby fucking up the whole flow & pacing.
This is how The Last of Us Part 2 played.

After The Last of Us 2 came out, Neil Druckmann, the director, ravaged in all the hate that the product received. Fueling the fire. Hence why Sony is looking into the matter.

IDK who or how it lead too… but you can clearly see two ideas forced together, near the end of production.

Naughty Dog was put into a position where new views/ideas came into play. 2 ideas that need to be heard & then blended into one. (i get what you are saying, & you get what i am saying, can we do these 2 ideas in this particular way, encumbrance both ideas), if not, restart with new ideas.

The Last of US Part 2, is like 2 teams doing their own thing, & then smashing them together.
It’s just that we think it was one team, doing the work of 2 teams, because of incompetent leaders. Which Sony is going to want to correct.

It brings into perspective at how Neil Druckmann & Troy Baker reacted towards a Jason Schreier tweet, hinting at Naughty Dog about video games should be shorter…

The Last of Us Part 2, feels like the team at Naughty Dog was over-worked to add bullshit to the product & get people/fans really mad.

It was Jason Schreier, a journalist who covers the video game industry, who broke the story on how Naughty Dog over-worked their team, for months on end. Known as video game crunch.

How the product played out.
How the story that got cut/stitched/edited/rearranged/& put back together, in such a way to over-work the team & angry people/fans, & leaving high levels of buyer remorse…

The Last of Us Part 2’s
Story Review –

Sony can split the product into 2 versions, one PS5 version with the proper story (the one told on top) & put Ellie’s story/playable character as DLC.

A video game like the Last of Us Part 2, where you go around & collect craft-able materials & craft upgrades & such…

Then it doesn’t work switching back & forth between characters.
Investing in one character & then having a sense of starting over/not wanting to invest into resource gathering/upgrades, with the newer charcter.

The moment gameplay switches to Abby, after that big chunk of Ellie gameplay, a moment everyone dislikes.

Abby is the best playable character, which should have been the only playable character concerning The Last of Us 2 product.

If everybody hates the moment your best playable character arrives? That means somebody fucked up the product on purpose.

Ellie should never have been a playable character.

Ellie & Dina as a combo/team, should never have happened.

The Last of Us 2 should have been Abby as playable charcter & Ellie as side-kick.
Setting up Ellie & Lev for Part 3.

Concerning Gameplay, The Last of Us 2, is good but as i said, splitting progression into 2 different playable characters, didn’t play well.

Up-gradable Weapons/items, especially visually, is my jam. Can’t fault The Last of Us 2 with upgrades & gameplay items.

The Last of Us 2 also uses limited ammo to force the player into using different gameplay items, such as setting up traps & fire bombs.

The animations & smaller details, also shown through. From a gameplay stand-point, The Last of Us 2 is good at it’s craft. The Team should be commended.

Gunplay, could be better but it’s a world were ammo is scarce, so everyone can’t be Rambo on point (keyboard & mouse).
The Shotgun is fun & those fire-bombs flames/burning effects, is cool.

The Last of Us 2 –
Gameplay Review:

When it comes to sound & audio in a video game, I think of Alan Wake where sound added so much to the gameplay, making sound a gameplay feature.

The sound in The Last of Us Part 2…
Pewdiepie played the in-game guitar with a controller & Troy Baker is a A-List voice actor & Troy Barker wants you to know this.

I am scared to review the Last of Us 2’s sound & audio because Troy Baker might Troy Baker…

The Last of Us Part 2-
Sound & Audio review:

Since Microsoft’s Xbox One console, i’ve now had to add product into the reviews.

The Last of Us 2, PS4 retail product, doesn’t come with a internet requirement out of the box.

Microsoft’s Xbox One console needs a internet connection out of the box, to download an initial patch over the internet before the Xbox One console can play any video games.
Which means that all Xbox One video games are affected.
Back in 2013, on average, 40% of the planet, meaning town/city infrastructure, at access to the internet.

2020, we are looking on average at 40% of the planet having no access to the internet. Non. Not because people can’t afford access but because there is no access, to any form of online connectivity.

It means that in 2013, 60% of a town/city, on average, couldn’t buy the Xbox One nor any of the Xbox One video game products.

Now in 2020, 40% of a town/city, on average, can’t buy the Xbox One nor any of the Xbox One video game products.
PC video game products, requires internet activation, too, 40% of a town/city, can’t buy PC video game products.

The Last of Us 2, has no lost sales. Meaning 100% of a town/city, can buy/use the PS4 console & can buy & use the Last of Us 2 PS4 video game product.

It’s a video game, 40% of a town/city, shouldn’t be denied access to purchase video game products because they don’t have any form of access to the internet….

The Last of Us 2-
Product Review:

buy it
play it
sell it

The Last of Us 2, product likely launched with 5 million product into retail. Just over a week of sales, sales-rate dropped by 80%, meaning over 4 million product sold within weeks.

erm? Why didn’t Sony ship more product? We all knew The Last of Us 2 would sell well. I think with the in-fighting & story leaked & the fan backlash… Sony Played it safe.

Though 2020 & a shipping war. Getting 5 million product out to retail & 4 million sells through within weeks. It’s the 3rd installment of The Last of Us that Sony has to be concerned about, now that there is a sour taste left behind.


Video Games like The Last of Us base their identity behind the story, in order to forgive short-comings in the gameplay.

As an example, Cyberpunk 2077 is a video game that base it’s identity on the story, in order to forgive the poor driving mechanic & less than stellar gunplay/shooting mechanic.

The Last of Us 2 is a video game with decent gameplay with less than stellar gunplay, that failed with it’s story telling/progression.

On one hand The Last of Us 2 is good concerning gameplay + product, 90%.

On the other hand, The Last of Us 2’s identity is based on it’s story, which failed, 60%. & that was me being generous. The truth of The Last of Us 2’s story fail sits at 40%.

How do you review a product like The Last of Us 2? Where final review score of 83% can be misleading, when the product’s identity sits at 40%?

I would fix the Last of Us 2’s story for the PS5 release to properly represent 83% final score. & dump the Ellie/Dina combo, as DLC.

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